Danny felt like hitting something, he and Beast Boy had just been hanging out when out of nowhere a building collapses on them...

Yeah, to say he was pissed would be an understatement.

"Ugh, ow." BB said, rubbing his head as he sat up.

Danny didn't see it, it was pitch black under the rubble.

"Danny, you ok man?" Beast Boy called.

Danny made a scraping noise two times, which they'd agreed on, two for yes, one for no.

"Oh, ok."

In reality, Danny was not completely ok. He'd hit his head and was a little dizzy, he couldn't focus enough to do anything. When the haze lifted a little from his mind he realised that he'd have to tell his green skinned friend. He had wanted to wait a little longer, to have fun before Dan came. Guess fate was against him. He also discovered that his leg was pinned by something to the ground. The raven haired teen sighed, which made Beast Boy alert.


Danny brought his hand up and lit a green flame in his palm. He looked around and spotted Beast Boy to his left, gaping at him.

"I'm sorry I never told you." he said in his mind.

Beast Boy jerked, hearing the familiar voice, but since he only saw Danny "Danny, what?" he started saying, but stopped when he saw a ring of light formed around Danny's waist.

The ring split into two and traveled up and down his body, slowly revealing a black cloak an dblack and white costume. Once the tranformation was complete, in front of Beast Boy sat, not Danny, but Umbra.

"You mean you're..." BB trailed off "Whoa..." he said and leaned back "You're really good at hiding your identity."

Umbra looked at him with surprise, then lowered the cloth in front of his lower face, showing the burnscar and a gentle smile "You mean... You're not mad?" came his voice but his lips didn't move.

Beast Boy shrugged "I can't really, from everything you've told me your life was hard and you had trust issues. But the fact you're revealing this now because we are trapped tells me that you do care about our friendship, instead of waiting hopefully that someone saves us so that you don't have to show your secret." he seemed to think about something "It's still weird, are you halfway dead or something?"

Umbra started crying as he fazed through the rock pinning his foot to the ground and walked over to his friend. Beast Boy had matured since he'd first met him, after all tohose stories it wasn't a wonder though, you couldn't just listen and not be affected in any way. BB was still a clown but he wasn't naive anymore. Pulling him up he turned them both intangiable and walked through the collapsed building. As soon as they made it through Umbra had to throw up a shield against a blast. Looking towards where it came from he saw someone in a white suit and black sunglasses.

"Guys in White? Seriously?" he said, pulling the cloth back to cover his face as he narrowed his eyes.

The agent fired more blasts from his ecto-weapon as more agents arrived on the scene. There were at least twenty of them, of which seven had bazookas and eleven had jetpacks. Umbra acted reflexively at the weapons and erected a shield just as five of the agents shot at him.

Dropping the shield he dodged several blasts "Are you nuts?! There are civilians here!" he bellowed, but it had no effect.

The agents just kept attacking him as he tried to lead the fight away from the population, unfortunately the agents had apparently gotten better so he couldn't move away. Beast Boy meanwhile was evacuating people and calling the Titans. He came across the president of the United States of America.

"Mr. President? You gotta get out of here from what I've heard these guys are insane." he said really fast and tried to get him away from the fight.

"Where's my daughter? Sofie!" the man yelled.

A nine year old girl with brown curly hair, wearing a blue dress was picking herself up from the ground. Before she could run however, a shot was fired right towards her, causing her to scream. Before the shot hit a black blur blocked her from view, it turned out to be umbra, who'd hardened his cloack with ectoplasm to work like Robin's cape made of high density polarized titanium, just because it came in handy.

"Thanks mister." she said, holding onto him and looking fearfully at the men in white suits.

Meanwhile the president was fuming, those blunderers dared shoot at his daughter? "That's the last drop, when I get back I'll sack the whole department responsible for you!" he yelled.

"About time!" Umbra yelled, flying away from the blasts, he was holding the president's daughter and they were still shooting?! "If I drop her, I'm blaming you!" he yelled while pointing in their general direction.

Just then a birdarang hit one of the bazookas and the Titans arrived.

Robin pointed his bo-staff at the thugs "You are under arrest for violating the meta-human protection law, terrorising the city, massive property damage and attempted murder." he listed, glaring at the GiW agents.

"We were trying to capture Phantom." one of the idiots said, pointing his gun at the floating hero, who shifted so that if he fired Sofie wouldn't get hit.

"I'm a meta-human you dolts! I'm like this because of a lab accident! I fall under the frikkin' meta-human laws! Stop braking the rules before I put you in the ghost zone near Walker's Prison!" he almost shrieked, he was getting a semi panic attack from all the close calls of people getting hurt "And your shooting isn't helping my obsession-pains right now." he said, grabbing the front of his suit.

"I gave you one last chance, how do you use it? You shoot my daughter, if it wasn't for this brave young man she'd be injured, or worse, concider yourselves unemployed." the president said, snapping his phone shut "I've just made the call to cancel your every single operating buildings. Bon voyage."

Umbra floated to the ground beside the president and handed the little girl over "Are you ok?" he asked softly.

"I'm fine." she replied.

Just as he was about to fly off he heard "Hey Umbra, wait!" from behind him, he saw Robin standing there with an unreadable expression on his face "We've been thinking about this for a while and, well.." he held out a Titans communicator "we'd like you to be an honorary Titan, at least for now, you don't really seem to be interested in being part of a team."

Umbra looked at the communicator and after a little hesitation took it "Thanks... this means a lot," he whispered, vanishing from view "more than you can imagine."

Later they were all in the tower's livingroom, well, all except Danny. Danny had been in his room, doing who knows what. Truth was, Raven was getting worried, Danny had been avoiding her lately. He'd look away if she caught him staring, usually excusing himself and leaving the room. It had gotten worse, he hardly came out of his room anymore. She sighed and stood up from her seat, intent on getting to her room and meditate. But when she came to her door whe saw a bouqet of red roses with an envelope attached, leaning against her door. She picked them up and went into her room, she then set the flowers down on her vanity and opened the envelope. Inside was a black piece of paper with silver text on it. As she read it she began to cry, finally understanding what her emotions had been hinting at for so long.

"Time's running out, hourglass ticking

I'd like to share it with you, flame flicking

black and white, green and blue

colors that clash, nothing new

I'm one or two, can't decide which

if I look at the true you, my breath will hitch

no word can describe you, nor can a picture

my love is in place, it's a fixture

your eyes always search

as you sit upon your perch

beautiful ebony Raven

in my safe haven

Love Danny" Was what the paper said.

Raven moved as if in a trance, picking a rose and putting it in her hair, cluthing the paper close tho her heart. 'He love's me' kept going through her head as she made her way to Danny's room. Her emotions were throwing a party in her head but she paid no mind to that, her only mission was going to Danny and express her feelings for him. She didn't know when she came to the room, but by the time she saw Danny's face when he opened the door she just grabbed him in the tightest hug she'd ever given anyone. Danny just held her, content that she seemed to return his feelings. He couldn't be happier.

Something told him he'd jinxed it.