This story is merely an idea I came up with, not all include this same theme, please enjoy!

Meta-Knight's POV

The cold winds and snow were unforgiving as I stumbled through the blizzard, a cave was nearby and I was able to make a small fire with Galaxia sighing I sat down, a sharp pain shot up my side, the wound in my stomach was bleeding worse than before, I cursed to myself as I glared back in the direction I had been heading away from, I could feel anger rushing as I recalled what had occurred.

Hours Earlier…. (Not really POV right now)

Meta-Knight was walking with Escargon who moments ago had barged in on him, Blade, and Sword he called him and told him to follow, Blade and Sword of course ran with him as well, Escargon pushed the doors open to the throne room and he quickly shut them after the two others came in right afterwards.

Looking up at the throne Meta-Knight asked," You wanted to see me sire, what is the matter?" King Dedede said in a calm voice," Well since I helped destroy N.M.E. with you guys I started to understand what a pain I have been to the people, so I decided to help out you know, well I was just with Tiff, Kirby and the other kid and we went to Kabu, and we heard some interesting things when we asked about you."

Meta-Knight tensed up as he heard him talk, he asked," And what is it that concerns me sire?" King Dedede chuckled sort of as he said," Well Kabu shed the light on your relations with Nightmare is all, Kabu told us how you teamed up with him to stop the monsters and deaths but instead you ended up working under him and doing his bidden like one of them monsters of his, so that means that you're a monster from N.M.E. and as long as you're here your still a threat to everyone."

Meta-Knight's eyes flashed red for a second, no one seemed to pick up on it however he said clenching his hand tightly," And what sire, do you mean by that?" Guards appeared around the room and above in upper balconies, Dedede said," I had a talk with some of the people who are looking after Kirby and we decided it best for you to go."

Meta-Knight's eye twitched as he said," but sire, what of Tiff and Tuff and Kirb-" King Dedede interrupted and said," they were part of the meeting Meta-Knight they voted to so they also said for the safety of the people you must be gone."

The guards were now all around the room, Meta-Knight looked over with a flick of his eyes, he could see the three kids in the far corner, looking the other way he could see Blade and Sword, they both had shocked and upset feelings, Meta-Knight closed his eyes, sighing he turned around.

He said as he walked away," Very well sire….." Meta-Knight literally slammed the waddle-Dee that was in his way, into the wall and walked by him, slamming the door shut as he left he continued his stride out of the castle.

He was by the outskirts when he finally turned around, nodding his head he continued walking, even though it was snowing and there was a blizzard he would be fine, or so they most likely thought and didn't care to think about.

Present time…..

I was racing with emotions at this point, my eyes flashed green as I wondered," Why would they do this in secrecy surely I would have understood if they came up and talked to me about it?" MY eyes also turned a very light purple in sadness, and finally they flashed red, I shouted," Why me hmm….. Why must it be I who is casted out, it was a past mistake….. Or perhaps not, maybe the mistake was WASTING THE REST OF MY LIFE PROTECTING THOSE SELFISH BASTARDS!"

I shut my eyes as my head began to hurt terribly, finally I made up my mind, I was wrong to protect them and to not listen to Nightmare, at least then I would have power and someone who would look down at me proudly not as if I was a monster…. Which I guess I was deep down.

When I opened my eyes I glanced at a large ice mirror near me, I was a bit shocked to see that the shade of color I was used to for the mask was now red, I shook my head but it stayed the same color, nodding my head I could understand why it did this, because of how angry I was, and I knew I would always be angry, unless I got closure for this.

I gazed back in the direction of the castle, reaching into my cape I pulled out a remote with a large red button glowing on it, pressing it I sent a beam from it and formed a portal on the wall near me, three beings appeared out of it followed by one taller one. They each spotted me and quickly knelt to their feet, I waved my hand for them to get up.

