Allen's Curse

This will be a one-shot...Maybe...

I hope. *gulp*

Ahah, Enjoy~!


"Kanda, I'm coming in."

I tried to roll myself over to see the intruder, but my arms and legs were numb; my torso felt as if it was on fire.


I couldn't move. It hurt just to breathe, let alone try and speak.

I kept my eyes shut; opening them took too much energy from my already drained body.

Allen's footsteps grew closer to my bed, and I willed myself to say the two measly words.

'I'm fine...'

But they wouldn't come out, not a sound was made as Allen pressed the side of his head to my chest.

At that moment, I could hear my own heartbeat.

Ba-dump, Ba-dump, Ba-dump.

Allen breathed a sigh of relief at my heartbeat, then unbuttoned my coat.

I needed to get him to leave me alone..!

I was fine!

I just need to sleep, so..!

Allen assessed the gory wound that was on my chest.

He touched the skin near it worriedly.

I felt my whole body shudder involuntarily. Sweat dripped down my forehead with effort.

Goddammit, Moyashi, that hurts!

He flinched when my body shook in pain, his hand jerking away from my torso.

"Gomen, gomen." Allen whispered. "...Can you hear me, Kanda?"

My panting was loud, annoyingly loud, but Allen didn't seem to notice.

"This will hurt, okay?" Allen warned. "But I've got to help you, Kanda."

Allen stood upright again, and he left my side to rummage through a drawer across the room.

He returned quickly. I heard a liquid sloshing about, and Allen breathed out.

"It's going to sting." he whispered. "I can't help you if it doesn't."

"I wish I could."

I felt a soft, wet thing touch the corner of the gash, and for about five seconds, nothing happened.

Then, flames.

My body convulsed, my arms shaking and my mouth taut with pain.

"Gomen!" Allen hissed, but he did it again, dabbing right next to the previous spot. My body jerked and shuddered and protested, but Allen kept going, apologizing each time.

After ten minutes, Allen had successfully made the whole wound burn with whatever he was using. Hot tears dripped through my eyelashes, and I wished they would stop.

"Can you move, Kanda?" he asked. I felt an arm slip under my back, through my coat. Allen coaxed my limp body to sit, slowly removing the entire coat.

I let my arms hang uselessly, for I knew if I moved, the pain would continue.

Allen wrapped a soft cloth around my chest three times, and tied it to the side. Gently, he laid me back down.

"Kanda, I know you don't need my help to heal." Allen said quietly. "But doing this helps us both, ne?"

I realized that he meant that caring for me calmed him.

"I know you're awake, even if you're just barely conscious." Allen said, and I felt a hand touch my face tentatively. I wanted to say something, anything to make him feel better.

The irony almost made me laugh.

I slowly gathered up as much strength as I could.

"Kanda..why do you not go to the infirmary when you're sick?" Allen asked, his voice quavering. "Do you know how horrible it is to walk in here and see you laying on the bed and half-covered in blood?"

I breathed heavily.

"Imagine if you had gone into my room and seen me like that." Allen chuckled weakly.

Pain coursed through me at the thought.

"You'd probably pick me up and run as fast as you could for help, right?" Allen asked. "And when I woke up, you'd be there, and you'd act annoyed like you always do when you're embarrassed."

"Che..." I said gruffly. "Bak..a Moya...shi."

"Kanda!" Allen shrieked. His hand gripped mine tightly.

I opened my eyes, my breathing labored with the effort.

"I'm..fine. Don't need..." I said hoarsely. "Your help..Jus..t need t' sleep.."

"Kanda Yuu," Allen pouted. "Don't lie to me!"


"I have an idea.." Allen said, letting my hand go. He carefully pressed down on my neck.

It felt really, really good.

"Moyashi." I said testily. My voice was clearer. It wasn't painful.


"I really am fine." I said, looking at him in the eye. "I don't need to be helped..."

"Kanda.." Allen grumbled.

"Why'd you have to go and get hurt!? I was planning to surprise you..!" Allen burst out suddenly. He flushed pink.

"I mean," Allen said, quieter. "I was...but.."

I stared at him curiously.


"I-er.." Allen squirmed uncomfortably. "Tonight I was going to, um, ask if we know..."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Do 'it'." Allen flushed red, and shook his head. "But never mind. It's stupid. I don't even know why I wanted to ask."

"Baka moyashi." I growled. "It's not stupid."

Allen looked down at me.

"But I was worried, too.." Allen whispered.


"What if the curse spreads?" Allen asked, shame in his eyes. "We shouldn't take was a stupid idea."

"Curse?" I asked. "Moyashi, that's stupid. Of course it won't spread."

"How do you know?"

I hesitated. "I..don't. We can try..but not tonight."

Allen nodded, worry coloring his eyes.

He curled up next to me, almost in a fetal-position pose; his arms pressed close to his pink lips and his legs bent.

I panted, relinquishing any hope of speaking for the rest of the night, as I broke out into another sweat.