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Again, Kagami was awoken with the awful realization that he couldn't move properly. Again, it was because of some little idiot who wouldn't listen to him. He cursed to himself, looking down at the messy hair pressed against his arm, pinning him down. His cheeks ruddied at the sight since he couldn't really look anywhere else, and he wasn't too thrilled about that. Kuroko was there, hair splayed all across Kagami's arm, his body tucked into a ball that fit just inside the curve his larger teammate's bulk made, like it was just for him. Barely chapped lips were parted, pulling and pushing air in and out with those dainty snores Kagami had picked up on earlier. He was used to seeing a calm face, but this one was serene with soft, dark lashes brushing over round cheeks, twitching every now and then as a dream played on behind those soft pink lids.

Stop. Stop. Stop it.

First, he wanted to know when the hell he rolled over for this to even have happened. He didn't move much during the night, and when he did it was just to scrunch or stretch. Secondly, he wanted to know just why Kuroko felt the need to completely invade his space with his tiny puffs of breath and his soft sighs and his tousled mop all over the place and tickling his chest and arm and gods abound what was he even thinking?

Tired. He was just really, really tired. That was all. And he wasn't going to get any of the answers he wanted just sitting there, either.

As it were, he needed to get unstuck and back on the couch. Preferably five minutes ago. Kagami put his free hand on Kuroko's shoulder to hold him in place while he worked his trapped arm free. It wasn't he best of ideas since it left him open to attack, which he noticed just a few seconds too late. Again, he was being hugged more or less against his will. The main difference, also the one that made the situation most difficult, was the fact that Kuroko's arms were under his. The fuck was he supposed to do about that?

A frown set squarely on his mouth, the redhead tried to pry the smaller boy off of him. With the positioning, it just wasn't going to work. Kagami drew in a breath, letting it out in heavy dismay before moving his hold from Kuroko's shoulders and down to his hips instead. He flared up for a second- just a second!- when he didn't feel the familiar.. polyester...? nylon...? ... jersey...? Shorts! Basketball shorts. They weren't there, dammit. Instead, he got a dreadful grip on boxers- boxers! He wanted to die when he finally pushed, and his hands just slipped down some with them. Too small for his own good, Kuroko was.

"Okay," he said to no one but himself in a harsh whisper. His hands came back, raised in a mock surrender. "Okay! I get it. Tell me what I did, and I promise it'll never happen again! Just let me get out of this? Please?" He waited for a few seconds and gave up. No one was going to help him. If they were, it would have happened a long time ago. Assholes. All of them.

So he had to help himself. Okay... Okay, he was good at that. Yeah! This shouldn't be too hard, and it wasn't like it could get any more awkward, so it was all uphill from there, right? Right. Absolutely right.

Kagami wouldn't try his luck at hips again, so he just kind of.. reached over his own back in an attempt to unhook Kuroko's hands. If he could get them unclasped, he'd be free to go. Just walk out of that room and chalk it up to a bad dream later. And it was going to be awesome. If he could just reach... His chest pushed forward in a ploy to get his target closer to his reaching hand, and he almost had it... Just an inch or two more...

And he stopped. His thoughts left him. He forgot how to breathe, how to move, and he was stuck there. Lips were the last thing he needed on his chest right now, but hey! There they were! Happily uninvited and invading his space. He wished he'd kept his shirt on. Being tugged at was better than this bullshit.

Kagami heard his name and let his breath out in a rush, dropping his arm to his side again and remembering that, yes, he could move his own body to get out of Kuroko's kiss radius. Still bristled in his embarrassment though, he didn't say anything, waiting for something else to hit him. Something besides fingers and lips and hair.

It was words again. His name again. He wanted to throw up.

"Kagami-kun," the little jailer called, quietly, as if he was going to be overheard. It almost sounded like he was irritated, too. That wasn't good. That wasn't good at all.

Kagami actually answered this time since it probably wasn't going to stop until he did. "What," was all he had up his sleeve. It didn't even sound like a question.

"Please, don't be mean to me."

Kagami frowned. He almost didn't care that Kuroko had snuggled up against him again. That was a demand. A strangely coherent demand. Snoring was one thing, but he seriously doubted Kuroko talked in his sleep.



Well. That answered that question. Oddly, it didn't make Kagami feel any better. If anything , it annoyed him. "Get off. I want to go back to sleep."

"So sleep."

