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Percy jumped up from his bed startled when his door suddenly flew open, his heartbeat only increasing from anger when he saw Gabe at the door. "Get the hell out of my room!" Percy yelled at the short fat man that was his step dad.

Gabe Growled and clenched his fist in anger. "Listen here you little punk, I pay the bills here so this is my room!" Gabe yelled, and went further into Percy's room. He gave his annoyed step son a wicked sneer and pushed him against the wall.

"What do you want now?" Percy asked, leaning his head away from him, Gabe's pungent smell was making him sick. Gabe tightened his hold on Percy's shirt and looked towards his bed side drawer. "I know what you've been doing, and unless you want me to tell your mommy, you need to give me some hush money." Gabe said, and then released his hold on Percy.

Percy hatefully glared at him and pushed him away. "Fuck you! I'm not giving you anything."

Gabe's ugly face turned red in anger at hearing Percy. He used to intimidate him easily when he was little, but now that Percy was sixteen, he was more rebellious.

"Fuck you, you annoying little smart mouth, bastard!" Gabe yelled, and punched Percy in the jaw. Percy's hand quickly clutched at his jaw in pain, rage clouding his judgment, he then turned and tackled his step dad.

They stumbled onto his bed, where Percy quickly began punching him in the face as hard as he could. Gabe looked dazed as Percy hit him, but then he recovered quickly and pushed Percy off, sending him stumbling onto the ground. He got up and kicked Percy in the ribs, and then continued kicking him in the head and face.

"Did you actually think you could beat me?" Gabe laughed as he kicked Percy in the stomach. Percy laid there clutching his stomach, jaw, and anywhere else Gabe would kick him.

When Gabe decided Percy had enough, he stopped and went to Percy's drawer. He opened it and grabbed Percy's bag of money, and then stuffed it in his pocket. "I was only going to take half, but since you decided to be a difficult jerk, I'm taking all of it." He said as he walked by Percy, only stopping to kick him in the stomach one last time before finally leaving.

"Smelly pig," Percy muttered and picked himself off the floor. He then walked to the bathroom to examine his face in the mirror. He had a cut on his lip and a big bruise forming on his left eye. "Wonderful, another black eye," Percy said while gently touching it with his fingertips. He grabbed a towel and soaked it with cold water, and then applied it to his eye.

As he dabbed his eye with the towel, he pulled out his cell phone and called his best friend, Grover. "Hey Grover," Percy said when his friend answered. "I need you to meet me at the park before school." After Grover agreed, Percy hung up and went to his room to change.

****Page Break****

Percy stepped out into the chilly fall weather and shook his head in annoyance at the idiots in his neighborhood. It was only 7am and his neighbors were already either buying or selling drugs, drinking, fighting or stealing. He secured his backpack tightly, and headed out into the crowed busy streets of New York City.

As he walked through his graffiti and litter filled neighborhood, he barely managed to dodge a man who had just snatched a lady's bag. Percy didn't even try to get involved, he grew up in the not so nice parts of the city, and was used to seeing crimes happen all the time. He himself was guilty of some crimes.

He arrived at the park before Grover, and decided to wait for him at the bench where they usually hang out at. As he sat there waiting, he thought about how much he hates his step dad. He always complains about everything Percy does. If Percy eats he complains about how much he eats, when he sleeps he says that Percy is lazy, and even when Percy doesn't go home he complains about it.

He is always ranting to his friends about how Percy is a useless brat that is good for nothing but taking up space, and ruining his alone time with Percy's mother.

He use to hit Percy a lot and take the little money his mom would manage to give him, but that stopped when Percy got older and began to fight back. While he was a good fighter and in good shape, he still couldn't beat up his step dad. He however did put up a good enough fight as to make Gabe think twice about hitting him. Usually, the black eye forming was proof that Gabe still kicked his ass from time to time.

"Ouch, that stupid jerk," Percy winced and complained, as he massaged his sore ribs. The bruise from last time had barley healed, and now he was sure he was going to have an even bigger one.

He was used to it though. His mom married Gabe when Percy was eight, and he has been making his life miserable since then. He couldn't even understand why his mom, who was the sweetest person ever, ended up with that smelly pig.

