Wild Card POV

I have affected the games for 5 years. I am an avox, i became an avox 6 years ago when they captured me, i did nothing wrong but they accused me of terrible things. So they made me a servant of the gamemakers, where i just do small chores for them. No one knows it but i affect the games in ways no can imagine, as in tribute a is about to fall off a ledge, but if i like them i can put something in their path to make them go another way.

I have never been known to do the same thing twice, that is why the gamemakers call me wild card. My family disowned me right after they took me to be an avox. I think i was made an avox because my father didnt want me spreading rebellion, so i have nothing to lose by hacking. I grew up in the capitol, and my father is the president of panem.

What made me do this is, growing up i always watched the games and the winner was never the best person, it was always the 6' dominating guy or the crazy bloodthirsty girl. My father Colton Snow never listened to me when i questioned why we had these terrible games, he just became more and more angry until eventually he had me made avox. I always thought why not change the games so that someone other than the evil ones win. That is why i have changed these games, and no one will ever know...