Umbra was flying over the city trying to clear his head when it happened. A pink ecto-blast flew just past his head and he looked down to meet the red eyes of Vlad Plasmius.

"Who are you?" Plasmius asked, causing Umbra to raise an eyebrow.

"He shoots first asks questions later? That's a new one." he thought as he gathered energy in his palm to shoot at a moment's notice "I'm Umbra, and you are?" he asked, hoping that Plasmius wouldn't recognise his voice, it was doubtful but you never knew with this nuthead.

"Vlad Plasmius-" he got cut off by Umbra's smug voice.

"Oh, the weakling." he mentally cackled at Vlad's face. Out of Dani, Danny and Vlad, Plasmius was the weakest.

"You will not call me that!" Vlad hissed, furious.

"But it's true, out of the three halfas, you are the weakest. You've only had the upper hand because of pracktice, but you got the least ectoplasm in your DNA." he'd wanted to say that for so long.

Vlas roared and charged at the brat, only to sail right through him. He spun around only to get a foot in the face.

"Fist in the face! No wait, it was my foot!" Umbra cheerily taunted, although on the inside he was still wary of the warning he'd gotten the day before. He really didn't want to believe that his evil future self could break out of the thermos, but with his luck he would be totally unprepared.

Plasmius snarled and tried to strike the teen with an ecto-powered fist. And missed spectacularly. He finally hit Umbra in the chest with an ecto-blast, but before he could attack again a car enveloped in black energy crashed into him and he was slammed into a wall. Umbra looked to his left where Raven was hovering, hands still encased in black aura. Behind her Starfire was charging up her energy for starbolts, Cyborg had taked his modified ecto-sonic-cannon out for a test, Robin was powering up his new bo-staff which could hit ghosts and Beast Boy landed on the road after he transformed back from an eagle.

"Blast it! I was supposed to avoid you brats!" Vlad cursed.

Raven smirked "Too late, we've been following you for quite some time." she said in her monotone voice which Umbra had started to love... wait what?

Umbra saluted to the Titans "Pleasure to see ya again. Nice and whole I see." he commented.

"Hi Umbra, where you been?" Beast Boy asked, he'd warmed up to the hero immediately, Robin was the only one who hadn't.

"Flyin' around, searching for things to do when I stumbled upon the weakest-" Umbra said but was cut off as he had to dodge an ectoblast from Vlad who'd started attacking again.

"I AM NOT THE WEAKEST!" he bellowed.

"Shut up." Raven stated as Starfire shot starbolts at the villain.

Vlad got hit by most of the bolts and Robin got in plenty of hits with his staff, Vlad then resorted to the cowards way out, which was fleeing.

"I will be back, and next time you will be defeated!" he yelled before he evaporated into pink smoke.

"Yes, and I'm a pink flamingo doing the cha-cha." Umbra replied, then before Starfire could ask he said, "It was sarcasm, meaning that what he said is highly doubtable, Starfire."

When said alien closed her mouth Robin smiled gratefully, he didn't want to explain that. "So who was that guy?" he asked.

"Vladimir Plasmius, my old arch enemy, although he didn't recognise me, my suit and voice have changed." Umbra said as he brushed dust off his clothes.

"What's that supposed to mean?" Beast Boy asked.

Umbra sighed "I wasn't originally Umbra, I became a hero at fourteen years old, then something happened, something terrible... I laid low for a year or so and after changing costume appeared as Umbra." he said, starting to float away.

"Wait! Umbra I need to talk to you." Robin yelled and ran after him.

Umbra flew a block away and up on a rooftop, not much later Robin jumped up from the fire-escape. Umbra turned and faced the colorful hero, landing on the roof instead of hovering a foot above it.

"What did you want to talk about?" Umbra asked, wanting to go back to the tower so that he could sleep.

"I want to know more about you, it's nothing personal, but with you being a total enigma I need to know if you're a threat." Robin said, crossing his arms.

Umbra sighed, suddenly looking older than he was, Robin was startled by the change, what happened to the cocky teen who didn't take orders from anyone?

