Lockdown: Escape From Furnace Series Fan fiction

((My first fanfiction! I hope you all enjoy it!))

I wasn't sure if I should have jumped from the ledge the moment I stepped foot in Furnace. Everything felt either to hot or too cold, and no one had any control over what they got to sleep with for the night. However, I did feel safer knowing that my pal Donovan slept right above me. He tended to help my paranoia whenever things got too dire. When the Blood Watch would pop up in the middle of the night and steel some poor kid from their bunks at night, Donovan was always there, helping me through the horror with just a simple smile.

He was picking away at the walls to make more room for more cells. The mere sound of picking the only thing that could be heard. No one really talked much with each other around here with the black suits guarding every hall. Their guns were always ready to strike down anyone, and they took great pride in it too. I remember seeing a boy, he had just turned fourteen the day he decided to make a run for it. Danny, I think his name was. A nice kid with as much ambition to get out of prison as I had. Danny had made a run for it through these very caves two weeks earlier before getting struck down by the butt of the Blacksuit's gun and taken away. Just like the blood watch. It was examples like Danny that kept me in line.

The Blacksuit walking the halls looked utterly bored as he gazed upon his sea of prey. All the prisoners were silent and didn't have any intention of escaping super fast and intelligent beings. I kept my eyes firmly ahead and slammed the pic-axe into the stone. It left my arms ringing in pain, but that was only the least of my worries. Zee, one of my closest friends in this hell-hole, got stuck doing laundry duty for the day. If I could trade places with him, I would have in a heart beat. Nothing felt worse than digging your own grave deeper into the ground. The guard suddenly disappeared around the corner, and I took my chance to speak to Donovan.

"What I wouldn't give to dig my way out of here." I whispered chipping stone bits at a time. Compared to Donovan's rough hits, mine were but mere fledglings. As if the stone laughed and mocked at me for being so weak. And I felt weak here.

"Alex. Don't talk like that here!" The blond snapped hitting the rock and pausing to glare at me. I knew how he felt about treason here. There was no way out, and nothing could convince him otherwise without a sure plan. But in a place like this, it felt impossible. "They will shoot you on the spot if they catch you saying that again. Or worse, they will put you in the hole."

The hole. I had heard a few kids talking about that once. They said it was a dark and horrible place. Even worse than running from guards now. It was hard to imagine a place worse than this. "I know. I just wish we could get out and see the fresh air. Have some real food for a change." My mouth watered just thinking about a brownie sundae, but now, it was about the only thing I could truly remember the taste of. The bland slop they fed everyone could speak for itself. Donovan's stomach rumbled, and he sighed lightly punching me in the arm.

"Now you've gone and done it." He murmured with a roll of his eyes.

I couldn't help but smile as we continued to break the walls. The kid named Jimmy hacked away beside us. His twig-like body almost shriveled away with each hit. Maybe it was just me, but every time I looked that way, he always seemed to be listening in on us. As if we were hiding something. It wasn't exactly a nice feeling, and I would have stopped him for it if it weren't for the fact we literally couldn't do anything if we tried now anyways.

The Blacksuit called out to us to put our tools away. All the inmates gathered around like cattle as we were herded into the main room. I resisted the urge to moo as we passed. My arms were like lead. I couldn't feel them, and I was pretty sure Donovan couldn't feel his either. Even he seemed to clasp his arms for a moment in a sign of drowsiness. "You ever get the feeling that you just want to drive one of these picks through their fat heads?"

"Oh yeah. I've had thoughts like that before. I wouldn't suggest trying it." The taller and more muscular friend whispered. "That's the fastest and most surest way to get hauled off.

Right. I shook my head wondering if Zee was having a better day. As I made my way the showers. Like all the other times, we were naked in what looked like a blood bath. The water sprayed down in red droplets from the stone around and made me and Donovan look like cotton candy twins for a minute except for the size differences. And by that, I mean more than one. We both grasped a new pair of clothes and slipped them on. Neither of us got lucky with clothes that fit well, but that was practically normal.

"Hey," I tried hoping to get Donovan's interest.

"Yea?" He whispered not even looking at me.

"Do you have any fond memories?" I was curious. Maybe he had a memory just waiting to be shared. It might just make him feel better, or it might just bring him down to the dumps. Either way, I couldn't hold back my curiosity to know what my cellmate had done in his life time. However, I only got back a grunt in reply.

"You might find out one day." He murmured following the other prisoners as they stalked the halls.

I didn't answer, seeing as how he didn't plan on giving me one any time soon, and kept walking silently through the red walls that gave me the impression of a beating heart. How could someone like him, the most handsome and strongest of Furnace, not want to escape? Well, he wasn't the strongest in Furnace, but with Donovan around I felt as if I could pass through any nightmare. With his presence, I felt safe.

I know that's hard to believe. I was thrust from home on the charge that I murdered my best friend, Toby, which I add that I didn't commit, sent down a hole in the earth to a place with vicious gangs, man-eating dogs, Blacksuits, and worst of all...The Warden. Yet it's all okay when He's around. Carl Donovan. Maybe it was just my imagination, but I could feel his eyes on me more often than normal. The thought didn't bother me, but I wasn't sure on how I felt about it either.

We trampled to the mess hall and my thoughts were interrupted by seeing a grinning Zee from ear to ear. "Hey guys!" His squeaky voice called over. "You won't believe it. I got to the food early today." Indeed, his tray was covered in gray mush. I wondered how he could be even remotely excited for food like that, but then again, it was better than nothing. I was about to ask how he had done it for future reference when a siren wailed into my ears.

My heart thumped loudly in my chest as my eyes scanned the area widely. Zee had dropped his tray in shock and had little time to worry over it before realizing that the siren was saying, "get into your cells". We bolted down the hall, Donovan already a mile ahead, and dodged kids who scrambled by in a panic. I craned my head behind me to catch a glimpse of what was happening only to see a skull bandanna whipped up in the air. Of course they would ruin a perfectly edible meal. Obviously, one of the inmates decided to start-up a fight he would surely lose. Zee darted up the stairs leaving me to catch up in the wild frenzy.

Kids toppled over one another, shoved others to the side, and even walked on each other to get to their cells in time. The ones on the first floor were lucky. I charged my way up the stairs and managed to make it up a few flights before I lost my footing. Yelping, my body flew backwards and ran straight . . . into Gary. The baddest skull leader of them all.