Hey there, this is a WARNING!

This is not your normal, happy-go-lucky story where everyone falls in love. This is RAPE! If you don't like white-haired boys crying a lot, please leave! There is no happy ending!

So… contains:

Rape, bondage, crying, sadism… etc

I don't own Rise of the Guardians, it belongs to DreamWorks.

I lay down in the middle of my frozen pond, staring up at the blue sky. Things were peaceful again since we defeated Pitch. I know that we'll never truly get rid of him. He's right about one thing, as long as there's fear, he'll be around. That's why the guardians only pushed him into the shadows in the dark ages. I put my hands underneath my head, letting my staff rest beside me. A deep sigh left me, making my chest fall heavily. Why does today have to be so boring? I could go and bother the Bunnymund, but that's become so repetitive.

I didn't want to bother North, scared of what he might actually do to me. Well, not him, but the yetis he employs. Tooth was way too busy to try and entertain me and Sandy was too quiet. Suddenly, I felt someone watching me. A chill ran up my spine, making me sit up quickly and grab onto my staff. Not a lot of things made me feel cold and none of them were good things.

I watched a shadow move underneath the ice, an icy laugh coming and going with it. "Scared Jack?" a familiar, dark, British voice mocked, the owner to that voice materializing at the edge of the pond, hidden in the shadow of a tree.

"Why should I be scared of you?" I asked, trying to sound confident, "You can't do anything to me."

He nodded, looking thoughtful, "You're right. Not here." Something cold gripped onto my ankle, tugging my feet out from underneath me. I flew onto my back, my head cracking the ice on impact. My eyes rolled back, the last thing I saw was a black figure looming over top of me.

I woke up slowly, groaning loudly. My head pounded fiercely and I moved my hands to cradle it, but they were restrained above my head. I looked at them, to just make sure that they were actually restrained. Heavy chains ran around my wrists. They already looked bruised, probably because Pitch let me sleep like that. I looked around, trying to find my staff. I can't do much without that staff.

My eyes locked on my mirror image in front of me. It was actually a mirror. The shiny surface went from the floor to a few feet above me. It brought my attention to how positively naked I was. I could see my clothes tossed on the floor behind me, with my staff leaning up against the wall beside the discarded cloth.

I tried to wrestle out of the chains, bruising the skin even farther. The chains rattled loudly in the empty room, not really helping my headache at all. "You're awake now?" That voice sent a cold shiver down my spine. I looked around frantically, trying to lay my eyes on him. "I'd ask if you were cold, but you're Jack Frost. You're already cold." He materialized right behind me, looking into my eyes through the mirror. I shivered at those cold, yellow eyes that focused on me, hungry.

"Let me go," I ordered, trying to look at him defiantly. I successfully diverted my fear, for now.

"Why would I want to do that?" he asked then leaned into my ear, "When I have you right where I want you?" I jerked away from his cold breath, rubbing my ear on my shoulder.

"Let me go," I tried again, "Or I'll-"

"You'll what?" he cut me off, smirking sadistically, "Hurt me? Run and tell your lame little friends?" My fear was getting a little harder to reign in, especially when he ghosted his gray fingers over my shoulders. This didn't feel right. All I want to do was run away and hide.

I turned my face into my left bicep, and begged weakly, "Please Pitch, just let me go."

"You're already losing your confidence? Too bad," he pouted, "I was hoping you'd put up more of a fight than that." He grabbed onto my sides, moving his hands up and down too familiarly. His lips found my neck. I flinched away from the contact. He felt like fear and it burned.

"Why are you doing this?" I asked sharply, sounding very scared.

His nose rested against my neck for a second. I could hear him inhale and he sighed, "I can smell your fear Jack. You're not scared of anything, so I've taken it as a personal challenge to scare you so much you wish you were dead." He inhaled deeply again, letting his breath puff out on my neck, "You smell like death and raspberries. A sickly, sweet combination that is rather intoxicating Jack."

