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Chapter 4

Two weeks later

Cammie's POV

Today, is the day that my mum, Joe, Abby, everyone, will find out that we aren't coming back this term. I'm really strangely calm; I guess succeeding in that mission has shown me that we are actually pretty decent spies.

The man that we captured has told us about 2 different cells in the COC, and about another team of spies in training trying to get into the circle, we have all of their names, code names, aliases and locations. Tomorrow, we are moving to Canberra, Australia for a week, there we will be a) away from Gallagher and Blackthorne and b) be able to capture on of the cells for the circle. However it also means that we won't be there as back up for their next mission. They don't know what it is yet, they are being told tomorrow when were in the air, but if it could go wrong then Jonas will find a way to message Liz and we'll go back, hopefully though, it should all go well.

We packed up the last things we would need for Australia, we had things from, bikini's to black clothes, to cat suits in case of any lasers and just normal clothes for blending in. Thankfully, given its January, it should be really good weather in Australia though!

Next Day.

We walked out of our apartment, triple locking and then adding a camera in the peep hole that scanned your retina to let you in (or not)! We climbed into the Taxi and headed off towards the airport, Liz was on her laptop, Bex was rereading a copy of 'The art of deception' By Jason Ford because we had to trick our way into the airport, Macey was filing her nails and reading the latest copy of Vogue simultaneously, and I was listening to my iPod, it was playing 'Lock out of Heaven' by Bruno Mars (LOVE THAT SONG) and I was just watching the cars behind us to check we had no tails.

Then Liz looked up saying, "Hey, guys, they've put us on the MIA list for the CIA." My heart dropped, we all knew it was going to happen but I couldn't prepare myself for doing this to my mum, not after the same thing had happened to my dad. We all nodded, processing the information, it all meant different things to each of us.

Me, obviously my mum would be heartbroken. And it reminded me of my dad.

Bex, she had always lived with the fear of her parents not coming back, now she could only imagine what her parents were thinking.

Macey, she didn't know what her parents would be told. They may be considered high enough to know the truth about where she was, or it may not be need to know.

Liz, as far as her parents would be concerned, she was still at school. If anything happened to her then at the end of this term the car driving her back to her house would mysteriously crash killing her.

We all got out of the taxi and kicked into action, not reminiscing on anything, simply focusing. Liz and I went first. We got our boarding passes out and then grabbed some coffee, then, I tactfully bumped into Liz so that the coffee spilt only on the plane number, so our fake names were visible, but we could check into a different flight with them. We ran over to the check in desk in apparent panic and begged to still board the flight. After many tears we got on. Then we waited nervously to check that Bex and Macey would get one, whilst Liz kept hold of a strange looking device that was displaying a complex pattern of number, upper and lowercase letters, and punctuation marks in some order that she by some miracle could understand.

Macey's POV

Bex and I went into a bathroom to change our appearances, I put on my most exensive designer clothes and topped up my make-up and put on a long pin straight platinum blonde wig, Bex also changed into expensive designer clothes and touched up her make-up and put in some super dark brown almost black contacts and added dark brown highlights to her hair. We looked like two models, no that's not boasting, we were supposed to!

We walked back into the airport and gave them our fake passports and we had booked tickets on the correct flight under our fake names. We were fine to do this because the CIA would be looking for four girls booked on the same flight around our age, and Liz and Cam had been booked on a different one!

We walked on in high heels and as I saw Cammie through my dark sunglasses I tapped my hand against my thigh lightly twice short and then a third time leaving it there; signalling, that everything had worked.

Liz's POV

I kept my eyes glued to the screen of the small device that I designed in my sophomore year. I had to check the codes were continually fine.

I was starting to freak out because we have now been flying for 3 hours and Jonas was supposed to make contact and hour ago. Either something bad happened, the briefing is taking a lot longer than they thought or there trying to figure out a plan, I'm hoping its not the first one.

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