Couldn't help myself. Watched The Hunger Games for the millionth time and I'm proud to say I'm a Glato shipper. It has fueled me to write Glato fanfiction, but not an actual multi-chapter story. So here is where I will vent out my Glato love in a series of oneshots. Enjoy.


It was immediate.

The bloodbath at the Cornucopia started as soon as everyone left their plates. The roars of war, the cries of fear and the frightened hasty footsteps of those who ran away. Glimmer had prepared for this chaotic scene even before arriving at the training centre. She knew what she was doing. A blade in one hand, she began her hunt. There was no room to feel remorse – none of her other fellow Careers had. There was no room for fear either, she embraced the sounds of death like an old friend.

Her long legs were taking her faster than she ever thought they could. Her brilliant blue eyes had zeroed in on a target, foolishly thinking he could get away with a few items before running to the shelter of the forest. Before he could go any further, she lunged herself at him, causing him to fall face first to the ground. On his back, she raised the blade and slashed at his flesh mercilessly. She ignored the warm blood that splattered across her face and was only satisfied until his body was so mangled, no one would know it had once been human. From the corner of her eyes, she saw a mousy girl running in her direction towards the forest. She pretended to still be busy with the boy beneath her and when the girl was almost past her, she grabbed the girl by her hair. Her fingers entangled in the mess of blonde hair that was a shade duller than hers, she pulled the girl's head back to expose her neck.

"Bye, bye," she smirked before slicing the flesh like a knife to butter.

Blonde hair whipped against her face as she spun around to find more opponents. To her dismay, the Cornucopia was almost empty and whatever tributes that were still alive were already getting themselves killed by her Career mates. She grunted, unsatisfied with only two kills.

As she stomped her way to the mouth of the Cornucopia, she spotted Clove playing with her victim, torturing him with a slow, painful death. Glimmer was trained to kill just as she was, but she wasn't as sadistic as the District Two tribute. She rolled her bright blue eyes as the brunette finally ended the boy's suffering with a painful snap.

Her eyes scanned the packs littered everywhere. It was all theirs now, just enough to get by until they eventually had to turn on each other. Absentmindedly placing her blade away, she made her way to a pack to get something to eat. Weirdly enough, the horrifying bloodshed she had been through made her hungry. While she was busy rummaging through the food, she hadn't noticed the District Six boy coming out of his hiding place and creeping up behind her. She was about to take a bite of an apple when she felt a pair of hands grabbing her shoulders and throwing her to the ground.

"Ugh!" She landed on her shoulder, restraining herself from wincing.

She looked up, her eyes as round as plates, at the boy. His arms were raised, a spear in his quivering hands. There was no way he had the guts to do it, she could it in his eyes. He was a frightened little boy, trembling where he stood. She could see in his eyes there was inner turmoil, like he was fighting a battle between his conscience and the need to survive.

This was going to be easy.

As she was about to kick his legs and knock him down, there was a loud disgusting crack before the tip of a sword emerged from the middle of his face. More blood showered her and the boy's face was frozen in perpetual shock. The sword was pulled out of his skull and he fell to the ground with a thud.

Cato stood, in his all his bloody glory, over the corpse. His breathing was heavy, his shoulders rising and falling and his hand clutched firmly to his sword. Glimmer pushed herself up, her eyes focused on his. They stared at each other intensely as he began closing the gap between them. Adrenaline pumped through her veins, the thrill of a fresh kill still coursing in her blood. They were both bathed in blood and sweat. He finally reached her, mere inches away from her, but he did nothing but stare into her eyes.

Cato. So tall, so muscular, so strong. He was fearless, intense and so skilled. He was a warrior. She pressed her palm to his cheek before trailing her fingers down to her lips, smearing blood all over his mouth and jaw. There was something the blood and gore that sparked a flame in her. An animalistic urge overwhelmed. After minutes of doing nothing, Cato finally placed his hand to the back of her hand and roughly pulled her to him. Lips crashed against lips. Tongues dancing and fighting for dominance. They tasted blood, unsure if it was theirs or their victims.

The kiss was raw and passionate. It was hungry and full of bloodlust. The thrill of killing bonded them.