The idea for this fic comes from The Enterprise Rules by Mockingeagle. (Go read it! It's really good!) I'm also using the same format, with permission. (Thanks again!)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Noy Voyager (I wish) not the fic this is based on (The Enterprise Rules) and, well, nothing.

*All crewmembers: The following is a list of non-Starfleet, ship-specific rules. These have been implemented in regard to events occurring on this ship or specific problems. They may or may not apply after the specified problem has been adressed.* -Security

1. Wormholes must be properly investigated before we attempt to go through them.

2. Cultures in the Delta Quadrant differ greatly from those in the Alpha Quadrant. Don't assume anything.

2.5 Assuming things may lead to conflict, which may lead to war. We've already got the Kazon and Borg trying to kill us, we don't need other enemies.

3. Yes, we had an agreement with the Borg for a short time. That does not make us their allies. (Remember they called off the agreement and tried to kill us.)

4. 'Star Trekkin' references the USS Enterprise. Therefore, it does not apply to this ship. Therefore, you have NO REASON to play it over the ship's speakers at THREE IN THE MORNING.

5. Do not change the ship's course. We've got a sixty-five year trek ahead of us. Don't make it any longer.

6. The dilithium crystals are not to be removed and used for decoration. That had Engineering frustrated for days, and you're lucky B'Elanna didn't skin you alive.

7. Yes, strange things happen almost weekly. No, we are not 'following the Narrative'. Do not attempt to defy said Narrative when doing so means disobeying orders or endangering the ship.

8. Don't stay on duty two days in a row on seven cups of coffee. That's why we have shifts and attempting to defy the human need for sleep will put you in Sickbay.

9. 'Screw the Prime Directive!' is not an appropriate battle cry. While we are the only Starfleet ship in this quadrant, we are still a Starfleet ship.

10. You all know Starfleet Rules and Regulations. They still apply!

*Captain Janeway, Commander Chakotay, Lt. Tuvok, Lt. Tom Paris, the EMH, Neelix, Lt. B'Elanna Torres, and Ensign Harry Kim may update this list as need dictates.* -Security

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