"I can't like this!" He'd meant it to sound more sinister, but it just came out all full of desperation.

"Kagami-kun didn't have any issues before," the blue boy pointed out, his tone still airy and half-awake. "Did something happen?"

"You happened!" He managed to at least hiss that one out, but it was probably do to the fact that he was turning into a tomato again. "I can't.. It's impossible to sleep like this!"

"I think it's quite nice." To drive his statement home, Kuroko got as close as humanly possible. He pulled his knees up a little higher and sank right into the divot Kagami made, the larger of the two just about swallowing him, involuntarily mind you, with his body. It made no sense. Neither did the fact that he was being touched.


He managed to croak out something like a response. That's what random hands on your chest did to your voice. They took it and broke it. At least they weren't all wrapped around him anymore; that was a plus. Kind of.

"You're burning up." Kuroko spread his fingers just to make sure he wasn't making the area hot by being there. A shocked sound got away from him when he found that it was just a uniform temperature. He made sure to check a few extra places, too. "Are you sure it isn't a fever?"

"I-I'm sure, yes!" Kagami stammered. Now that he was.. mostly free, he was intent on leaving. Kuroko was all balled up, so there was nothing he could do about it. Now was the only chance he'd seen in a long time, and he was taking it. Kagami was moving his arm behind him to roll away, but he was stopped yet again. Not by a tug, not by words, no. No. Apparently, a certain ghost of a boy thought it was appropriate to kiss a poor soul in Kagami's situation. It was on the cheek, a few good centimeters from the corner of his mouth, but it was still there. It still happened.

"Is that better?" Kuroko asked. He'd pushed himself back some to see Kagami's face for himself. It didn't really look better.

"No that's not better!" On the court that might have been a roar. Never having had such a thing happen to him though, Kagami's 'shout' came out in a strained whisper.

"Strange." Blue eyes started to swirl with slight worry as Kuroko thought things over. He sat up with his chin in his hand, leaving Kagami on the bed. "Mother's kisses always helped when I had a fever..."

"I don't have a damn-!"

"Try this." He dropped back down, turning to support himself with both arms- one against the bed and the other bent over Kagami's chest. Didn't seem to be much help since Kuroko was still falling.

Maybe being red all the time had overheated his brain because Kagami didn't make an attempt to move, roll, look away, anything. He just sat there and let it happen. The small hand that had been using the bed for support had found its way into his hair again, giving the support job solely to the one that was folded over his chest. And that one was a little too happy to be there as far as Kagami was concerned. That, however, was not the most pressing matter.

No, that prize would have to have been taken by the obscenely close proximity Kuroko had put himself into in another area. The one on his face. Under his nose. His mouth.

Kuroko was there, and his lips were a bit more chapped than Kagami remembered seeing them earlier. Maybe snoring made that happen faster? Maybe. But that wasn't the point! He didn't even get a chance to retaliate before Kuroko was up again. Or at least off of his face, at any rate.

"How's that?" The smaller boy answered his own question with a tiny 'oh dear' upon taking in the sight that was supposed to be Kagami. Oh, he was red, but that wasn't anything new. His eyes were wide though, and it looked like he might crack his face with the stiff line he'd set his mouth in. He didn't look to be breathing either. "Kagami-kun?"

Kagami heard him, but he couldn't respond for some reason.


He actually tried to say something this time, but it still wouldn't work.

"Kagami-kun, you have to breathe," Kuroko reminded him. He climbed up to straddle his waist and pushed down on the taller male's chest in hopes of helping him out. He let out a tiny sigh of relief to see that the Bakagami was finally setting free whatever breath he'd been holding. It must have been a big one because he was breathing like he'd been ready to drown.

Kuroko rolled his eyes and leaned forward, getting as firm of a grip as he could on either side of Kagami's head. When he got a startled crimson gaze in his sights, he clarified. "I said breathe, not hyperventilate." He patted at a red cheek when its owner seemed to understand. Sitting back up, he used his hands to brace himself against the broad chest below him. "Are you sure you're alright? Because mouth-to-mouth seems to be a very bad option if something else goes wrong. Should I call someone?"

"Just stop trying to help me, please." Kagami didn't have it in him to try and yell, and he didn't have it in him to push the guy off... He really, really just wanted to go back to sleep and forget about everything. The best way he knew to communicate that though was to just cross his arms over his eyes. No weird Kuroko stares, no weird Kuroko thoughts. Just darkness and, hopefully, silence.

