"It's too late to save them"


Danny woke up from the nightmare, drenched in cold sweat and trembling. He buried his face into his hands and sobbed silently. It had been a couple of years since he'd survived the explosion, the explosion wich killed his family, friends and teacher. He'd been on the run since, he couldn't risk being handed over to Vlad, or the Guys in White. So he'd changed his look. His ghost form, which he now called Umbra, was his black jumpsuit, the white upper part of the jumpsuit was now swirly, kind of like flames, and his old insignia was gone. His gloves were longer with the edge over the elbow shaped like a tip, and they were fingerless. The upper edges of his boots looked also kind of like flames, they'd also stayed white. He also wore a black cloak with a hood and a piece that covered the lower part of his face, the outside of the cloak was black and the inside was white. His human form wore only dark clothes now, Danny was mourning and decided to go goth, for his sweet Samantha. He'd always loved her full name but never called her that to her face because he didn't want to upset her. He'd never been oblivious to his own feelings but he'd been scared, scared that something would happen to her if he told her that. And now, now she'd died without knowing, he'd never see her smile, he would never see her beautiful purple eyes sparkle in determination or excitement. He always wore a black, dark purple or dark green turtleneck, black, white or dark blue jeans, ripped and not, and a silver chain. He'd started wearing similar steeltoed combatboots too, they were amazingly comfortable. He also had a necklace around his neck, a chain with the classring which said "wes", or rather "sam". Danny absently touched the ring, it was the most precious thing he had.

He rose from the bed and walked into the bathroom, there he looked into the mirror and let his eyes roam over his face, specifically, his left cheek. There was a horrible burnscar there, it started from under his lower lip and stretched all the way to his left ear. The explosion had left it's mark on Danny, and not only his cheek. Under the turtleneck was a different scar, caused by a piece of sharpnel that had dug into his throat, he was mute because of it it. He didn't like people staring at it so he wore turtlenecks.

Danny, after taking care of his morning needs, went to the kitchen area of his apartement, he'd had to steal some money from Vlad but frankly, he didn't care. He'd lived in Jump City for a year now, and witnessed the start of the Teen Titans. It had also been exactly a year and two months since he'd used his powers, he didn't need them and they only brought bad memories. Of course as Danny Fenton was believed to be dead, he'd had to use a different name. Daniel Nox was born after about a month after the "Nasty explosion" as people called it. Danny just called it "The Ultimate Enemy Incident". It was why he left, he couldn't let it happen.

"I'm still here. I still exist. Which means, you still turn into me."

Danny shuddered at the evil voice of Dark Dan, which haunted his dreams.

He turned to the table and froze when he saw the black box sitting innocently in the middle of the round table. The golden "CW" made him relax only slightly as he cautiously approached the table with his bowl of cereal. He put his bowl and spoon down and picked up the box, opening the lid his eyes fell on two silver manacles. On the lid there was a note "You'll find these useful very soon. -CW". He snorted but put them on, regardless. His eyes widened as they vanished, suddenly inspired he changed into Umbra and saw that the manackles were on his wrists. Curious he let ectoplasm flow into them and watched in fasination as two long blades formed, he was even more impressed when he could make them catch fire, although the fire was green, but still awesome. Danny wondered if something major was going to happen. He sensed something behind him and just as he'd turned around he was knocked into the ground by an over excited puppy, a glowing green ghost puppy named Cujo to be exact. Friendly ghosts didn't set off his ghost-sense anymore, he could still sense them but they didn't cause him to puff up blue mist. Danny hugged Cujo, the little dog had found him after the first week and Danny was grateful for the company.

After he'd eaten and changed back to human he went into his living room. He looked around the purple-walled room as he sat on the black leather couch. On the walls were pictures of his friends and family, ghost friends and a drawing or two. Danny had started drawing his dreams since he'd seen something nerveracking.

The whole world was burning, every human was turned to stone. In the middle of the destruction a girl his age was crying. He walked up to the girl and discovered that it was Raven of the Teen Titans.

"Behold the world you are destined to create."

Danny whipped around, trying to find the voice, but only saw more ruins, he also discovered he was in ghost form for some reason.

"No, I won't do it. This is just a vision, this can't be real." Raven said in desperation, clinging to her head.

"This is the future, your future. It began the day you were born. And nothing can stop it." The unknown voice continued "This will come to pass, I will make sure of it. You're going to destroy the world, Raven. It's written all over your face."

"NO!" Raven sceamed, the dreamworld turning normal again.

Her black powers washed over the ground. After her outburst of power she started falling, Danny reacted instinctively and caught her in his arms, sitting on the ground, cradling her.

The mark of Scath lit up in the sky above him.

"The gem was born from evil's fire

the gem shall be his portal

he comes to claim

he comes to sire

the end of all things mortal." Came a haunting voice.

The dream had ended there and Danny had drawn the landscape, the humans turned into stone, the mark of Scath and Raven. Poor, innocent Raven. She reminded him of someone, but he couldn't put his finger on who.

Danny looked out the window. His eyes met halloween decorations and kids in costumes.

Halloween, Danny had never liked the holiday, not after the whole Fright Knight fiasco. He rose from the couch and walked paste the TV to his front door. He put on his black and purple sneakers, picked up his backpack/ghost fighting arsenal and left. He walked down the stairs and through his bookshop, he always closed it for holidays, except Christmas, he still disliked Christmas. Making sure that Cujo was following him he exited the buildning. Nobody was freaked out by Cujo since you could see him daily, Cujo had even found a playbuddy in Beast Boy. Beast Boy was the only Titan Danny had really met, the guy was nice and funny. He'd even been interested in all the books about animals that Danny had and often came to see if he had new ones. Also he became interested in a book Danny had written himself "101 recipes for vegetarians, tofu edition" he'd been happy when Beast Boy had hugged him and shouted "Finally!" apparently he hadn't found any good recipes for tofu food. Sam had used Danny as a guineapig for her tofu food and he'd learnt the recipes by heart. He was brought out of his musings by Cujo's panic filled bark. Just as his breath came out blue. Then he was slammed into a wall. After regaining air into his lungs he looked up to meet... Fright Knight, great.

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