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Bunny walked around his warren, kicking at the dirt. He felt extremely guilty about what he did, but he felt like it was the right thing to do. Although the massive bruise on his backside was something that he could live without. Jack threw him quite far and hard, and he did it like it was nothing. It brought on a feeling of respect for the boy and slight jealousy because Jack showed him up. There was no way Bunny could produce that much power, even with all of the children that believed in him. Jack would only get stronger.

He was so lost in thought that he didn't see the black sand drifting lazily through the warm breeze. It headed straight for Bunny, but he didn't notice the darkness until it landed on his nose. His movements stopped as he stared blankly into the space in front of him. Fear and anger grew in his eyes, all those emotions directed towards the scene at the front of his eyes.

Tooth fluttered around her palace, directing her little fairies all over the world to retrieve the children's teeth. The back of her mind was focused on the winter sprite, but her work needed to be done. She felt sorry for Jack. He looked so scared and he just kept on shutting everyone out. North and Bunny told her what they thought happened to him, which all sounded outrageous, and didn't want to listen to anyone's story but Jack's. She opened her palace to the boy if he ever wanted to talk. He would come, but he would sit and watch the fairies do their work.

No one but Tooth has approached him at those times, but Jack would just brush her off and continue to watch in silence. It wasn't like Jack to be quiet like that. Normally, he would offer to help and race his fairies to do their jobs. Now, he just looked broken.

Baby Tooth tried to warn Tooth about the sand directed at her. Tooth noticed too late and the sand landed on her cheeks. Baby Tooth got some on her face too because she was too close. They both froze and stared into the distance. Tooth fluttered slowly towards the ground and sat down, tears flowing down her face.

Sandy directed his dream sand out to the children sleeping soundly beneath him. The golden sand floated happily in the air, changing shapes to match the wonderful children below. He thought absently of Jack. Over the past few weeks Sandy has gone and made sure that his dreams were pleasant. He sometimes forgot what time zone he was in, so he always thought to check in on Jack after he was done giving dreams to the children.

After all, Jack needed good dreams too. Sandy can't really coax anything out of the boy, so he felt it was his job to make sure that Jack slept soundly through the night. Although, lately, there have been dark rings under Jack's eyes. He knows he can't be there all the time, but he still felt guilty that he failed his friend.

Even in the darkness of night, Sandy could see black sand hurdling towards him. He thought of Pitch immediately and took evasive action. The sand was fast, too fast. Sandy couldn't even get a hand on it to neutralize it before it landed on his face.

He stayed suspended in the air and his eyes stayed forward, but his vision clouded over, leaving nothing but blackness. Sandy didn't move, focusing on trying to break the spell. It didn't feel like it was trying to destroy him, like the last time. The sand was leading him to something. His subconscious was lead through dark tunnels until he came into a room where he saw Jack, naked and shackled to chains hanging from the ceiling, with a long mirror standing in front of him. Black sand was snaked around his ankles and he was knocked out. Sandy's hands flew up to his mouth in a silent gasp at the scene. He tried to move forward, to release Jack from those chains, but his subconscious was anchored to the spot.

"No, no, no," Pitch's dark voice tutted, "You get to stand there and watch." Sandy looked around him, glaring at the open air. His attention was drawn back to the winter sprite because he heard a loud groan and rattling chains. Jack was pulling at the chains, trying to get himself out. "You're awake now?" Pitch's voice cooed, making the boy shiver. It didn't sound as loud as the first time Pitch spoke. The conversation in front of Sandy sounded like it was spoken from underwater.

"Let me go," Jack ordered, looking as confident as ever. Sandy focused hard on breaking the spell, trying to ignore what Pitch was forcing him to watch.

"Do you honestly think you can escape from this?" Pitch's voice boomed once more, drowning out the Jack and Pitch in front of him. It made Sandy jump. The voice sounded like it was right beside him and it sounded angry. A piercing scream made Sandy look at the couple again. Pitch was biting down on Jack's neck and Jack was screaming. When he pulled back, there was a large, black mark left on his otherwise white skin.

Sandy started to panic, trying frantically to think of a way to escape this nightmare. His subconscious was forced to another spot, where he could see the profiles of both of them. Pitch's fingers were inside of Jack and Jack was asking him to stop. "Open them!" Pitch growled, his other hand gripped on Jack's chin, forcing his gaze forward. Jack's closed eyes opened and it looked like something broke in his eyes when he saw the state he was in. Flush chest, glazed eyes and sporting a leaking erection.

