Author's Note: Yeah, I know what you guys are thinking. But I assure you, taking on three different stories at the same time and having to update all three on a frequent basis will not be a problem—or at least it shouldn't be. I am actually quite proficient when it comes to multi-tasking (just ask anyone in my family). That said, I hope that you guys enjoy this little diddy, and I hope you'll be able to join me in later updates.


Chapter One

Its 3:30 in the morning in L.A., and most of the usually bustling city has finally started to quiet down and grow still. Somewhere near the coastline sits a small apartment complex, and within this quaint little village the home of LAPD Detective Marty Deeks can be found. It's not very much and not very big to be honest, but for the shaggy-haired surfer who lives there—it's perfect.

For three months now the little place has been, for the most part, deserted by its owner who left it in a state of mild disarray upon leaving on assignment for the LAPD. The assignment was a deep-cover sting operation designed to finally bring down one of the city's most notorious gang leaders—Roscoe Parker, a.k.a., 'L.A. Slim'. The assignment hadn't been an easy one for the fun-loving, eternally optimistic surfer cop, and given the choice he would very much like to just forget that he was ever involved. Nevertheless, the prodigal son, as they say, has finally returned home at last.

The detective himself stands just outside the complex, duffle bag slung over his shoulder, on the only patch of grass on the property. He can see a familiar white SRX parked in the front lot from where he stands, and he knows its presence here means that Kensi is also here. The thought of seeing her so soon after completing an undercover assignment for LAPD makes him anxious.

Normally after an Op of the magnitude he'd experienced with this latest one, the shaggy-haired detective would spend the following weekend down at the beach, alone, with his surfboard and his thoughts. This would be his time to decompress, and just let the waves wash all of his worries and trepidations away before facing his co-workers at NCIS at the start of the next week. Though he can already sense that this time will be different—in probably more ways than one.

It's no one's fault though. Ever since his partnership with Kensi became an actual 'relationship'—things have been different. Most of it has been extremely good, for both of them, but at the same time it's meant that both parties have had to make adjustments in their lives at large. Some of said adjustments were harder to adjust to than others, but then it's only been 7 months next week since they started, and understandably these things do take time. He just hopes he has enough time left to reach that point, at the very least.

Inside the small apartment Kensi Blye is fast asleep beneath the warmth of a throw blanket on Deek's sofa, while her head rests upon one of the pillows she pulled from his bed. She's been expecting Deeks home soon hence her decision to spend the night here in waiting. Her plan had been to stay up to greet him upon his return, but a long, grinding day at OSP had physically exhausted her to the point that such a plan was no longer viable.

So instead she helplessly drifted off to sleep not long after settling in on the sofa with the intent of watching her favorite movie, Titanic, which has long since ended and left the television set blank. The sudden sound of a key turning in the lock on the front door goes unnoticed by the slumbering female federal agent, who does not stir even the slightest bit.

Deeks pushes the door open slowly, and quietly tiptoes inside. He sets his duffle bag down on the floor just to the right of the door, and then carefully refastens both the main lock and the deadbolt. He makes his way forward until he stands at the edge of where two rooms meet—the kitchen and the living area.

His eyes instantly fix upon the woman currently sleeping on his sofa. It's a sight he knows few have ever seen, and the fact that he is one of those few makes his heart swell in his chest. He can't help the faint smile that tugs at the edges of his mouth as he stands there watching her sleep so peacefully.

He effortlessly works his way out of his tennis shoes using only one hand, and then leaves them setting there in the middle of the floor as he tiptoes towards the sofa (and Kensi). Along the way he picks up the tv remote from off the floor where it had fallen to at some earlier point, and after using it to turn off the television-he sets it down on the nearby coffee table.

He finally lowers himself into a sitting position between the coffee table and the sofa. He's just too tired at this point to make it too the bedroom, so this will just have to do for the night.

Now Kensi stirs.

"You're home." She murmurs quietly, without opening her eyes.

"Shhh, go back to sleep baby." Deeks whispers softly. He had been trying not to wake her, but as luck would have it that's just what he's wound up doing—or so he thinks.

"How…was your trip?" she asks, still murmuring and pausing for only a second, mid-sentence, for an unexpected yawn.

"It was good." He whispers, as he rubs the bridge of his nose. "Now please…go back to sleep." He adds. His voice rises slightly with unexpected exasperation, and he finds himself immediately hoping she didn't notice the change in pitch.

"Okay." She says with a yawn, as she slowly turns her body away from him. "I'm glad you're home safe." She murmurs just as she finally drifts back off to dreamland once more.

"Me too." Deeks whispers, with a sigh as he leans back against the sofa.

Within minutes sleep claims the exhausted Detective, and he makes no effort at all to resist it. His thoughts just before succumbing to the numbness of sleep, are of the news he knows he'll have to share with Kensi at some point in the near future. He just wishes that he didn't have to, and he knows it'll break her heart when he does tell her though.

