Lockdown: Escape From Furnace Series Fan fiction

I hope none of you mind me commentating up here? Sorry this isn't longer or anything, but I've been busy with school work. I wanted to add so much more, but I hate making you all wait. So... you get this for now! I hope you all enjoy this!

It happened fast, or at least I prayed it would. I prayed that the guns attached to the cameras would shoot me on the spot, that my fellow prisoners would trample me alive, that my heart would stop me dead right then and there. I hoped for anything than to get pummeled to death by Gary in front of a million eyes. His fists bunched up after we had unexpectedly fell a few flights down the stairs and even managed to knock a few other kids on our way down. They screeched in fear at the sight of our rather large bodies compared to theirs. The few kids we had landed on were anything but relieved, feeling the weight of two people upon them, they could only squirm and squeal while Gary and I struggled to get back up. "Out of my way!" He sneered shoving my body against the hard coal walls as if he were wiping a car with a rag. I nodded like a broken bobble-head doll and went to rush again, but of course I only end up right back in his path in my attempt to get back to the cell. Before I knew it, my feet had left the ground, and my head hit the wall hard. Gary's fists were dug so deep into my chest as he held my overall's up above my head leaving me to hang like wires by a single hand.

I couldn't breath. My whole essence tried to grasp for what little breath of air I could grab, if there was any air to grab in such a place. "You know, I don't have much to look forward to anyways. I suppose one more accident couldn't hurt." Cell doors started to rattle, and I could feel all hope of making it out of this one slithering away from my lungs. Literally. Kids were staring in horror from deep inside their little caves, and none of them had the slightest intention of hoping out to save a random boy like me. I didn't blame them, who would want to save a stranger on the event that they would probably get a worse death later on. Gary's grip now fashioned itself around my neck threateningly, and he seemed to debate his next move as the fear in my eyes stared back at him, though I tried hard to die a noble death by glaring back. However, it probably looked like I went cross-eyed. Time was running out, and the cell's were half way shut. "Consider this a warning meat-bag." Suddenly, big hands threw me to the ground as the owner of them bounded up the stairs shouting, "Good luck with the hounds!" Right then and there, as I lay gasping and coughing, I felt as if my luck had run out.

"Move! Come on!" Before I got the chance to see who it was, someone had grabbed me roughly and jerked up. I thought maybe Gary had come back to finish me off for but, instead, they pulled me along. Whomever pulled me up the stairs didn't take their time, they took three steps at a time. It took every ounce of energy in me to not trip and bring us down for horrible death. Maybe the stairs would kill us for mercy if the hell hounds came out too soon. I still hadn't gotten the chance to catch my breath, and the angry groaning of the door's worried me. I didn't want to die down here having to hear the dog's eat my liver and heart out, or feel the cold floors of Furnace, or even seeing Zee and Donovan watch in horror while my organs were ripped out. Suddenly, I landed on the ground after being thrown and left in small fits of gags. I ended up sprawled out like starfish on a rock. My stomach took big heaves while my eyes focused on my surroundings. The cage door shut and mimicked the sound of a gun shot being fired. Donovan was standing beside me, his eyes wide in fear. "You are so lucky." He breathed.

"D? Did you run all the way to get me?" My face probably didn't show it, but my mind couldn't believe it.

My room-mate didn't answer for a minute before lending me a hand to get up. "Don't think too much into that." He was smiling slightly. "You were having too much fun." I took his hand gratefully and stood up with a grin. It felt like a century since I had smiled, and boy did it feel good. I was glad to see that Donovan had also returned the favor in full. Smiles could get contagious. Everything felt good until we heard the beating of dog steps. Their large paws pounded like drums as they ran through the area. And a child could be heard screaming at the top of his lungs. I exchanged a quick glance with Donovan, and we both raced to the cells edge. Indeed, outside of his cage was a young child, maybe thirteen years old at the most. His cries were ignored by his cellmate who refused to look at his sad friend. An echoing sound of howls filled the area, and we didn't have to think twice to know what would happen next.

The sound of thunder pounded across the hard floor and reverberated through my heart as if in sync. The presence beside me had vanished, and I was unsure on whether he had retreated to the bed with a slight creaking sound in the back of my head. I wanted more than anything than to look away and avoid hearing the sound of and agonizing death, but my eyes wouldn't let me. They stayed trained on the little boy who cried and screamed as he tried to pull away the unforgiving bars. My heart quickened, and before I knew it, the Hell hound was upon him. A treacherous cry ripped through the young boys mouth, and his once shining brown-lined eyes were starting to dull. All the inmates screamed in terror, at least the new ones did, while the older and much more experienced only sat on their bed waiting for the nightmare to end. A few of the gang leaders egged the dog on. I wanted to scream, but nothing would come out. Every fiber in my body yelled at me to shout to my heart's content, yet I couldn't find the strength at the sight. Instead, my mouth dropped open as if in silent disbelief as the dog finished his meal and, after making sure the boy was dead, howled and ran off.

No words formed. My eyes stared at the lifeless form for what felt like hours until a hand touched my shoulder, jolting me from my horrible thoughts of death. "It's alright. This is only your first encounter, but you'll get used to it. You don't need to worry. It's better him than us." Donovan's words meant to soothe me, but even though I did prefer my life, I couldn't help but feel for the child who never got his. I didn't know the boy personally, but he was so, "So young." I didn't recognize my voice through a few quick harsh rasps.

"I know, but Alex, listen," He started slowly kneeling down to meet my gaze. "Forget about it. It's in the past now. Zee get any better if you keep up a face like that." Gesturing farther down, I could make out Zee's horror-stricken face as he too seemed motionless at the bars, tears staining his face. Closer to the scene, I was pretty sure he got a full view with sound and all. Slowly, my eyes shot over to the red mess for one more second before turning to Donovan. He could obviously tell what was about to happen next, for he squeezed my shoulder harder in a reassuring way. However, I kept my own tears locked behind my lids as they closed on themselves to keep from spilling out. "We'll be like this for the rest of the night. Make yourself comfy." Though reluctant, my cell mate moved away and jumped on top his bed to lay down. His body staying completely still, it looked like he was contemplating things. It might have bene hours before I moved again, but after several times of trying to shake the thought, it would keep coming back to me. My head felt dizzy, and I found the strength to move again. Zee had long left his post before I had and found it almost good enough to sleep. I could sense Donovan's gaze upon me again, and it felt like more of a concerned one overall, but I didn't really care at the moment. Sleep didn't sound half bad.

Lazily, I slipped under the paper-thin covers hoping to just get comfortable and closed my eyes. Focusing my attention on one subject, I found it slip its way to Donovan. His words from before speaking to me before we were laughing and having fun again. Above me, I could hear the soft sound of his breath slowly come into tune with mine. Sleep found me quickly, but nightmares played my mind. All the horrors of Furnace seemed at my heels, and they continued to chase me in the darkness. Maybe I might have dreamed this, but after a long time of silence in the prison, something squeaked and an extra bit of warmth covered me in the cold night. It wasn't until later on when we awoke, that I realized another paper-thin blanket had been placed upon me.