"S-Stop it! Please!" Jack begged, looking away from himself. Pitch said something that didn't reach Sandy's ears. All he could focus on was his friend's face, crying and scared. Pitch pulled out his own erection and pushed himself inside. "Please Pitch!" Jack responded, his pride slipping away, leaving him vulnerable. "…please, please don't do this." It hurt to see Jack in such a state. Tears ran down Jack's face like a waterfall. "s…stop…please," he sobbed, just sounding broken.

"… look at yourself in the mirror Jack," Pitch ordered. Jack shook his head. Pitch responded by pushing Jack's body forwards, making the shackles cut into his wrists and blood run down his arms.

Sandy couldn't stand it anymore. He put all his energy into forcing himself out of this nightmare. The sounds of Jack's crying and pleas for mercy ran loudly in Sandy's ears, but the scene moved away from him quickly. Sandy's vision came back and it startled him enough to make him go into a freefall for a second.

He looked around quickly, making sure that he was actually out of the nightmare and not forced into another one. Sandy rubbed his face and looked at his hands, the black sand sitting innocently on his palm. There was no more magic in the sand.

He clenched his fists and flew off towards Burgess. Jack needed his friends, no matter what he thought.

North had put me in one of his rooms and ordered me to rest, while he went out to fetch my staff for me. He wouldn't just let me leave either. The yetis kept guard, making sure I wouldn't sneak off. Honestly, I didn't have the energy to run away anymore. I've just turned into some plaything for Pitch to use. North didn't ask me any questions; he just cleaned me up and placed me in bed without a word. It made me nervous because I don't know what he's thinking. Although his eyes were still gentle and kind, not filled with hatred and disgust like I thought they'd be. It made me feel a little better, but no matter how clean I got, I'd still be dirty.

I curled into a ball and turned away from the door, burying my face into the pillow. The room was so silent it was almost suffocating. Where was everyone? I sat up and looked around the room, confused. The room wasn't that well sound proofed and it was always loud at the shop here. Did everyone leave me? They wouldn't leave me, would they?

I heard the soft sound of rustling sand and I tensed up, thinking it was a nightmare. Then the door swung open quickly, revealing a wide-eyed Sandy. "Sandy? What are you doing here?" I asked, scared of the answer. My staff was in his hand. "Where's North?" He pointed over his shoulder, the sand swirling above him to show a chair. North's got to be sitting in a chair in the hall, but why wouldn't he come in here with Sandy? Especially if he knew Sandy was here. "What's going on?"

What would prevent North from seeing me? He brought me in when I was crying on his doorstep and he cleaned me up last time I was here. There's no way he doesn't know what's happening. Sand swirled around, probably telling me to stay put, but I couldn't. I didn't grab at my staff, but I needed to know what happened with North. Sandy followed me almost quietly.

North was sitting on a lone chair in the hallway, his head hanging in his hands. "North?" I called carefully, tiptoeing up to him.

He looked up at me, shocked and stood up quickly to keep his distance. "What are you doing out of the infirmary? Why did the yetis let you go?" He wouldn't look into my eyes.

I stood there awkwardly, "What happened?"

He couldn't look into my eyes, but I saw shame and horror swimming in his eyes. My hand flew over my mouth, my stomach suddenly twisting and making me feel nauseous. This is worse than their speculation; he must have seen what happened. I ran back into the infirmary to grab my staff. "Don't let him leave!" North yelled, his voice shaky.

One of the yetis grabbed onto my hood, keeping me in place. Sandy rushed into the room and grabbed my staff, holding it behind his back. I went limp in the yeti's arms, knowing that I couldn't escape. Tears fell down my cheeks. The yeti let me gently onto the floor, where I curled into a ball and sobbed. This couldn't be happening.

North knelt down beside me and I flinched away from his presence. "I'm sorry Jack," he whispered. He was crying too. A gentle, warm hand rested on my shoulder, barely even applying pressure. I wanted to flinch away, to hide from the touch, but my body welcomed the warmth. My fingers tangled into my hair and I pulled the strands, trying to stop my crying.

It didn't work though. The tears came, unrelenting and painful. My throat quickly felt thick from sobbing so loudly and my eyes felt heavy from the tears. North didn't say anything else, and he didn't move his hand. It just sat there, a constant, reassuring weight to remind me that I wasn't alone. I don't know where Sandy went, but I knew he wouldn't just leave.

"North! North! Where are ya?" an Australian voice called from a distance, sounding like it was coming closer. North didn't reply. He just stayed silent beside me. I didn't stop crying, only the wailing had stopped and all that was left were the tears. North wouldn't move though, not until he knew I would be okay.

I could hear Bunny getting closer quickly. My face remained buried in the carpet of the hall, but I flinched away from the direction of his footsteps. Soon, it was silent. I think everyone was just watching me, but I'm too far past actually caring. I only cry harder, finally letting my fear and misery show.