Deeks awakens early to the sound of birds chirping outside the living room window. He can still hear the soft, steady breathing of the slumbering beauty on the sofa behind him. Good, she's still asleep. He rubs the sleep from his eyes, and lets out a long yawn at the same time. The display on his wristwatch, when he looks down, shows that the time is just 20 minutes after 7.

He pulls himself to his feet quietly, and makes his way across the floor towards the bedroom. That's where his favorite trunks and surfboard are stashed, and he desperately needs some time on the waves after his unexpected three-month hiatus from his favorite pastime. He figures he can ride a few waves, and still be back before Kensi wakes up. Then maybe the two of them can have breakfast together afterwards.

"Hey," a soft voice says from behind the shaggy-haired man.

Deeks pauses at the door to the bedroom, and looks over his shoulder at the woman on the sofa. "Didn't mean to wake you." He tells her in a quiet voice.

"It's fine." She replies, as she sits up and stretches her arms high over her head. "Were you going somewhere?" she asks, curiously.

Deeks runs a hand through his hair as he turns around to face her. "Just out. Thought I catch a few waves before breakfast."

"Give me a sec to get ready, and I'll go with you." She says as she shrugs away the blanket that had covered and kept her warm through the previous night. She pulls herself up, and begins to fold the blanket up neatly.

This is what he had been trying to avoid. He really wanted to just be alone for a couple of hours to do his thing, but now Kensi's awake and she wants to accompany him to the beach. It's a serious wrench in his plan.

"Kens." He starts, his intention being to rectify what he sees as a problem. Then she turns and looks at him expectantly with her hair hanging lose around her face, and those gorgeous mismatched eyes he can't help but love. With a sigh he changes his mind.

"Something wrong?" she asks, worry lines etching their way across her face. She steps around the coffee table and moves towards him. She's wearing one of his t-shirts over a pair of panties, and nothing more. It's actually quite sexy.

He shakes his head at her. "Nothing, it's just…Ya know what, I can go anytime. What do you say we just get some breakfast?" He tells her.

Kensi steps up close and wraps her arms around him, remembering what it feels like to be this close to the man she loves with all of her heart. She looks up into his face searching for what, she doesn't know. She does know, however, that something's clearly bothering him, and he obviously doesn't want to talk about it.

"You sure?" she asks. "I don't mind going. Unless, you don't want me too." She says, sounding a little dejected at the thought of her lover not wanting her around.

Deeks can see that his uneasiness is starting to upset her a little bit, and the last thing he ever wants is to hurt her feelings. He loves her too much to risk something like that. He quickly takes her hand up into his own, and raises them to his lips. There he plants a gentle kiss against the knuckles of one hand.

"Baby, there is no place I'd rather be than with you." He tells her reassuringly, and meaning every word.

She smiles and nods. "I missed you." She says as she presses herself into his warmth. Whatever it is that he's hiding from her-she won't push it. She'll wait until he is good and ready to talk, and then she'll be there for him.

"I missed you too." He replies, kissing her forehead gently. He closes his eyes briefly, and takes in her sweet, fragrant scent as if for the last time ever in his entire life. He wants to remember it, to remember her, just like this.

"Come on." She says, pulling away from her lover with a smile. She takes his hands in her own, and begins to lead him the rest of the way into the bedroom. The confused look she sees painted across his face makes her giggle softly.

"Where are we going?" Deeks asks, not quite understanding what she's doing as they enter the master bedroom.

Kensi laughs. "To get you into something more appropriate for the beach." She tells him, as if it should have been all too obvious.

"The beach?" he questions, raising a brow in her direction.

"Yes. The beach." She says, finally letting go of his hands. "You need to surf. I'm sure you haven't had a good session in a while, and you look like you could use one."

He nods. She knows me so well. He can't help but stare in complete wonder and awe at the tanned beauty. She never ceases to amaze him, and usually in the most wonderful ways—or at least to him it seems as such.

Kensi leaves him for only a second as she quickly disappears into the master bathroom, and then returns just as quickly with the pair of trunks she knows to be his very favorite in the whole world. "Here, change into these." She says, tossing him the trunks. Then she turns her attention to the dresser on the far side of the room. The dresser has 6 drawers in it, and one of those is hers. It is packed with the things that she would normally need in case of an overnight stay with her man—which actually does happen quite a bit.

Deeks looks down at the pair of trunks in his hands, and then looks up at Kensi with a confused grin spread across his face. If he's going to go surfing, then he doesn't need his trunks—what he needs is his wetsuit and nothing more.

"Baby, what I need is my wetsuit." He tells her, trying not to laugh because he knows that she's really trying. And he would hate to squash her enthusiasm over something as trivial and unimportant as this.

Kensi turns to face him, as she pulls her nightshirt up over her head revealing her chest to the shaggy-haired man. Behind her the one drawer is setting open.

To his surprise Kensi is not wearing a bra under the nightshirt she'd slept in. Instead, her perfect, supple breasts are now hanging free and without care for all too see. Good thing it's just the two of them right now.