"I'm not scared of you," I whimpered, cringing away from his breath. We both knew I was lying. He chuckled, insisting on staying so close to my neck. I feel completely helpless. All I can do is whine and beg for him to let me go. I won't do that just yet, I'm a little too proud to give into him right away.

His hands roamed around to the front of my body, running up and down my chest before settling on my nipples. That mouth latched itself onto my neck, making me scream. It burned like someone set me on fire. I tried to twist out from underneath him, but to no avail. His lips finally left my neck, making me relax almost instantly. I looked at my neck, my eyes widening at what I saw. A large, black mark was left in the place of his mouth. I couldn't look away from it, scared that his touch burned me like that. My skin slowly turned back to pale white, starting at the edges and working towards the middle.

I let out a sigh of relief when my skin looked unmarred again, but I noticed Pitch's wandering hands were kneading my butt. "No!" I screeched, thrashing around.

"Oh," he cooed into my ear, "But you were so obedient before." His hands went from my backside to the front of my hips, moving dangerously close to my flaccid penis. I squirmed again, trying to get away from those curious hands. "This will be no fun if you continue to defy me like this," he huffed, stepping away from me for a second. I let out a sigh of relief, hoping he would just let me go.

He returned to me though, this time stepping in front of me, looking down at me. That look in his black-yellow eyes made me shrink away. His face turned into a sneer and he licked his lips. "Open up," he ordered, holding a small vial of liquid in front of my face. I shook my head and pressed my lips into a tight line. "I was hoping you'd say that," he grinned and swooped down, attaching his lips to mine. It didn't burn, like when he was kissing my neck, but it was getting hot enough that my lips started to go numb.

When he pulled back, my mouth open and not ready to respond to me yet. He tilted my head back, forcing my mouth open wide, and poured the liquid down my throat. It was bitter and I started gagging, trying to spit it out, but he just covered my mouth, forcing me to swallow the unfamiliar liquid.

After a bit, he removed his hand, wiping it off on his black robes, and took the place behind me again. "I'm going to enjoy you a bit more before that kicks in," he whispered against my ear, his hands moving on my body again, this time more adventurous.

When he got down to my backside again, he went straight for the crease there, rubbing over it teasingly. I tried to take a step forwards, but my feet were chained to the ground as well. Panic started to flood through me uncontrollably now.

He wiggled the tip of one of his fingers into my ass, making me squirm. "Pitch! What are you doing?!" I screeched, trying to lift myself away. The chains were heavier on my wrists now, the blunt metal starting to bite my skin.

Pitch didn't respond, instead he pushed that finger in all the way, wiggling it about. It felt weird and wrong. "S-Stop!" The finger left me, which surprised me, but it only returned, this time feeling like it was coated in something slippery. He pushed in two fingers, stretching out the opening, both of them sliding in easier than the lone digit before it. I bit onto my lip, my eyes squeezed tightly shut.

"No," he growled, his free hand moving up to my chin, "You aren't allowed to close your eyes. Open them." He sounded angry and forced my chin straight so I would be looking straight ahead if I would open my eyes. "Open them," he threatened, whispering dangerously in my ear. I wouldn't listen to him. His tongue ran up the back of my neck, making me scream out in pain and my eyes shoot open. I focused on me in the mirror, shocked by the image I saw.

My cheeks were flushed a dark pink, my ice-blue eyes were glazed over, and my lip was split and bleeding from me biting onto it. The worst thing I saw was a dripping erection sprouting out from white pubic hair. "What did you give to me?" I asked, breathless.

"Something to make you more sensitive to me, without your mind getting too lost in pleasure. I need you to be thinking rationally for this to work," he sneered, moving that hand on my chin down to my erection. He started pumping it, making me moan loudly.

"S-Stop it! Please!" I begged, needing to forget this whole encounter.

Pitch chuckled darkly in my ear, shaking his head in response. The fingers inside me brushed up against something, making me moan and clench tightly around him. "I think you're ready," he told me, retracting those fingers. It made me feel strangely empty, but what was I ready for?

