I was pacing up and down outside of my Aygo Toyota which was in black. My name is Tracy Hazer, a Circle Midnight witch and I was seventeen years old. I was waiting outside The Realm, a local Goth shop on the east side of Las Vegas. I was waiting to see if my best friend Sharon Albert was coming with me to see Virgin Witch, our favourite underground Goth metal band from Austria. It was an afternoon concert and there was an hour left until it was time to let people into the venue. My dad Cassius was cool with me doing whatever I wanted because mostly he was a psychologist and was going out on dates with hope that he would find the perfect woman. I was a witch from my dad's side of the family, it was filled with the evilest of dark magic and my mom was a human named Karen Green, she was lovely, it seemed that me being half human bears none in the Night World. I was a Goth. I had five best friends in this crazy supernatural society and they were all different. Sharon was a Circle Twilight witch, Felicity Orland was a shapeshifter, Emma Fletcher was a werewolf, Heather Morgan was a lamia vampire and her adopted sister Amy Stewart is a made vampire. I was impatient so I started to play with my twin ponytails, my hair was raven black with red streaks but usually it was to my neck, my eyes were hazel-gold, skin was white. I was quite tall and had an hourglass figure.

The weather was humid so I didn't feel anything. I had my blood-red lipstick on as I was wearing a knee length black dress with a bodice with frilly pleats, it had thin straps, black fishnet tights, and fishnet fingerless gloves as my nails were painted black. I was also wearing a pair of my favourite black dirty Goth boots along with a long black gothic coat. I had my purse so I was waiting for Shazz. Sharon's mom Natasha was a single witch and was laid back so I had to wait for her lousy daughter to get here. I was getting into my car with my keys. To start the engine and drive into the road, my cell phone rang while I was playing Karmacode in the car, my favourite Lacuna Coil album of all time.

"Trace, don't bother waiting for me" Sharon said loudly over the phone as I was at a traffic light

"Why" I replied

"I'm going with Declan"


"Don't be mad at me"

"I'll go with Heather unlike some friend"

"Fine, OK"

When the light turned green I was driving beyond the normal speed limit. I couldn't believe Sharon stood me up; this was the second time she stood me up for her human boyfriend Declan Kendrick. Virgin Witch was our favourite current band so it wasn't the first time she stood me up for a guy. Declan was a good guy and I was mad that she chose to be with her vermin boyfriend than be with her best friend. I hated that Sharon was messing around with human boys so she could get into trouble with the Elders as she is breaking the second Night World rule which is not to fall in love with a human. Just like my dad but he loved my mom. I was driving madly on the road; the anger within me was being practiced on the wheel. Suddenly the car got stuck into a ridge; it looked like a small hole that the two front wheels could fit in. I tried to start the car again but it was stuck. I was claustrophobic big time so this wasn't good. I was scared of what was going to happen to me, for a few minutes I was terrified as my fear of small spaces became a reality. I was screaming and crying. The pounding of my heart was getting to me. I was shaking as I dropped my keys in the exhilarator. I felt the anger and pain in my body so I tried to use you powers to get out but I couldn't as the space was too cramped. I was slowly passing out by the second until I fell to unconsciousness.