"What were you saying about your wetsuit?" she asks, unaware of the effect her exposed chest is having on the shaggy-haired surfer. Though it isn't like he's never seen her naked before.

Deeks doesn't seem to be paying any attention to her words at this point though. His eyes are trained longingly on her chest area and the look on his face is the same as one might expect to find on a person who's been put under a trance.

A slightly concerned look crosses Kensi's face as she stares back at Deeks. "You okay?" she asks, waving a hand in the air in front of him. "You were saying something about your wetsuit, remember?"

Still no response from the Detective though, and confused by his lack of attention she carefully follows his gaze downward to its endpoint. "Deeks, something wrong? What are you looking-" She begins to laugh as soon as she realizes he's been staring at her breasts. An opportunity for some fun.

Kensi gives her upper body a little wiggle, and watches with amusement as his eyes appear to follow the movement of her breasts as they bounce gently against her chest. She stifles another laugh, and forces herself to continue the act. "You like what you see, surfer boy?" she teases, mimicking a stripper she'd once met while undercover on an assignment a couple of years back.

Deeks nods, almost drooling at this point. He'd nearly forgotten, during his three months away, just how beautiful his girl is. He is aware of the steadily growing heat in the crotch of his pants, but this doesn't seem to have any effect on the trance-like state he's fallen into.

Kensi playfully pushes her breasts together, and can almost hear Deeks salivating from across the room. "They're so soft…you wanna touch?" she continues her tease, enjoying every second of it.

"Uh hunh." Deeks mumbles, with what must be assumed can only be some sort of nod. Suddenly the heat gives way to the sensation of tightening in the crotch of his pants, and this instantly snaps him out of his trance. "I mean…um, err, wha-what were we talking about—just now." He stammers, his face flushing with deep color as he struggles to regain his composure while trying to hide the bulge in his pants.

Kensi can't help but laugh at the shaggy-haired man. His bulge is clearly visible despite his best efforts to cover it up. "You did miss me." She exclaims humorously.

Deeks shakes his head out of slight embarrassment. "This is not something you want to have while wearing a wetsuit." He remarks dryly, referring to his bulge.

"What's the matter with you?" she asks, still laughing to herself. "Its not like you haven't seen me naked before—on multiple occasions."

"I…guess it's just been a while." He admits sheepishly. "I'd forgotten how beautiful you are." He adds, his voice soft and earnest.

Kensi blushes a little bit at Deeks' observation, but turns back to the drawer and picks out a cute bikini top and then it's matching bottom. While she dresses herself in the sexy swimwear she's picked out, the sound of Deeks moving around behind her is clearly audible.

Deeks disappears into the master bathroom in search of the wetsuit he's sure he left in there, along with his trunks, before he left three months earlier. "Ah ha. Here it is." He exclaims from within the bathroom.

Kensi finishes tying off her bikini top, and shortly after begins the transition from panties to the matching bikini bottom. "So, do you not wear the trunks underneath the wetsuit?" Kensi asks, loudly, so he can hear her from inside the bathroom.

"Nope." He calls back.

"Then what do you wear underneath?" she asks curiously, as she pulls the bikini bottoms up past her knees.

"Not a thing." Deeks calls back. "I mean theoretically you could wear something underneath, ya know to prevent chaffing I guess. But me, I like the freedom."

Kensi laughs at that. She is now fully dressed in her swimsuit, but now she needs to throw something on over it for the ride to the beach in case they stop somewhere on the way.

"We're alike that way." He jokes.

Kensi rolls her eyes, though she knows he can't see her doing it. She knows exactly what he's referring to as well—the whole no bra thing from earlier. "Okay, that's different." She tells him, as she quickly pulls on a pair of short shorts, and a tank top. "I would never sleep in a bra—in fact no woman does." She adds.

Deeks finally exits the bathroom dressed in his wetsuit, and a smile that stretches from ear to ear. "So its not just when you're here—its all the time?" he remarks with a smirk.

"Well, I do enjoy it more when I'm here." She teases back. Her eyes seem to drift southward a little bit, and she feigns a look of disappointment at what she finds. "I see your issue seems to have…resolved itself." She points out, with a playful huff.

"Don't worry princess," he says, stepping towards the brunette beauty. "I'm sure it'll be back—you know how these things are." He teases her.

"You promise?" she whispers in his ear as he pulls her closer for a kiss.

"Oh, with certainty." He replies.

Kensi lets out an uncharacteristically girly giggle. "I'll hold you to it." She tells him, between kisses. "Right now, however, there is a wave out there with your name on it."

"Well then what are we waiting for?" he asks, motioning with his arm towards the door.

Kensi is so glad to see the light back in his face and eyes. It looks better on him than the look of uncertainty he'd been wearing earlier, and even though she realizes its only a temporary bandage until he finally decides to let her in on whatever was bothering him before—she'll take it.