He groaned when his arms were all too easily slipped up and over his head though, dropping with an audible flop onto the pillow behind him. He made a face that could have been mistaken for a pout, but no one would ever call it that. Not to his face anyway.

"Why are you pouting, Kagami-kun?"

... Almost no one? Kagami figured it made more sense to give him a straight answer though. "You're terrorizing me," he sighed, sucking his teeth instead when he tried to roll onto his side and couldn't. "I just want to go to sleep, Kuroko."

"Is that it?"

"You say it like you've been making it easy," Kagami scoffed.

Kuroko shrugged. "I can help," he said, the mask of boredom that'd been trying to slip back in place halting its takeover. "Only because Kagami-kun says I've been causing trouble though," he added after a beat.

"No," the redhead moaned. He managed to get one of his hands free, it wasn't really difficult, and run it over his face. "No more help, Kuroko, damn. You're killing me."

Kuroko just shook his head. He made a grab Kagami's rebellious hand back, and he wrapped their pinky fingers together again. "It's good help. I promise."

Kagami rolled his eyes, doing what he could to beat back the color that was trying to warm his face again. "Just... sure. Okay. Whatever," he sighed in defeat. If it got Kuroko to shut up, that was great. If it honestly helped? Even better. He grimaced though when, instead of just letting go, he felt much more slender fingers force their way to twine with his. He probably should have put up more of a fight.

"That's an awful face," Kuroko said, and it got Kagami to slide his gaze over from whatever nothingness he was staring at on the side of the bed.

He was going to argue, to tell him to just cut the crap and let him go back to the couch, but a tickle at his nose made him stop. Kagami squirmed a bit uncomfortably when he felt what shouldn't have been a familiar pair of lips press against his jaw, shocks of blue hair brushing up against his neck and cheek while Kuroko made his way down to his chin.

He had to admit, it was nicer the second time around when he got to his mouth. At least he was expecting it that time, and it didn't come flying at him from the darkness. It wasn't as clumsy either, well placed and gentle. Being so close, Kagami got a fleeting whiff of vanilla, no doubt a permanent scent on his shake-addicted shadow. He was trying to catch that smell again when something wet pressed against his lip, sending a tiny jolt through him that disappeared into his gut. That little pressure at his mouth didn't go anywhere, and Kagami squeezed his eyes shut in preparation, feeling it just slipping through his flimsy blockade anyway.

That simple passage though was enough to ease his mind, and his muscles relaxed. He hadn't noticed how tense he'd gotten, the simple release making him feel weightless for a moment. His breath hitched when he was reminded of what he'd been freaking out about to begin with.

Kuroko had taken the tension release as a green light to proceed. He freed Kagami's other hand, the one held against the pillow, and trailed his own over a brawny shoulder, stopping to gently feel over the area where it met up with Kagami's neck. The redhead let out something like a gasp in return, and Kuroko moved his tongue the rest of the way past his partner's lips, pressing against the other fleshy muscle he found there. He felt Kagami's try to slink away, but that just made him chase after it with that much more gusto.

His hand continued down its path, rubbing and squeezing every now and then as it moved over hard, smooth muscle and leaving a trail of tingling skin in it's wake. He did something with is wrist and made a small swirl using his nails against Kagami's side before flattening his hand over the area. The quick switch in sensations made him gulp, and he was fiercely red again since his involuntary spasm had Kuroko moaning into his mouth. Who knew your tongue moved so much when you swallowed?

Regardless, he was glad when the slighter boy lifted his face away for a moment, and he was surprised to see that Kuroko looked to be more affected by all of this than he was. Kagami knew he was blushing, whatever, he'd been doing that all day, but the rosiest of pinks had scrawled itself all the way across Kuroko's face, sliding up to the tips of his ears. His breath came quickly and puffed out against Kagami's, the scent of curry and vanilla flooding into his brain.

He blinked in surprise when he was descended on again with more fervor, lips moving against his in not as calm a manner. The hand that held his tightened a bit when Kuroko flattened out a little more against his host. Kagami... Kagami still had another hand, didn't he? He flexed his fingers to check, and he would have smirked if his lips weren't wrapped up at he moment. Since it was free, it was probably about time to put it to use. He tried to be discreet, but he doubted it mattered with how his guest was... moving. He didn't know what word to use for what Kuroko was doing. Something like a cross between a snake and a snail that had to go pee.