They stood up and I said," Listen, Nightmare has been defeated, but as long as I live there will always be a part of him that lives on, I will be referred to as Knight-Mare for now on, no longer Meta-Knight like you once knew me as, you four are my top monsters, you will each gather monsters from the void that you have come from, we must be cautious however, the beings we fight have had training against monster, I ashamedly admit that I helped them….. For that I am sorry but now must avenge Nightmare for what has happened, do you understand Malice, Sin, Karma, and Crater?"

The four nodded their heads, the larger one walked forward and said," We understand why you did it master, it was to protect yourself in this war, but now you will redeem yourself, what shall Crater do for you?" I smiled under my mask and said," I am glad you are quick to except Crater, hold on so I can hear what the others have to say."

Malice, who was a bit taller than me, walked up and said," We have made mistakes boss; it isn't the end of the world for us." The other two joined them by my side as well, turning to them as I walked out in front of them I said," First I want to thank you for your loyalty, normally we would raise hell and destroy everything, but I have a new plan, one that is sure to work, follow my instructions carefully and we will avenge Nightmare!" They cheered before I started to explain the plan; this was going to go well.

Normal POV

Tiff watched her brother playing with Kirby from the upper balcony of the castle, sighing she turned and walked down the halls of the castle, entering the throne room she noticed King Dedede was talking to some of his servants, walking over she asked," Hey King Dedede what are you doing in here, it is rather nice outside?"

King Dedede spun around and said," I was just done working on the party preparations Tiff, I decided I would throw one of them parties they do for special occasions, defeating that there Nightmare sure seems like a party starter." Tiff nodded her head and said," So do you need any help, I am sick of just watching Tuff and Kirby playing for hours on end."

King Dedede shouted," ESCARGON!" His snail assistant rushed over to his side and asked with a little salute," Yes sir you called for me?" King Dedede pointed towards Tiff and asked," girly here wants to help with this here party, give her something to do so she can benefit herself and the party, I need to go make sure everything is fine with the chefs."

King Dedede walked off as Escargon slithered over and said," So you want to help Tiff, well I think there are a few things we still need, do you think you can get some Ice Crystals, I heard talk that there growing out a little ways outside the city, if you could get some for the party the king would love it and so would the guests." Tiff nodded and said," Don't worry about a thing, I will make sure to get some, just point me in the direction and me, Kirby and Tuff will go and get them."

Escargon pointed south of the city where the outskirts of town could be reached and exited heading towards the mountains in the distance. Tiff rushed out of the castle, Tuff and Kirby rushed over, tuff asked," What is the matter Tiff, where ya goin'?" Tiff turned and said," Come on guys, King Dedede is throwing a party." Tuff said while holding his face," Oh no, and we are leaving so we don't get killed by the food?"

Tiff slanted her eyes and said," No…. I am heading out to get Ice Crystals that are South of the city, you two better come with me." Tuff sighed but quickly zipped his jacket up, Kirby slipped on his weird sweater that he got a year ago, rushing out of the city they made their ways past the snowy trees and entered the blizzard like forest.

They maneuvered around the large mounds of snow and ice that were forming and quickly made their way around the forest, Kirby sucked in some of the snow and jumped from the slight cold and then laughed a bit, Tuff snatched his arm and said," Come on Kirby, you don't want to be left out here to freeze do you, someone could die in this kind of blizzard."

Tiff thought," Really die out here, that would be pretty bad to just die out here in this storm." Tiff climbed over another mound and they finally exited the forest, there was a barren frozen waste land around them, Tuff gasped and said," Wow, this is amazing!" Tuff pushed onward as the snow seemed to get worse and the storm seemed to go on forever, Kirby began to holler over to them, turning they noticed he was pointing in the distance, there was a rather shiny and bright object on the edge of the cave in the distance.

Arriving at the cave Tiff reached out and pulled at it, it took a few more tries before it came loose, toppling her to the ground in the process as snow fell on her, she shivered from the cold and quickly got back up, wiping the snow off, looking at the object she smiled and said," Wow guys I think these are the crystals Escargon was talking about." Tuff threw his hands up and said," Woo hoo, now let's get back so we can finish our game."

