I saw a figure running from the distance of the foggy clearing, it was like vampire speed. I was Heather's face, so porcelain and beautiful, her spinel pink eyes were on me, her long wavy golden blonde hair with pink streaks, she was curvy, tall and sexy; she was wearing a blood-red coat over a matching colour dress and heels. Heather cradled me in her arms, she and her adopted sister Amy live with her mom Gabby and her girlfriend Zoey so she was free to do as she wished, and I had my hand on her jacket. I started to breath normally again.

"Trace, are you OK?" Heather cried

"I'm fine" I replied

"Your car"

"I crashed it on a ridge by accident"

"It's always Sharon, she is hurting your feelings so she went with that vermin boy" she said as she took me to her car for her to close the doors as I was in the backseats, lying down. She prepared her engine and started driving.

"She stood me up for him again"

"I will never betray you, you could have died"

"I am a witch"

"So I can stay like this when I am hundred years old"


"No swearing"


"I'm taking you home"

"I just need a bed that's all and don't tell my dad"

"I'll keep it a secret if you want"

"Where's Amy"

"Already at your house"


"Your dad didn't mind leaving her"



"Do you love me?"

"Of course, you are like my second sister"

"That's good to hear"

When Heather parked her car near my house, she and I got inside the house with her spare key she got made in case of trouble. I see Amy sitting on the couch watching her favourite soap opera When Does it End?. Personally I hated soap opera because they were all the same so I didn't mind her watching that trash in my house. Amy was a pretty girl with long chocolate brown hair which was straight and mid length, her eyes were imperial topaz, her skin was ashen white, she was quite short and had an apple body shape, she could be an idiot sometimes but she is only human I guess. Heather was carrying me upstairs into my room which was neatly tidy with the jet black and blood red theme around it. I was put on my bed. Heather closed my door so she could go downstairs. I was using my powers to hear what was going on with both vampires in my house. I just wanted to sleep after I hit my head on the windshield of my destroyed car. I removed my coat, threw it on the hanger using magic. I took of my boots as they laid there on the blood-red floor.

"What happened to her?" Amy said in a concerned tone of voice

"Tracy has been in an accident" Heather replied

"Sharon stood he up again"

"How did you know?"

"I was at the concert and saw her with that delightful vermin boy"

"She did it this time"

"What should we do?"

"Get rid of Sharon in the group"


"This is the second time she did this to Tracy"

"For a guy, how low"

"Sharon always has great taste in vermin"

"I can't wait to get him"

"We have to wait until late"

I couldn't believe that Amy and Heather were going after Declan. I couldn't judge them because they were vampires and they needed blood, blood was a free for all in Vegas as there were a lot of people travelling around. I was almost feeling dizzy. I couldn't even think smartly as the accident might have damaged a part of my brain. A sharp pain entered my head, flashing through my head. I was trying to get up until I fell onto the ground. I was out of it, flashing memories in my head of my mom and me, dad, Leroy, Pearl and everyone I know throughout my life. After 10 minutes I started to get up again. I was feeling much better. I got out of my usual Goth attire to get changed into my black silk pyjamas. I was tired so I got into my bed with my Walkman, listening to the slower Goth songs in my bed. I just wanted to be alone in my bed. I started to think about my mom and how life was perfect when she was here; she was warm and loving to the people around her. I was only five when she died of a silent illness; she told me that meeting my father was like sunshine to a grey cloud. I loved and missed her at the same time. I was embodied into Goth culture because I liked it; the dark eerie music, the vampire styled clothes and the wonderful hairstyles. I did have a weakness for love because of my ex-boyfriend Leroy Smith, a merman, he loved me for the three years we were together then his bratty little sister Pearl ruined our relationship because she despised me so much that she wanted to get rid of me for good.