He was going to put a stop to that. Kagami let his hand fall lightly onto Kuroko's back first, making sure he didn't mind the contact. Well, if a squeak meant anything, he figured it might as well be 'okay.' Still, he got a stern gaze despite the blush, an unspoken question asking just what it was he was trying to do. Kuroko must not have liked being 'ignored' because he lifted up to his knees some, moving his hand again. Kagami felt his face go eight shades deeper when a deft finger and thumb pinched at a nipple.

He frowned, trying to decide on an appropriate act of retaliation. Remembering that his hands were fairly larger than his friend's, Kagami let his free hand keep going. The hand on his chest became lighter and lighter he further back he went. A nice, smug smile was in order when Kuroko actually started looking a bit worried. One cute look was not going to stop his mission though, and Kagami chuckled when his teammate's whole face flashed crimson once his fingers struck against that waistband he'd hated so much earlier. They could have been best friends now, though the acquaintance was short-lived. Time was not to be wasted, and the redhead slipped right past that feeble defense, sliding his hand snugly over one of Kuroko's cheeks.

He gave an experimental squeeze. The gasp he got sent shocks through him once again. His ears felt hot looking up at someone with that kind of face... mouth all open and eyes all wide and... surprised and embarrassed and... and... Shit, he had to do it again. That time, Kuroko bit at his lip to try and keep any sounds to himself, but it only served to put them through a muffled filter.

Yeah... Yeah, seriously? Screw holding hands; holding hands could go die. Kagami worked his fingers free and made quick work of setting his other hand opposite the one already in place. His breath caught when an alarmed gaze was cast down towards him, and the redhead sent a rough squeeze through both hands, pulling just a bit to topple Kuroko near enough to kiss again. He drank in the little sounds the blue boy made when Kagami's teeth grazed his lip, when he pinched at him unexpectedly, when he tugged at his tongue with his own. It set a fire in his abdomen, and he couldn't stay on his back any longer.

Kagami sat up, obviously taking Kuroko with him. The smaller ten slipped down into his lap easily, setting his legs on either side of the redhead's hips. Raised knees behind him kept Kuroko from falling over backwards, but it was clear he wasn't feeling as confident in his new position. Well... what was he supposed to do about that?

A quick kiss was placed on his forehead, and before he could ask why, Kagami was pulling the borrowed shirt up over his head. He looked like a startled rabbit sitting there now, cornered with no escape. Well... it was his own damn fault. But... Kagami wasn't out to scare him. He was as gentle as he knew how to be, taking his round face in both his hands. That was what you did right? That's what they did on tv, so what the hell? He was already turning red again as he dipped down to give Kuroko one of he nice kisses they'd shared earlier. The soft and non-intrusive kind. The kind that didn't move around. The embarrassing one? The one in all the chick-flicks? Yeah, that's it.

... Kagami could only stand so much lovey-dovey, so he had to come off it. Thankfully though, what he'd done was enough, and his partner was looking more so flustered than frightened.

Kuroko cleared his throat. "Kagami-kun-"

"Don't even start," the taller of the two sighed. He'd heard it fifty times already. "Just... shut up, okay?"


Kagami nodded. He wasn't sure why, but he did it. He planted another kiss on Kuroko's forehead. And then his temple... cheek... jaw... He had to lift his face up again to get at his lips, but it was easy, and, once he got the idea, Kuroko kept his face upturned to give Kagami's hands free roam again. They started out flattened on the small chest, sliding down and curving over his sides. Kuroko had to hold himself up with his hands against much more muscular pecks, so he couldn't do too much moving himself. Instead, he focused on where Kagami's hands went, shivering when they ghosted unknowingly over what were normally ticklish spots.

He almost squeaked again when fingers found that same waistband once more. They felt oddly cold against the skin there, but he wasn't complaining. A sharp inhale came through his nose they finally did dip past that flimsy barrier, but he wasn't about to be outdone. Kuroko scooted forward a bit to better support himself so that he could move his hands.

Clearly, he was well past taking his time, and Kagami noticed all too easily. He stilled for a moment to adjust, and unfamiliar grip on his girth. It was lighter, way lighter. Softer too, but he kinda guessed Kuroko wouldn't have the normal callouses you found on your average basketball player. Actually...

