"Nick!" Ellis reached out for Nick as Nick shot at the Tank that was pummeling poor Ellis over and over again, quickly killing him. "YOU SON OF A BITCH! DON'T YOU FUCKING KILL HIM!" Nick threw a boomer bile jar at the Tank and shot at the Tank with anger, tears of fear coming to his eyes. "DIE YOU SON OF A BITCH, DIE!" Zombies ran at the Tank and attacked it, eventually killing it with Nick's help, only to be killed in the end by Nick.

Nick ran to Ellis, getting his first aid ready to patch up a very broken Ellis. It was true that Ellis was the one who got hurt the most, but this badly? It was just getting ridiculous. Was Ellis even trying anymore? Nick would kill him if he wasn't. Didn't Ellis even care? Whatever…that didn't matter right now.

When he reached Ellis, Nick dropped to his knees and lifted Ellis' head, pressing his ear near Ellis' mouth to listen for breathing. Silence. Then, a small whimper. Nick put Ellis' head on his lap as he finished patching him up, relieved. "Kid?" He took his suit-jacket off and laid it over Ellis's smaller frame, got up and picked up Ellis with a bit of difficulty, finding him a bit heavy under his weakness, but his will to get Ellis out of danger shined brighter than the want to give up, and he carried Ellis to the nearby safe house they had seen in the distance.

Once inside, Nick shut the door and locked it. It felt like they were spending their lives in safe houses, which was somewhat true. But, they were getting close to the military base at least!

Nick laid Ellis on the table and went to get another first aid kit, but Ellis grabbed him by the wrist weakly and held it. "Don'…don' leave me Nick…" He was so weak. It was almost sad.

Nick walked back to the table and got on his knees, at Ellis' level now, peering down on him a bit. "I wasn't. I was going to see if we have any morphine or anything…Ellis, don't die. Okay? I wouldn't know what to do." Nick put his head in Ellis' shoulder and held onto Ellis' shirt tightly. He felt like a big baby right now, wanting to cry so badly, but holding back to impress Ellis until he couldn't take it anymore and began to cry sadly into Ellis' Bull Shifter's shirt.

Ellis smiled a bit and turned on his side, using a lot of effort to do so. "Nick, I'm fine. Just let me sleep. Don' cry now…" He was speaking smoothly, lulling Nick to make him feel better with reassurance that he was okay. He reached out and lifted Nick's face and looked at Nick crying, gently wiping at the tears with the back of his hand and smudging dirt on Nick's face accidentally. A smile formed on Ellis' mouth and he ran his thumb across Nick's bottom lip, surprised Nick didn't even bother to push him away.

Nick was afraid. He had been afraid the entire time, but even more so now that it was just him and Ellis now. Seeing Ellis so close to death tore at him from the deepest part of him, tugging every heart-string so abusively. "I thought-…I thought you were gonna fuckin die. It was so fuckin hard seeing you lying there like that. I'm sorry." He pushed Ellis' hands away and wiped at his eyes, standing up and going to the window to look outside, pinching the bridge of his nose as he felt a headache come along from being so upset. Even Nick could be sensitive…it just took something Nick cared about for him to show it.

Ellis slid off of the table slowly and hopped over to Nick and wrapping his arms around him from behind, sliding his hands up Nick's chest and gripping with his fingertips at Nick's pecks. He nuzzled his cheek into Nick's back, shutting his eyes at the comfort of the misunderstood gangster's warmth of his back.

Nick hung his head and put his hands on top of Ellis', smiling a bit to himself, hardly even a smile if you would call it that. This moment was…intense. So many things were going through Nick's head. He could choose to act on Ellis' attempt of moving in on Nick for the third and final time, or just completely ignoring it.

The older man looked over his shoulder at Ellis shaking as he tried to keep his balance against Nick and hold onto him, finding it quite hard to deny him of the new feelings being conjured up that had never been growing slowly throughout the months they had been fighting zombies together as a team. "Ellis…I'm only doing this for you…" Nick turned around and faced Ellis, grabbing his shirt tightly in his fist and pulling him into a hug.

Ellis pressed his ear to Nick's chest and held onto him tightly. "Nick, you don't gotta…ya know…do this." He avoided saying anything specific, just in case his intentions were completely different from Nick's. "Yer mah best friend Nick. Always 'member that, 'kay?"

A few hours passed before Ellis felt better. He got up and went to go sleep next to Nick, taking Nick's suit-jacket with him. He had grown so fond of it lately. It fit him the way he liked his clothing to fit—two sizes too big, and it smelled like Nick. Somehow, the scent was comforting to him now more than anything else.

Nick opened his eyes and sat up, concerned. "You okay?"

Ellis took the suit-jacket off and set it aside, then took his shirt off and pushed Nick against the wall as he climbed onto his lap and began to fumble with Nick's buttoned-up shirt. The moon was full tonight, so the moonlight aided him, but not enough.

Nick's eyebrows furrowed in confusion and fear, eyes wide. "Ellis!" He tried pushing him away, but somehow Ellis had become stronger than Nick these past few days with the wanting to have him completely, all for his own, and he pushed his hands away harshly without saying anything at all.

Ellis got Nick's shirt off and gently pet his chest with his calloused hands, sighing in satisfaction at Nick's perfection.

Nick understood finally what Ellis was doing and gently reached out, running his hands over Ellis' chest and abs, quite enjoying the feeling of his body. "Ellis, I've never done this with a guy before…I was married to a woman. I love women. I don't know what to do, and I'm sure you're just confused. You're a damn kid, Kid."

