AN: Spring cleaning. That's always fun, right? Yes~ 4 chapters- a comparatively short story, for me. KagaKuro? Yes. Rating... I guess I'll try my hands at some citrus. Marking it M for limes at the end. Also! I'm new to this fandom. I feel odd using words like 'youth' and 'bluenette' and... those.. things... We'll see how this goes.

Kuroko couldn't keep himself from sighing as he pushed through to the next room, the last room. "You really are very lazy, Kagami-kun," he said, getting the bedroom door opened just wide enough to squeeze through. How did Kagami do it every night? A frown hit him when the smaller boy remembered that there had been a pile of clothes near the couch earlier. He wouldn't be surprised if that Bakagami was sleeping out there because of this.

"I just have a lot of stuff," Kagami said in his defense. He was more or less stuck in the hallway until Kuroko cleared some space behind the door, so he didn't bother trying to force his way in, sucking his teeth instead and looking away when he got a cold gaze in return through the crack in the door.

"That is why we do spring cleaning," Kuroko reminded him, pushing away the pile of clothes and potato chip bags that was keeping Kagami out. "It is also why we try not to skip it every other year... Kagami-kun?"

Kagami had still been brooding when Kuroko called his name. Really, it was just because he had a lot of stuff. He might have cringed from the look he got though, had Kuroko been a bigger guy. Rather than argue, the redhead just frowned his discontent and sidled through the door as best as he could. His shirt snagged on the doorknob, but he tugged it free with hardly any effort.

"It's not that bad," he said, taking a look around. Kagami felt thin tendrils of dread sliding down his back as soon as the words left him. Ever expressionless, it took a keen eye to pull any emotion out of Kuroko's face. But when you could find it, it was intense and unsettling. It was kind of creepy, actually, when he let any kind of emotion leak through the cracks of that mask.

"It is more than 'that bad,'" Kuroko said with a slightly strained sigh. Kagami... he needed a new friend to do this kind of thing with. Helping out was one thing, but this... This had to go past the common stretches of friendship. Teenager or not, living alone or not, this kind of mess was unacceptable. Clothes should not be balled up and tangled together in corners and under desks and behind doors. And snack bags and wrappers should be in a trashcan. And magazines should not be on the bed. And just... No one should live like this. Though, he supposed Kagami wasn't actually living in his room at the time.

Said idiot took a second look at the mess, silently agreeing. There was a reason he was sleeping on the couch, after all... Maybe this was asking too much. "Let's take a break," he suggested, running a hand through his choppy hair and back. "It's the last room, right? And we did everything else in one go."

"I get the feeling that Kagami-kun won't want to start back up again." Kuroko leveled him another chilling gaze, but it didn't seem to have the same effect as before. He huffed out a quick puff of disapproval before raising a hand. He curled all but his little finger. "Promise."

Was he joking? He had to be joking. Kagami was pretty sure he was joking, but Kuroko's unwavering hand was proof enough that he was absolutely serious. With a resigned groan, the taller teen wrapped his pinky around the one patiently waiting. For a second. Just a second. They were in the apartment alone, and it was still embarrassing. It didn't help much that his teammate felt the need to point that out.

"Kagami-kun, you're turning red." His head tipped to the side a bit in confusion at the response he got. "It's worse now."

"Shut up." Kagami grunted and let his hand slip away, sliding through the door again before Kuroko could call him out on his embarrassment. Or, heaven forbid, start asking why. Too damn blunt. Always. And doing stupid kid stuff and making him feel like a baby all the time. Freaking... Kuroko.

Kagami figured he'd be better off just occupying himself. Seeing as how all of his snacks were now wrappers left over in his room apparently, he started pulling things down to actually cook something. It was late enough for dinner, and they'd done a lot since practice so... so yeah. Cooking wasn't out of the question, right? Right.

"Should I be helping?"

Kagami thanked every god there ever was that there was only rice in the bag he'd torn open way too fast. A whole year he'd been dealing with this crap, and it still got him sometimes. He took a few seconds to catch his breath, checking to see how much of his rice could be saved, happy to see that... most of it was still pretty good. He had to wash it anyhow.

"I'm fine, thanks," he sighed, waving a hand behind him in a dismissive manner. "Just.. you go sit. Besides, eggs aren't something you should be eating for dinner."

"Kagami-kun is making dinner?" He almost sounded surprised.

"Well it's not like I'm forcing you to eat it," Kagami grumbled. He didn't like the tone the blue-haired boy's question carried. Like it was some weird thing to be doing.

"I'll eat it." It was said as if he'd been asked or something. And Kuroko didn't seem to be leaving like he was told to, leaning up against the unoccupied counter space instead. "What is it?"

Kagami gave a ragged sigh and got back to what he was doing. Kuroko could stay there so long as he wasn't scolding him again. "It's just curry. I didn't think you'd be here so long, so it's nothing fancy."