I saw Pitch undo his pants and pull himself out. My eyes went wide in fear when I spotted that grey erection. He moved in closely behind me, lining himself up. I shook my head and moved around; trying to, ultimately, stall what was about to happen. "Please Pitch," I begged, letting all my defenses fall, hoping I could speak to some shred of humanity deep inside him, "please, please don't do this." I could feel tears welling up in my eyes.

He slapped my ass, making me stop dead in my tracks. "Stop moving around," he growled and pushed into me without warning. I screamed at the pain. It tore through me like his kisses did.

His large hands rested on my hips, pushing me back and forth with his shallow thrusts. I started crying heavily, not really able to believe what was happening to me. "s…stop…please," I sobbed.

He just stroked my back in an oddly loving manner and thrust in a little bit harder. "I want you to look at yourself in the mirror Jack," Pitch growled behind me, his pace picking up. I shook my head, keeping my eyes closed tightly. He pushed me forward, bending me over farther. I really didn't have too much room for movement, so that push made me scream in pain.

"Ouch! Stop! Oh God, please stop!" I cried, feeling warm blood run down my arms.

"Look at yourself," Pitch barked, pulling the hair on the back of my head, but keeping his other hand on my shoulder blades. I opened my one eye, trying to focus through the constant stream of tears running down my face.

My face was still flushed, but my eyes were rimmed red from crying and my arms were covered in streams of blood. I could see Pitch thrusting into me his pace was unrelenting. "How do you feel guardian? So weak in the arms of your enemy," he asked, like he was talking about the weather. He kicked at the chains at my feet, which were actually just that black sand he loved.

They disappeared and he lifted me up, taking the weight off of my wrists, but giving me a whole new view to what he was doing. I could actually see his cock disappearing inside of me, with my own standing proudly above his. "Your body opens up so easily to me. I'll probably enjoy you some more in the future," he whispered into my ear, making another sob break free from my chest. I've never felt so violated before in my life and it might happen again. Just the though made me cry harder. "Look at how pretty your crying face is Jack. You look so happy," he cooed, sounding very condescending.

"I'm not," I argued back, turning my face away once more.

He didn't seem to mind. "Well. This here doesn't seem to agree with you." He grabbed onto my erection, stroking it playfully.

"No! Don't! Stop!"

"Why? Are you going to come? Did you find this pleasurable you dirty slut," he snarled, his voice biting in my ear. I continued to cry. It was true. It's feeling good and I am about to come because of this pain he inflicted on me. He laughed darkly, "What a whore. I can't believe you like this. Does it feel good? My cock inside your slutty body? Can you feel it? Deep," he whispered again, stopping mid-thrust, as deep as he could go, "and hard. You know I'm only reacting because your slutty body wants me."

I lolled my head back onto his shoulder, my face looking away from his. "Stop," I whimpered, my last shred of dignity in that one word.

"No." He thrust harder, making sure to rub against that spot inside me every time. It only took a few more thrusts and I was coming all over the mirror and my stomach. Pitch dropped my legs and thrust into me wildly, trying to find his own release.

He came deep inside me, the semen shooting even farther than what he reached. I felt so dirty. Pitch pulled out, tucked himself back into his pants and undid the shackles around my wrists. "Put on your clothes," he ordered, looking at me like I was scum. I took one last look in the mirror.

One split lip, two battered wrists and a pair of broken blue eyes looked back at me. I crawled over to my clothes on the floor and slipped into them, not even bothering to stand up. Pitch stood over top me; both his hands on my staff, watching me put my clothes back on slowly.

Once my clothes were on, he opened a magic portal behind me. He kicked me backwards, through the portal. I landed on the snow-covered ground beside my pond, my staff landing beside me moments later.

I curled into a ball and started sobbing loudly. This entire experience left me battered, broken and used. I was no longer pure.

A.N. Doesn't that just break your heart?! Well, I needed to get this off my chest. I don't know what the nature of my next story will be, if there will be one. I wrote this in one sitting so it might sound a little rushed… but I hoped you enjoyed it if you made it this far