Tiff shook her head and said," Not yet, I promised we would get them more than just one, they asked for some more." Tuff sighed again and said," Uh, you and your promises…." Tiff walked into the cave followed by the other two, Tuff was looking at the walls that were a strange blue color that seemed to give off light.

Tiff was looking around her, tripping over something she scraped her knee on the rocks below her, holding her now bleeding knee cap she turned and her eyes opened wide, Meta-Knights mask was lying on the ground, it was badly banged up and was cut into deeply, long gashes literally tearing it apart, Tuff and Kirby both rushed over, surprised to see his mask too.

Tiff picked it up and said," Look at this thing, it looks like it was torn through, what happened to it?" Tuff shook his head and said," I don't know, let's find some more stupid crystals and get the hell out of here!" Tiff glared at him and said," Tuff, watch your language!" Standing up she ripped some of her jacket and wrapped it around her leg.

Standing up she walked into the cave some more, Tuff and Kirby quickly followed her but were a bit shaky do to the mask they saw, Tiff smiled as she exited the cave and entered another one, which happened to have tons of crystals growing in it, along with one that was literally huge in the middle. Pulling on a few she managed to get some more off and put them in the bag she brought.

Tuff and Kirby placed some in as well, Tiff reached for another, a shadow flew across the larger crystal and she quickly backed away however, a figure was standing there, he was rather large but hidden in the shadows, reaching out it grabbed the large crystal and ripped it from the ground, Tiff ran back as he tossed it at them.

Tuff wasn't paying attention and Kirby leapt out of the way trying to pull him as well, the crystal crushed his leg and Tuff cried out in pain, tiff quickly helped Kirby yank him free, pulling him up on her shoulders, Kirby helped carry him out of the cave as the being disappeared. The forest came up rather fast and in no time they exited and found the warming sigh of the town and the castle.

Tuff was rushed home, upon seeing him, the two adults quickly called for Dr. Yabui who came over as fast as he could. After a few minutes of alone time he came out and said," It seems that his entire foot is shattered, I don't think there is anything I or anyone can do for him, I would suggest getting him a brace or something metal to hold his leg up so he doesn't have to actually walk on the foot, I am sorry about Tuff though, exactly what happened?"

Tiff began to explain all that had happened, excluding the mask part since that was not relevant to this point, after her story the doctor said," A monster you say, but I thought that machine was destroyed, how could monsters appear out of nowhere, if this is the case you had better talk to the king about it." Tiff and Kirby left Tuff alone and quickly entered the throne room.

The party was actually looking nice and Tiff had to give them credit for their hard work, King Dedede looked up from where he was sitting and said," Well if it ain't Tiff, I was wondering where you able to get them crystals Escargon said you went for, I can understand if you didn't but…. Wait a minute here, aren't there done three of you usually, you know the kid with the yellow and green hair?"

Tiff also retold the story to the king who seemed rather upset and angered by the thought of another monster appearing, after her story he said," What do you done mean monster, I thought that there Nightmare was destroyed, how can he possibly be one of them monsters, I suppose you have proof this was a monster right?"

Tiff shook her head, King Dedede shooed her with his hand and said," The party is almost ready, why don't you get ready yourselves, your soaked." Tiff and Kirby both turned and walked away, something caught Tiff's foot and she fell, the crystals in her back scattered across the ground and towards the king, along with a rather destroyed mask.

King Dedede reached down and picked it up, staring at it and them to Tiff and Kirby he asked," Uh what done happened to that there Meta-Knights Mask?" Tiff shook her head and said," I don't know, I suppose he was attacked and it managed to destroy his mask." King Dedede rubbed his chin and said," Well then there is your proof girly, I ain't no nothing that ever harmed that mask of his, this is one powerful monster."

King Dedede also picked up the crystals on the ground and moved them to slots in the walls where they began to flash colors, placing the mask in a case he said," Well I suppose we should keep this here as a reminder as to the power of this monster, why don't you go ahead and ring the bell the party is ready to start any time now."