He didn't deserve her. His mom is beautiful, smart, sweet, and caring, while Gabe is a lazy abusive alcoholic. She had told him that he was too young to understand when he was little, but now that he's older, she still doesn't give him a reason. He knows it's not love, the way her eyes light up when she talks about his father is love, but when she talks about Gabe, she looks miserable. Percy was determined to get himself and his mother away from him, and to do so, he began selling drugs.

He was pulled out of his thoughts when his friend, Grover, sat next to him. "Hey, what's up man?" Grover said as he sat down.

Percy didn't respond, so Grover turned to nudge him. "What happened to you? Did you get in a fight with your step dad again?" He asked, upon noticing Percy's injuries. He knows how Gabe is and he worries about his friend. He still remembers how he and Nico used to patch him up after Gabe would beat him up.

"Yeah, but that's not important. What hurts more is that he took all of my money!" Percy said.

"What! How did he even know you had it?" Grover asked.

"I don't know. He took all my savings and the pick up money," Percy said miserably. He had had been saving for months, he had 8,500 dollars so that he and his mom could use to move out of Gabe's house. Now not only did he loose that, but the money he needed to pick up more drugs and make more money. "I need to do something. I'm tired of him, and leaving isn't an option anymore."

Grover looked at him curiously. "What did you have in mind?"

"I was thinking I should accept Kronos' offer," Percy said, making Grover's eyes go wide.

"No! Are you crazy? That man is dangerous and can't be trusted!" Grover yelled worriedly. He stood up to confront Percy, and almost fell over his crutches.

"I know, but what other choice do I have! I can't allow that pig to lay another finger on me, and definitely not on my mother!" Percy yelled and got off the bench. He helped his friend steady himself, then looked at the floor, refusing to meet Grover's disappointed gaze.

Kronos was bad news; he is a gang leader and the biggest drug dealer around. He had offered Percy a spot with them, but Percy wasn't stupid enough to join. The only reason he was considering it now was because he was desperate.

Grover sighed. "Look Percy, just don't make any rash decisions. I would be glad to give you some money. You could get more 'product' and start saving again. With my help and Nico's, you'll have the money in no time."

Percy looked up from his shoes and smiled at him gratefully. Grover and Nico are his best friends, and are always there for him no matter what. "Thanks Grover, but that drunk already knows what I'm doing and is demanding hush money. It's not going to be so easy this time."

"We'll think of something, Percy," Grover said, he was determined to do anything to keep Percy away from Kronos.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. Besides, I can't let that smelly drunk bastard, blackmail me. I have an idea," Percy said.

Grover groaned at hearing that. Percy's ideas almost always, involved something illegal. The last idea Percy had ended with him becoming a part time drug dealer. "Goody, I hope it's as good as the joining Kronos idea." Grover said sarcastically.

Percy smirked at him. "It is. Now shut up and let's go find Nico." He said and began to walk off.

"Rats," Grover muttered to himself, before he followed after Percy.

****Page Break****


Annabeth sighed in annoyance as she stared at her reflection in the mirror. "I gained two pounds. How the heck is that even possible? She thought as she ran her hands on her stomach. "I haven't eaten in two days. Well, I did drink half of that soda, but there is no way that could be it. I worked out for four hours after that," She muttered thoughtfully, and began doing the math to her calorie intake.

"Annabeth, other people need the bathroom as well! You need to hurry up!" She heard her stepmom yell and knock on the door.

"I'm almost finished!" Annabeth yelled back. She turned to have one last look at her stomach, before she pulled her shirt over her head. "It's bad enough that the cow my father calls his wife is against me, but now my own body is against me as well, that is just great." She thought as she brushed her long, honey blond hair. She put it up in its usual ponytail, and quickly began to brush her teeth.

Annabeth is the perfect student. She gets straight A's in school, she is captain of the math club, captain of the track team, and she tutors kids on weekends. Annabeth knows that she is smart and fit, but she also feels that she could be smarter and in better shape. She studies constantly, only stopping when her best friend forces her, or to work out. She doesn't work out to be skinny for shallow reasons, but to be the best at her sport. Well, maybe a little for shallow reasons. Her mother is smart and gorgeous, and Annabeth couldn't help but want to be exactly like her.

