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Dude.. Where's my Tessen?!?! By: Tempist

"Forget any of those thoughts on exercising Chiri, running from horney girls is enough!" Tasuki whispered as he and Chichiri hid behind a pile of boxes from the girls they didn't know.

"Tasuki!! Chichiri!!!" The two men heard from the other side of the boxes.

"Tasuki-san no da, how do you suppose we are to get to Nakago's place when were being chased by them na no da?" Chichiri whispered, still watching from a crack in the boxes. Tasuki looked around, his gaze stopping at a cloths stand. He grinned at a sudden idea and looked over at Chichiri.

"You would look good in blue.wouldn't you Chichiri?" Tasuki asked with an arched eyebrow.

"What do you no.DAA!?" Tasuki pulled Chichiri from their hiding place.

"Damn make one hot girl!" Tasuki laughed as he adjusted his own red dress and hair. Chichiri sweat dropped, looking at himself in the mirror. His long blue dress and done up hair made him look as if he was a cross dressing...Nuriko.

They casually walked out of the dressing room and down the dirt road, passing the girls, who were still in search of them.

"Note to self.ask Nuriko in the next life how the hell he got around in these." Tasuki whined. Soon, they arrived at the door of Nakago's hide out, after stopping a few men and flirting with them to get the information as to where it was located. Tasuki cleared his throat and knocked lightly on the wooden door.

"Tasuki no da.what are you planning on doing once someone answers the door no da?" Chichiri asked still not liking this idea.

"Were gonna do what any girl would do when faced by a ugly, stupid, fat- assed guard. We flirt till we get our way!" Tasuki smirked, then they heard footsteps on the other side of the door.

"Yeah?" A man fitting Tasuki's description yelled as he open the door, then smirked when he saw Tasuki and Chichiri.

In a feminine voice, Tasuki batted his eyes and smiled at the man, "Sir, where here for Nakago" He giggled slightly at his smirk.

"Well," The guard looked at Tasuki then Chichiri. "Did Nakago pay for you? Or are you still looking for a job?"

Chichiri giggled. "Sorry sir, we're paid in full by Mr. Nakago. We have arrived to fulfill our required job no da." Chichiri smiled and swayed his hips as the guard let them pass.

"Way to go Chiri." Tasuki whispered.

"You owe me big Tasuki-san no da." Chichiri glanced over his shoulder as they walked and saw the guard drooling, his stare focused on Chichiri's ass. "Big time na no da."'s where it ends for now! Thanks for all the reviews, and hopefully I will get some good ones to help me stir my creative juices. Ideas for the fic are gladly excepted and might be used! So keep them coming!