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Dude? Wheres My Tessen?!?! By: Tempist.

"Damnit! I knew I shouldnt have had that last bowl of sake!" Tasuki said sitting up, holding his head. He looked around and it took him a moment to register where he was. "Wait...i was at a tavern last night..." He said and looked around. He saw Chichiri spread out on the floor drooling while he slept. Tasuki crawled to the end of the bed and threw a pillow at the sleeping monk.

"DAAA!!!!!!" Chichiri yelled as the hard pillow hit him in the face.

"FUCK! To loud!" Tasuki said falling off the bed as he heard Chichiri yell.

"DAA!!!" Chichiri went into chibi form and ran around the room before falling flat on his face after tripping over the ball of Tasuki.

"Chiri man...your too fucking loud!" Tasuki said as low as posible while still holding his head.

"Sorry no da. I have such a headache na no da." Chichiri returned to his normal self and sat up.

"Do you rember anything that we did last night?" Tasuki asked as he stood up, then fell on the bed face first because he had a head rush from moving too fast.

"Only before getting drunk no da." Chichiri answered getting up, and wipped his mouth of the access drool from his sleep.

"Where the fuck are we?" Tasuki said into the bed spread afraid to move his head because of how much it hurt.

"I believe we are in a room above the tavern Tasuki-san no da." Chichiri took off his shirt that was soaked and smelled of sake and put a fresh one on. He looked around and found his kesa, kasa, and shoes. As he put them on, Tasuki got the energy to get up and looked down and saw for the first time that he was only wearing a table cloth in the form of a toga. He grabbed his cloths and put them on. He then noticed something wrong.

"WHERE THE FUCK IS MY FREAKING TESSEN?!?!" Tasuki yelled throwing everything everywhere.

"I believe you were lighting things on fire saying there were little men on everything so the bartender took it." Chichiri said remembering that much from when he wasnt that drunk then.

"Dude? Wheres my tessen?!?!" Tasuki said running out the door half way down the stairs before he stumbed and fell the rest of the way down. "Damn wing sign." Tasuki said getting up. He ran over to the bar. '' Wheres my fucking tessen?" Tasuki yelled at the bartender as the bartender came out from the back.

"What the hells a tessen?" The bartender asked.

"An iron fan. Now where the hell is it!?!?!" Tasuki was ready to jump over the bar and look for it himself if the damned bartender didnt look.

"Im sorry. I think the night tender took it home with him." The 'tender said after looking in the box of left over crap from the previous night. Tasuki demanded the info on the dude and of course the bartender, scared shitless of the ex-bandit, gave him the guys name and address. Chichiri watched as Tasuki did this shaking his head slightly, then fallowed Tasuki out, turning chibi and smiling, giving the bartender a peace sign with his fingers.Tasuki stepped outside and shielded his eyes from the bright outdoors.

"DAMNIT!!!" Tasuki yelled as he adjusted to the move from the dim bar to the bright and sunny street.

"Tasuki-san. I think you aught to wait untill your hangover has died down some na no da." Chichiri advised the red head.

"Ill rest when I get my Fucking tessen back." Tasuki stomped into the busy street and then bumped into a guard.

"Hey. Your the ones who broke into the palace last night!" One guard yelled and pointed Tasuki and Chichiri out to the other guards.

"SHIT!" Tasuki yelled and he and Chichiri ran down the street in chibi form from the guards.

"DAAA!!!!!" Chichiri yelled jumping over a cart. He caught up with Tasuki and they ran down the street with the guards close behind.

To Be Continued....

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