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Here is the full version of chapter 12. The three schools have finally arrived at Sorajima's harbor. The teachers, council presidents and class representatives are assigning student to their new group.

Chapter 12: Clash of the High school Demons

"Day one: We arrived at Sorajima. There is a harbor, a very small one and there are fishermen's boats, there is a wooden hut on a small sand beach. And when I turn around There are only trees, a sea of them! Forget what you might have heard about this place. This place. This place! No city, no malls, no Aran Karone! This place is a concrete jungle! I don't think I can survive this forest. This is Sakura Hanazono signing off."

This girl named Sakura Hanazono stands in a less crowded, quiet place not far away from her fellow students, swiping away her recording app she downloaded specially for this excursion she expected so much from. Her only chance to interview Aran Karone down the drain.
"Now, now." She hears a calm familiar male's voice behind her and turns towards him.
"You sure make it sound like your journey turned into the hunger games."
"Usui-kun! "Sakura jumps up out of sheer joy. Takumi smiles at her so-Sakura-like enthusiasm.
"Oh, and that what you just said kind of insults my friends and mainly Zero. He was born here and this is not really what you call a jungle. It's a small wood."
"Ah, sorry, sorry, I didn't mean to insult anyone!" Sakura folds her hands together.
"It's alright Sakura-chan, I'm not making a problem out of it, but don't say these impulsive opinions out loud around Zero." Takumi pulls a sneaky ninja face that makes her curious.
"The guy Misaki planned this excursion with? Why?" She almost whispers joining Takumi in his ninja act.
"Zero has a really short fuse for people who judge without knowing anything about it."
"Aha, I see. He hates prejudice and stuff. But it's not like he'll kill me right? Sakura saiys jokingly, looking at Takumi who doesn't look back at her, his gaze, slightly wider focuses on something in the distance at his right side.
"Right…?" Sakura insecurely.
"U-uhm." Takumi points in the direction to his right. "You see that grumpy silver haired guy in the Cross Academy uniform?"

Sakura scans around the mass of students and spots a silver haired student next to Miyabigaoka's President, with a stoic face and his arms folded over each other.
"He's so… pretty and he looks so calm. He won't yell at me right?" She watches the Cross Academy prefect walk to some Day Class girls, who seem to be displeased with the island too.
"I mean… I'm a cute girl after all~! She says to Takumi sticking her tongue out with a wink.


Usui looks at the pink haired girl whose flirty expression turned into a teary pout. The Dayclass girls almost cry.
"B-but this place is worse than a mud pool full of pigs!" one dares to respond to the angered prefect. Zero went silent, closed his eyes and opened them again with the most murderous glare he had ever given in his life. Around him was his famous dark aura that would scare the hell out of anyone.

"What is this commotion about?" Misaki Ayuzawa walked past Sakura in a hurry. She was busy with assigning everyone to their groups for later until she heard someone yell.
"Misaki! I'm scared of that guy!" Sakura hugs the president who came looking where the noise was coming from. And she was negatively surprised by the sight.
"This is not what I expected from you Zero-kun." Misaki says loudly, causing the people around het to clear her way except for Takumi and Sakura. Zero looks at her without changing his scary expression
"This is not a way to treat women, treat them with respect." Sakura lets got of Misaki and the Nightclass peaked through their parasols who dared to scold the monstrous prefect. With the tears of fright still in her eyes Sakura nods at what Misaki says in agreement. But she notices Takumi not showing anything in her support. Noticing Sakura realized it he says: "Let this be a good example of what Zero can be like…"
"U-Usui-kun… You're not on Misaki-chan's side at all?"
"Remember what I said to you? People who judge without knowing anything?" Sakura's eyes widen and she turns to stop Misaki but Takumi grabs her arm.
"He's not gonna harm her or something, silly."

The situation was tense and most of the people knew either about Zero Kiryuu's anger issue or the demonic reputation of Misaki Ayuzawa. The Seika teachers found Misaki's way of dealing with students effective so they wouldn't meddle in her situations. Kaien Cross would be send flying into the sea if he would try to talk to Zero now, Kaito was amusing himself with the drama just like the Nightclass was, except for Kain who found these kind of things troublesome and Yuuki and Maria who were both still sleeping in the bus.
Tora who was trying to strike up a conversation with the vampire hunter mere moments ago was gazing at the situation with his mouth open like the innocent V from BTS, Yagari was busy with assigning students to their new groups and didn't notice what was happening between Zero and Misaki because the writer wanted at least one mature person doing something useful at a moment like this and most of the student around the two were Seika High students anyway , they would know when the president would go into her demon mode and stay far away from that.

"Men always think they are better than women and have the right to command them, but you men aren't worth more than us. We deserve to be treated equally." Misaki says angrily.
"Why are you telling me this?" Zero says plainly without any anger to many people's surprise. Misaki, not expecting this reaction didn't have an immediate answer. Before she could say you're yelling at these girls over here and hurting their feelings, Zero continued;
"Misaki-nee, I grew up knowing only strong women. I know nothing else than them being equal to men. That's why I don't treat them any different from a male student who claims this place is worse than a mud pool full of pigs. If they want to be treated with respect they should treat others with respect, if they want me to consider their feelings when talking to them they should consider my feelings on how they call my birthplace."

"S-So you're not…" Misaki uttered in surprise. "Ah, I apologize for assuming and yelling at you."
"There is no need for an apology. Your weren't talking rubbish like these girls." The two dayclass girls look amazed at Zero.
"Ze-Zero-kun…?" One of them said, "Yep, that's still me." Zero noted dryly with his stoic face.
"What happened to you?! You're always so grumpy and angry, how can you be so nice?!"
"Hehe," Takumi laughed, while most of the surrounding students stopped paying attention due the false alarm of a demon show-off, "It seems that you girls always get on his wrong side."
"Really?" The two girls said more interested in Takumi after he flashed a smile than the subject they were talking about.
"Shut up Usui." Zero said. "Don't you have to catch up with your girlfriend after being gone that long?"
"Yes of course." The change of expressions of the dayclass girls's faces wasn't as noticeable as Takumi Usui's weird slouch towards Misaki Ayuzawa. Zero staring at his best friend with a raised brow, raised two when Takumi finally passed the hunter. Around his waist was a pink haired girl clamped onto him with big teary eyes and a pout.

"Hi…." Considering her small height and her gaze following him Zero couldn't assume it was meant for anyone else but him.
"Hi…?" Zero said to the girl wondering what he did to her. She let go of Takumi who started to talk with his girlfriend and walked to the hunter.
"I don't care what they say about you but I honestly think you are a nice person." The pink fluffball stormed off shyly.

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