"Why would it have to be fancy?"

Kagami wanted to give a sarcastic remark, but he didn't think it'd be all that biting more than.. factual. Kuroko didn't seem like the sort of guy to have guests often, so he kind of doubted his little friend thought to jazz things up when company was over. Or that normal people did that. He settled on a lamer response. "Just because."

"That is a terrible reason."

"Shut up. You're getting free food, aren't you?" When a few seconds had passed in silence, Kagami allowed himself to smirk down into his pot. It was short-lived though, giving way to a pained grimace when something piercing attacked his side.

"Cleaning Kagami's house makes this a payment," Kuroko said as sternly as he could before he pulled his hand away. "It is not free; it is compensation."

Kagami rubbed at his sore side, swearing through his teeth when the area proved to be more tender than he initially thought. "That worried about being called a free-loader, huh?"

"You are a free-loader," Kuroko chastised, the tiniest of frowns crinkling his brow and tugging at he corners of his mouth. "You dragged me down here to clean your house because you were too lazy to do it... It's shameful, you know."

"I didn't drag-"

"And it's very late," Kuroko added. He didn't even give Kagami half a breath to retort. "Kagami-kun is very lucky my parents are out of town this week."

That last tidbit was what sparked Kagami's interest. "The whole week?"


"... You aren't just eating boiled eggs, are you?" the redhead asked warily, almost not even wanting to receive an answer. He breathed a sigh of relief when Kuroko shook his head.

"Of course not. My mother left some sandwiches and microwavables."

Kagami had to fight every fiber of his being not to bury his face in his hands when he heard that. "That's not.. I'm pretty sure that kind of stuff is only good for lunch, Kuroko."

"I don't eat much."

Well shit, everyone knew that. But sandwiches and eggs were hardly a way to live. Kagami let his absurd notion settle for a bit before he decided that maybe it was alright. Maybe. Still, he didn't say anything, and Kuroko didn't seem to mind. It wasn't like he was a chatterbox or anything like that. Quiet was his element. Kagami had his suspicions that his little friend was secretly nocturnal, even. He seemed the type- half dead all day, barely spoke. After a few minutes, he was so lost in his musings, that he had to shake himself free when Kuroko called his name. He was a little surprised to see that they'd moved to the couch and were eating already.

"Watchu shay?" he asked. He didn't know his mouth was full until he got an odd look. Kagami just worked on clearing that problem before he said anything else. "Sorry, what was it?"

"Kagami-kun is awfully quiet," the blue boy said with a shrug. Sure, he wasn't much for talk, but he was used to hearing it around him at least.

"Uh.. Sorry?" The taller teen scrunched his face in thought. He'd kind of zoned out, so he didn't have anything to talk about really. He bit at the inside of his lip when he remembered what he'd been contemplating before his odd reverie took him away. "Hey," he called.

"Yes?" Kuroko had already finished and set his things down on the table in front of them.

Kagami figured he'd just spit it out when Kuroko's weird eyes were turned to actually look at him, waiting for the next question. Manliness aside, Kagami had to avert his gaze to the television that wasn't even on before he said anything else. "Why don't you come over for dinner until your parents get back?"

". . . Really?"

"I don't mean it in a weird way," Kagami muttered. He set his things down and crossed his arms, trying to give off a bigger air than he honestly had at the moment. "But the team needs you, ya know. It'd be bad if you passed out because you're just eating bread and eggs and... shakes."

"Shakes aren't eaten."

Kagami sighed in irritation and actually turned back to scowl at his slighter teammate. "That's not-"



"Okay," the smaller of the two repeated. "I'll come have dinner with you if that's what Kagami-kun wants."

Kagami pursed his lips, a heat crawling up to his ears and down his chest. "Don't say it like that, moron!"

"Kagami-kun," Kuroko observed softly, pointing up at his friend's face, "you're turning red again."

"Sh-shut up!"

"It's not a fever, right?" Kuroko put a hand to his own forehead and leaned over to touch at Kagami's with the other. "We still have to finish, you know."

"I know that!" Kagami growled, lest he squeak trying to speak like a normal person. He brushed Kuroko's hand away as nicely as he could while still looking like he meant it. "Geez you're so... you."

Kuroko looked at him, blinked once. He opened his mouth to say something then shut it, scrunching his face up. He tried again. "What else am I supposed to be?" He really couldn't work away the pout that was fighting for a seat on his bottom lip.

Kagami had had enough. He got up, took his plate back to the kitchen, and that was that. He flinched when he heard his name from the other room. "Watch a movie or something!" he nearly barked. He just wanted to finish his food, finish his cleaning, and get through the night without anymore of... Kuroko and his kiddie-weirdness. Strange though it was, he still felt something trying to crawl over his face. It wasn't a blush though. He was damn sure of that. Regardless of whether or not Kuroko was weirdly adorable, he absolutely wasn't making Kagami Taiga blush. Ridiculous.