Umbra covered his eyes with his hand, he didn't want to tell Robin, but he just couldn't ake it anymore "Before I was Umbra I was the hero of Amity Park, except they just called me evil even though I saved the town every week and the inhabitants every day. It didn't help that the government started the GiW, who wanted to capture me for lots and lots of painful experiments. I made a terrible mistake, I was so stressed from fighting ghosts and getting nothing but hatred in return. Just because they never asked why the first mayor's eyes were red that one time, or why my whole personality changed in a day. You humans have it easy, the meta-humans don't need to fear legal lab experimentations, I don't have that. I was so sick of everything, and my stupid mistake got them all killed. I couldn't stay, I couldn't let Him happen to me so I vanished." Umbra looked Robin in the eyes, tears streaming down his cheeks but he paid no mind "Because of my choise, in another timeline I became the most evil ghost earth had ever seen. I managed to beat him when he came to the past to make sure the explosion happened, but I couldn't save them, I was too exhausted to get there in time."

Robin was shocked, Umbra was so like Raven it astounded him, the fact that he still was a good guy told him that he was strong-willed. "At least you tried, and I'm sure they understood." where did that come from? "I have to leave, just, just don't let it break you." and with that the last Titan accepted the new hero.

Umbra smiled sadly as he watched Robin head to the Tower and sighed, he had to get there before they noticed that he wasn't in his room. He teleported to the room and turned into Danny just as the door opened to reveal Beast Boy. Danny smiled at his friend and laughed silently when Cujo collided with the green teen and pushed him to the ground, then starting to lick his face. He'd have to savour these moments, just in case.

Raven was meditating, she had strange emotions when around Danny and Umbra, she was so confused, she hadn't felt this way since... Her eyes snapped open to reveal her mindscape, she looked around and saw Happy and Brave talking to a new emotion, who looked like a rainbow designed her clothes. She walked over to thee trio and cleared her throat.

"Who are you?" she asked the new emotion "and why are you dressed like a rainbow, or Starfire, got their hands on you?" she added as an afterthought.

The rainbow-Raven smiled at her "I'm love. And I'm so colorful because love makes you feel many emotions, like happiness, jelousy, rage, sadness... etc." she giggled.

Raven stared blankly at her, she then turned away from them and exited her mind. Raven held her head, who the hell was she in love with? She sighed and stood up, she needed to walk for a bit, it always helped her think. She didn'y pay attention to where she walked, but stopped when she heard crying from inside the room which door she was standing next to. She hesitated, before opening the door. In the dark room she saw Danny kneeling in front of a small table, as she stepped closer she saw that on the table was a picture of Danny, surrounded by who she assumed was his friends and family. A single black candle was lit beside the picture.

She walked to where Danny was kneeling "Danny?" she put her hand on his shoulder comfortingly, woah, where'd that come from.

Before she could move away however, she was pulled down and being hugged by the raven haire teen, while he cried into her shoulder. She could feel the tears soaking the fabric of the cloak but she couldn't get herself to care. She didn't have the heart to push Danny away from her either, not when he was this broken.

She stroked his back, trying to give him some comfort "It's ok, just cry, I'm not going anywhere." she whispered gently.

Soon Danny stopped crying and let go of Raven, he blew out the candle which was shorter than half the size it was when he lit it. He picked up his notepad and scribbled a message to the dark Titan.

Raven took the pad when it was handed to her. "I've been having nightmares of when they died, I just needed to remember stuff again, usually I only do this on the anniversary of their death. Thanks for holding me, I've always been alone, but this time it was just too much, with Vlad out there and all. Thanks" she read, she handed it back to him and smiled slightly "You're welcome." she said, she wanted to tell him what she'd seen in his dreams the first time he'd stayed the night at the tower "Remember when you were here the first time? I couldn't sleep and for some reason walked to your bed in the infrimary, I- um, I saw your nightmare. That thing, was that... was that the evil future you said you promised to avoid?" she looked at his face.

Danny hung his head, then nodded, he wrote something again and handed it to Raven.

"We're more similar than you'll ever know." or that's at least what he hoped she'd never know, at least not yet.

Raven wasn't sure how to respond to that, she patted him on the arm and stood up to leave. She looked back to him when she was at the door, Danny was hugging the picture, the shadows and his hair hid his face as he rocked back and forth. She left the room, still remembering the heartwrenching sobs the boy had emitted. She went to her room, wanting to sleep and forget the emotions around Danny and Umbra.

Forgetting just isn't as easy as you'd think.

Do you think I made sense with the Vlad being the weakest? It just seems plausible to me, no matter how powerful you are, without practice you can be defeated by someone with more skill yet less power, I always thought if Danny had more time to train he'd be really good.