By the time I finished, my eyes, throat and head hurt and I'm just so tired. The floor suddenly seems to be the most comfortable place and my eyes become heavy. I let darkness cloud over my vision, too tired to fight sleep.

I woke up slowly, my eyes protesting being opened. They were heavy from how much I cried yesterday. I'm in one of the beds in the infirmary again. Only I'm not waking up alone this time. Bunny sat in a chair, my staff in one hand and his gaze focused in on me. "Morning Jack," he said softly, almost sounding like a whisper.

"Hi," I croaked, sitting up and curling my legs up to my chest.

"How are you feeling?" he asked, looking very concerned. I shrugged and rubbed my nose against my knees. We sat in silence. I didn't know what to say to my friend and Bunny looked like he wanted to desperately say something, but he kept his lips tight. He opens and closes his mouth, trying to say something, but quickly deciding against it and sealing his lips once more.

"What's wrong?" I asked, my voice scratchy. I coughed at the tickle talking created in my throat and waited for Bunny to respond.

Sadness suddenly swam into Bunny's green eyes, pooling near the edges. "I'm so sorry Jack." Tears flowed down his face now. It scared me. What happened?


"About your nightmare. I didn't understand and I," he took a shaky breath to calm himself, "hurt you even more. I'm so sorry." I sat there awkwardly. There wasn't anything I could deny about what he said and I didn't feel like lying to make him feel better. I let Bunny sit in the chair, crying quietly to himself.

I didn't want to help him feel better. "Where is everyone?" I asked, looking away from him and staring at the wall.

"Hunting down Pitch," Bunny stated, tears suddenly gone from his voice. I flinched at the name, but didn't face him. "He won't get away with this," he assured me, scooting his chair closer.

I moved towards the opposite side of my bed, continuing to sit there and stare at the wall. "What's the point?"

"The point?"

I took a shaky breath and elaborated, "The point of hunting down Pitch." Now I spared a glance at Bunny, letting him see my eyes wet with unshed tears. He looked pained and eager to say something, but he sat patiently, waiting for my explanation. "It's happened. And nothing you do to him will make it not happen."

A slight look of anger crossed his green eyes. "He needs to be punished."

"Do you really think he's scared now?" I laughed, my voice mixing with a sob.

Bunny stood up angrily, "He needs to know that he can't ever do this again! He needs to know that we aren't going to let that happen ever again!"

The tears fell from my eyes now, silently falling off my cheeks. "So you'll only do something if he does something?"

"Jack, you have to understand that we care about you and we never wanted this to happen to you. Yes, I wish it didn't ever happen, but it did and now we're doing something about it and we're going to try our very best to make sure it doesn't happen again!"

A hiccup came from my throat. "You saw it all? Didn't you?" Bunny's intense gaze disappeared instantly and he looked to the floor, fidgeting with the staff in his hand. "You saw the chains? The sand? The begging…"

"Stop!" he cut in suddenly, looking everywhere but me. I clamped my mouth shut. "Just… stop…"

"No Bunny, I can't just stop!" I cried, clutching at the itchy blankets, "I can't just pretend this never happened to me! I can't run away from my memories! You can go to sleep without worrying about nightmares about being violated in the most… intimate way and I can't just stop."

He looked at me again, this time his eyes were very angry with no sympathy in those green globes. "I may not know exactly how you feel Jack," he ground out, "but I can't go to sleep without worrying about hearing your cries for help, for mercy, from that heartless shadow! It haunts me! And I talked to North! He saw it all too! And I have no doubt Sandy watched the same scene as us and it's the only guess I have as to why Tooth is missing!"

All my rage and self-loathing were replaced by worry for a moment. "Tooth is missing?"

Bunny rubbed his eyes tiredly. "Sandy… tried to see if she was okay, but she wasn't at the palace. Her fairies worked diligently without her, apparently under orders to not reveal her whereabouts. We can't find her," he finished quietly, rocking on his feet.

"It's my fault," I whimpered, wrapping my arms around myself tightly and started crying all over again. I think everyone, including myself, is very tired from my blubbering, but I couldn't stop it. Bunny went to say something, but I held up a hand, stopping him, "Please, just leave."

He swayed a bit, debating on doing what I said or not. After a few moments of deliberation, he walked out the door without a word and my staff still firmly in his grasp. I lay back down on my bed, pulling the covers over my head and creating a small ball.

I don't know how much time passed. Every now and then, Sandy or North or Bunny would come into the infirmary and try to talk to me, but I couldn't say anything. Well, I could, but nothing would come out. They would leave after a bit of trying, none of them leaving my staff in the room. That was probably a really good idea since I would probably run away at the first chance I got. I'd probably run to the South Pole and bury myself in a cave for the rest of eternity.

