Hey Guys!

A few recent reviews said that my story was unoriginal and I basically stole the content from a DGM doujin called "Arpeggio"

I immediately googled the doujin.

I have NEVER seen it before. I thought of "Allen's Curse" on my own, and I have no reason to steal half a doujin for reviews.

Call it chance. You can say I stole it, but with all honesty, I'm not big on DGM doujinshi, because the eyes and stuff of the different artists annoy me.

I apologize if you thought I stole the plot of the "Arpeggio" doujin, but I didn't. I remember writing this fanfiction and thinking 'This is awesome. I bet NO ONE has thought of this yet,' because I'm always striving to entertain you guys.

I assure you this is all a big misunderstanding.

With love,