Ever since Annabeth was little she always heard about how smart her mother is, how beautiful her mother is, and how perfect her mother is. Every accomplishment Annabeth has is shadowed by her mother. Her mom was smarter at Annabeth's age, she was better at sports, and from the pictures she has seen, she was more beautiful. Being compared to her all the time was hard, but Annabeth did her best. She loves her mother, and she wants nothing more than to please her.

She left Annabeth and her father to pursue her career when Annabeth was a baby, but she still calls Annabeth, sometimes. Not much though, and that makes Annabeth even more determined to get her attention.

When Annabeth finished she opened the door, and found her stepmom waiting impatiently in front of it. "It's about time, your little brother is in my bathroom, and Matt still needs to use it as well." She said rudely.

"You mean my stepbrother," Annabeth corrected. Her stepmom gave her a dirty look and huffed in annoyance. "Just hurry up and get ready!" She said and walked away. Annabeth smiled at the fact that she bothered her; she bugged Annabeth as well, so she thought she should return the favor.

She went into her bedroom to grab her backpack, and then left without saying goodbye to anyone. She knew they didn't care, so she didn't bother wasting her breath on them. As she walked to the bus stop, she pulled out her phone to text her best friend, Thalia.

"Hey, Thalia, are you on your way to the bus stop, yet?" She texted, and then put her phone away. She arrived at the bus stop, and smiled when she saw her walking up.

Thalia was wearing black skinny jeans and black shirt that had a picture of a Barbie on fire; she had a bunch of custom made shirts similar to that one. Thalia looked at her and pulled her own phone out. She texted something on it, and seconds later Annabeth heard her phone beep.

"Yes I am," The message from Thalia read. Annabeth smiled at it, and continued walking towards her friend.

Thalia is a very intimidating and pretty girl. She has raven black hair that she cut pixie style, gorgeous electric blue eyes, clear soft skin, and a shapely athletic body.

Annabeth is not ugly, she knows that, but for some reason she just doesn't feel pretty enough. Every time she looks in the mirror she thinks about her mother, and hates what she sees. She hates the fact that she doesn't look as beautiful as her, and as stupid as it seems, she thinks that her mother left her because she wasn't perfect like she was.

Her friends tell her that she is beautiful and crazy for thinking otherwise, but she can't help it. Her mother's abandonment and her father's neglect made Annabeth think she wasn't good enough. She feels especially self-conscious when standing next to Thalia or Silena, they like her mother, look like goddess.

"You're such a Nerd sometimes you know that," Annabeth said as reached her friend.

"I think the only Nerd here is you, Miss straight A student." Thalia replied with a teasing grin.

"You know what I mean," Annabeth replied. She doesn't like to curse unlike Thalia, so she says other things. They are usually more cleaver and insulting, but Annabeth was feeling stressed this morning.

"Yeah,yeah, anyway…. have I mentioned how beautiful you look today?" Thalia said, and Annabeth immediately knew she wanted something. Thalia is not one to go around complimenting people, threatening and bossing people around yes, but not complimenting.

"What do you want?" Annabeth asked.

Thalia chuckled and reached into her backpack. "You know me well," she said as she pulled out a notebook.

"Well I should, I've known you since I was seven," Annabeth replied.

Thalia put her notebook in front of Annabeth, and looked at her with her best pleading eyes. "Will you help me my stupid homework?"

Annabeth rolled her eyes at her, but agreed to help her with her math homework. "You could at least have manners and say please, Thalia," Annabeth said, and grabbed the notebook.

Thalia smiled innocently at her. "Yeah, says the girl who just rudely grabbed my notebook."

"Oh, I'm sorry, do you want it back?" Annabeth asked politely.

"No!" Thalia quickly replied.

Annabeth smiled smugly, and then began working on her homework. They worked on it until the bus came, and it was time to leave for school.

I hope you guys enjoyed this chapter. Annabeth's part was shorter than I liked, but hopefully it will be longer next chapter. This one just kind of explains their situation.