One voice made me sit up quickly and spin around. I fixed my gaze on Tooth. She looked right at me, not scarred from what she saw apparently. "Tooth?" I asked, slumping a bit. She nodded, her lips pressed tightly together. We stared at each other for a while longer. Unsure of what else to say, I only repeated her name.

"Hi Jack," she smiled. I could tell it was forced though. She looked me straight in the eyes, but she was fighting the urge to look everywhere else. "How have you been?"

"Better," I admitted, smiling a little, "Where have you been?"

She looked a little ashamed now. "Trying to find Pitch. Well I actually found him." I choked on some air. "I dealt with him." Her voice was definitive, ending that particular topic. "I'm here for another reason." She took the seat beside my bed, looking at me calmly.


She reached out and grabbed onto my hand, rubbing it gently, "Jack, you know I look after memories right?" I nodded slowly, scared. "I've been talking with Sandy and we've decided that, if you wanted, Sandy and I can erase all those awful memories."

My breath died in my throat. They could really do that? "You can do that?" I asked, voicing my thoughts.

"Yes," she nodded, "but we can't replace the time lost. You're going to wonder about the almost two months of blackness in your memory and we won't be able to tell you. The erasing isn't exactly erasing though. It's more like hiding them, burying them. A trigger could bring them back, hurting you more in the future. So I really want you to think about it Jack. We don't recommend it, but if you really want to, we will do it." She didn't look away from me, her eyes focusing intensely.

I imagined falling asleep without seeing Pitch's icy glare or feeling his icy touch. Hope fluttered in my chest. "What about you? Or anyone?"

She shook her head sadly. "None of us can forget it if you do, so we don't try to help you remember the space we also forgot. Either way you choose, we're all going to remember this."

"Then I want my memory gone. I'd rather not know that everyone knows and has seen something so… personal," I said, with a lot more conviction than I felt. Honestly, the thought about having a large black spot on my memory scared me, but Pitch scares me even more right now. And the pitying glances from my friends. At least now they have to pretend they've never seen such a thing.

Tooth blinked, surprised at my decision. "Are you sure?"

"Yes. Positive."

She sighed heavily and stood up, "I'll go and get Sandy then. He'll put you to sleep and when you wake up, you won't remember a thing."

Six Months Later

I flew around the air carelessly, racing Bunny once more. Somehow I felt like he was letting me win, so I shot him a taunt. "Losing your edge Cottontail?"

Bunny looked over at me, smirking defiantly, "Nah mate, just giving you a head start so you have a chance of beating me." With that, Bunny sped off even faster. I grinned after him, speeding up my own pace. We reached our finish line, me winning by a hair, although Bunny would have said otherwise. I don't listen to Bunny though; he's a cheater.

We sat underneath a tree, relaxing. Somehow, almost overnight, my friendship with Bunny became significantly better, along with every other guardian as well. They were much more accepting and fun than a few months ago. Maybe it has something to do with that black period. I call it a black period, only to myself though. I don't know how long it actually is, but I seem to have a gap in my memory about six months ago.

That was when everyone and I became a lot closer. That's also the time I noticed the scars on my wrists. I asked about them, worried because they looked like I'd been tied up, but everyone reassured me that I did something stupid, resulting in a few scars. The marks were fading now, but I could still make them out. I glanced at Bunny, his eyes were closed and he looked relaxed.

With him like that, I stared openly at my wrists, trying as hard as I could to drudge up some sort of memory to explain them. That wasn't the only thing though. The Guardians look at me like something terrible happened to me but they won't tell me anything. I have caught them all with a pitying look on their face, making me feel strangely vulnerable. Bunny's gaze was the worst to endure. He would do a good job of saving himself (he was getting better at it) but I always caught him.

There were also random nightmares when I dozed off. They involved biting metal and cold kisses, but they never lasted long enough for me to decipher. I assumed I brought on the shackles in my dreams because of my overactive imagination about the scars. Why would my friends lie to me? I've also developed a small fear of falling asleep alone or being left along for too long, which also started almost six months ago.

That black period really did confuse me, but I can't even recall the slightest memory from that time. Pitch came back about three months ago, flanked by nightmares. I felt something was missing as I stared into the nightmares' eyes, but staring at Pitch's eyes made me flinch away.

So far, everyone but myself has been handling Pitch. Pitch held a sick gleam in his eye and he taunted me whenever he could. The others became quite aggressive in dealing with him whenever I was directly involved or Pitch said something like "Do you miss your nightmare Frost?" which confused me to bits, and the team went berserk in trying to defeat him.

I never understood what he meant, but they rang true for something deep down. Who knows? Maybe I'll remember some day. Maybe I just have to wait.

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