HEY! So, here is the story I have been working on for the last few hours… I ship FREMIONE! Ron/Hermione is good, but Mione SHOULD have ended up with the better looking Weasley twin ;)


For the most part Hermione Granger was a studious girl, apart from those late night hook-ups, stress-relievers, but never one guy twice, she had done most of the male population, excluding The Weasley Twins, boys under 5th year and Harry Potter, as he was like a brother to her, and dating her best friend. But other than her very unstudious extra-curricular activities, she immersed herself in her learning. Her night-time gallivanting was an after-effect of sorts from the War. Her night-terrors were absolutely awful and the only thing that could dull them was arms wrapped around her at night.

At daytime, she never even looked twice at her hook-ups, even though many tried to get her to go out with them, she completely ignored them. Which is why none of the other girls knew about them, other than Ginny; so that night, when Lavender, Pavarti and Ginny walked up to her while she was studying in the common room, she wasn't affected.

'Hermione, we need help.' Lavender said. Hermione raised an eyebrow as if to say why should I help you? Lavender sighed in exasperation and looked at Pavarti who just shrugged. Then Ginny stepped forward.

'Mione, it's a spell, one that can't be performed without a quad… these two,' she gestured at Lavender and Pavarti with a derisive look on her face, 'asked me for help, I read the instructions and I thought we would need someone of your expertise.' She winked.

Hermione stared at her, silently telling her to continue. Ginny exaggerated a sigh and continued, 'It's a spell to see who our soul mate is.' At that, Lavender let out a dreamy sigh and Pavarti stared into space with a small smile on her lips. Hermione rolled her eyes but conceded without a sound.

The girls made their way to the top of the Astronomy tower, sneaking their way past the portraits and other students. They shuffled in and closed the door behind them. Hermione nonverbally cast Lumos and an instant, bright light flared from her wand. She looked at the other girls and raised her eyebrow again. Lavender grabbed a piece of parchment and thrust it at Hermione excitedly, and then the girls moved into a circle and linked arms. Hermione read off the piece of parchment she had levitated in front of her face.

'Venus, goddess of love and beauty,

Our hearts are confused, hidden in a booth,

Our souls are pure, but do not know the truth,

We wish to find answers to questions so deep,

Please help us, for love's sake,

To find our true soul mates.'

A soft pink glow emanated from their hearts, and then… nothing. The girls sighed, disappointed, and walked back to the raging party in the common room.