He couldn't help but chuckle. "You've got some girly hands, Kuroko." A quick squeeze shut him up, but he was still grinning like the moron he was. It made sense to follow suit, so he did, careful not to be as rough as he normally was by himself. He heard a gasp, but it didn't sound.. bad. Last he checked not-bad meant good, so what the hell? He wasn't going to squeeze, but he did start moving, albeit slowly. He felt awkward with his other hand just kind of... there, so he moved it to help steady Kuroko, taking hold of his hip.

Apparently that was the right thing to do because it got him chest kisses again. They made him feel a little dainty, but who cares. They were nice, and it wasn't like anyone was watching. Well, kisses aside, he had a job to do.

A job which probably would have been a lot easier if Kuroko hadn't ever started moving his hand.


It was like... like someone gave his little guy a silk robe and a cup of tea, that's how nice it felt. Did a little bit of skin really make that much difference? He leaned back some to get a look at Kuroko, averting his eyes almost instantly. Apparently, it was just a 'someone-else-is-doing-this-for-me' sort of thing.

It really wasn't more than a minute or two before Kuroko was collapsed onto his chest panting and just barely getting out those kisses he was trying way too hard to give. Kagami could feel the flush from his face pressed into his skin, and he could hear his little puffs of breath again. The boy's knees were starting to shake at his sides, and Kagami wasn't too sure if Kuroko was actually going to live through this.

"H-hey, Kuroko?"

He took a few breaths before saying anything. "Kagami-kun, please."


"Not now."

Sure. Okay. That was... He should have expected that. As it was, Kagami just nodded and kept at his pace. He thought he was going to die when his hand slipped, and Kuroko was moaning into his skin. He just got a grip again and went back at it. That, however, didn't seem to suffice though. Kuroko had taken to squeezing and sliding over the uppermost portions of his own excitement, and Kagami was slipping every now and then. It shouldn't be that easy to break his concentration. He should...

He was gonna have to think about that later because right then, a high-pitched squeak, hardly distinguishable from any of the others, was the only warning he got before there was distinctively warm liquid all over his hand. He waited for a few moments, making sure that Kuroko did live through the ordeal. Once he was sure his partner wasn't going to keel over, Kagami shifted so that he could wrap his clean hand around the small back.

"You..." He felt like gelatin sitting out on the summer sidewalk. "You can stop," he finally managed to say. His voice was a bit broken up from obvious embarrassment, but he got the message out there. He tried to swallow some of it down when he more so felt rather than saw Kuroko shake his head.

Honestly... it went too fast for him to even realize what the fuck. There were two hands, and some words that made him feel like he'd eaten a swarm of butterflies and... And that was it. He'd never had a climax hit him so quickly, and it shamed him a little. But then he remembered just how nice Kuroko's hands felt and how breathless his voice was and he had to stop remembering before something happened.

"Ah... Kagami-kun?"

He was going to respond, but a sudden splat and a god-awful sensation that came with it, washing up both his sides, sent him into a disgusted stupor. "D-don't wipe it there!" he choked, grabbing at Kuroko's sides as well and pushing him out to arm's length. He got a rather unhappy face in return before he felt the slow drip on his own hand. And... Oh... This got messy.

Kagami brooded for just a second before sighing and looking around for the shirt he'd tossed earlier. "You just.. Go take a shower. I can wait."

Kuroko nodded, more than happy to take him up on the offer. He was happy to find clean tools stocked in the bathroom. He wasn't expecting that. Putting those things aside, he did take a shower. He was never one for leisurely washing, so it couldn't have been more than five minutes. It was only the one spot, after all. He got dressed, just putting his shorts back on and disregarding his soiled boxers. He opted to leave the shirt too. It was just too cumbersome.

Satisfied, he went back to send Kagami off to bathe, surprised when he didn't see him in the bedroom at all. He frowned and turned, headed down the hall and back the way he came. He passed the bathroom though, proceeding to the living room, and... of course.

Just... Of course.

He was there. Passed out on the couch and already drooling like an idiot. Kuroko sighed, unsure of whether he was disgusted or oddly delighted at the sight. After a few moments of inward debate, he decided it didn't really matter. He was tired.

The blue-haired boy climbed over the back of the couch to wedge himself in place. If he was on the inside, he couldn't get kicked off. Not that the Bakagami had any right to send him back now anyway. The bed sheets weren't much cleaner than the ones on the couch. That'd be stupid.

AN: Trying not to be overtly graphic? It's actually really freaking hard. I have a new-found respect for all you softcore writers out there.