"Shut up old man…" Ellis stood up and pushed down his mechanic jumpsuit along with his boxers, kicking it off and running his hands over his body as he stood over Nick. "You can't tell me ya don't want me Nick. I ain't gonna buy it." Ellis sunk back down onto Nick's lap and grabbed Nick's hands, pulling them so that Nick was touching him again, Ellis' hands on top of Nick's to guide him.

Nick began to sweat at the tension of seeing Ellis naked and so turned on, begging Nick practically to take him. He also began to wonder if Ellis had ever had sex before, but by the way Ellis was acting and grinding on him awkwardly, he guessed Ellis had never had sex. It was really fun to think of Ellis charming all the girls in Savannah in his hot car, giving them rides, putting his arm around them as the girls sat next to him as he drove around the country side. But, he was a virgin even after all that? Wow.

Ellis straddled Nick on his knees, waiting for him to undress all the way. Nick smiled with a small "hm", and took his shirt off the rest of the way off and tossed it aside, then took his pants and boxers off. "Poor Overalls…you're not gonna like this."

Ellis' smile faded. "Why? You ain't gonna hurt me, are ya Nick?" He was debating whether or not this was a good idea or not now, but it was too late to turn back.

Nick laid Ellis on the ground gently and spread his legs, spitting on his hand for lube and coating his cock well with it, staring intently at Ellis. Ellis looked up at him, his legs folded at the knee to create an upside-down 'V' shape. "Nick?" Worry began to lace his voice as Nick grasped Ellis' knees to support himself, and led the tip of his cock into Ellis, then the rest of his hardened shaft deep into the tight virginal hole of Ellis without warning.

Ellis flinched and clawed at the ground, trying to separate them by doing a sort of crab-walk backwards until he hit a wall and couldn't go anywhere, leaving him trapped to face the pain. "Ow! OW! O-how-how! Nick, take it out!" Ellis' body tried rejecting Nick's intrusion by squeezing tightly around him, but it wasn't going to work.

Nick walked on his knees forward with Ellis, trying to calm him down. "Ellis! Calm down and stop moving! I'll have to do it again if you make me pull out. Just fucking calm down! Just calm down…calm down. I think it'll go away soon. You just have to relax. Deep breathes Ellis." Nick began to instruct him on breathing, taking deep breathes.

Ellis watched him dumbly for a minute, then slowly began to mock his breathing. "It's goin' away. Dammit…why didn't ya warn me?" He looked like he might cry from the feeling of Nick having stretched his most private part of his body so much, and from the feeling of his virginity being taken like this. It wasn't a bad way to lose it, it was just not a good time.

"If I would have warned you, you wouldn't have let me do it." Nick put his hands on either side of Ellis and began to move slowly as not to hurt Ellis too much. Damn Ellis was tight, but it felt so much more amazing than being with a woman. He loved watching Ellis' abs tighten and loosen at each thrust, and he especially loved watching Ellis' reactions when Nick hit the right spots deep within him.

Ellis whimpered and moaned breathily as Nick thrust in and out of him, his hat having been pushed from his head with the back and forth rocking Nick was causing. "Nick…mm…h…harder….please Nick…" He asked quietly, almost ashamed to ask for more pleasure from Nick who had already given so much. Wait…what was he saying?! He gave his damn virginity to Nick. He, at the least, deserved pleasure!

Nick smirked down at Ellis and stopped moving, pulling out of Ellis. "You little horny bastard…please yourself." He lay on the ground and propped himself up on his elbows, watching Ellis look confused.

Soon enough, Ellis got the hint and figured out what to do and climbed onto Nick, grasping his cock underneath his ass, then gently sunk down onto it, eyes going half-lidded with lust as he moaned out a high-pitched gasp. "Mmph!" Nick was now deeper within Ellis, hitting Ellis' prostate in the correct manner to make him twitch in pleasure.

Nick moved his hips upwards to get Ellis going, trying to remind him that there was a reality he had to attend to.

The young mechanic leaned back and planted his hands on the ground between Nick's legs and moved his hips up and down quickly, panting each time his body collided with Nick's in pleasure. That alone sent him overboard, giving him a prostate orgasm.

"F-Fuck! Ah! Ah! Nick! M!" He bit his bottom lip, his body clenching around Nick's hardness as his seed splattered all over his own and Nick's chest and stomach, leaving Ellis shaking terribly in pleasure and his body clenching and releasing as his orgasm faded slowly.

Nick smiled to himself and grabbed Ellis' hips, thrusting up into him to finish himself off. He panted and threw his head back as he shot his seed into Ellis, filling the smaller man's tight hole with it. He sighed in relief, dripping sweat and now shaking in pleasure too.

Ellis sat up and disconnected them, gasping as his newly stretched hole dripped Nick's cum onto the floor. "N-No! Ah! This ain't 'sposed to happen…" He clenched his ass tightly and lay down on his stomach next to Nick, staring at him, feet kicking in the air gently above and behind him.

Nick turned on his side and looked at Ellis, expecting Ellis to say something, but heard nothing from the mechanic. Instead, Ellis was just staring at him, and looked extremely happy. "What…?"

Ellis put his head down and kept smiling, shutting his eyes. "Nothin'…thanks Nick. That was…amazin'. Um…goodnight I guess." He sighed and went to sleep, deciding it was the best thing to do right now. He was still quite sore from both being almost killed, and then having sex with Nick just moments ago. Rest was what he needed.

Nick clenched his jaw madly and stared at Ellis as Ellis so easily fell asleep without saying anything else. It was kind of disappointing, but…he was just a kid.