District 2 Reapings

Brute Stabler POV

I have to win for my little brother, when i was 5 i started training because my father started beating me. I am the best fighter in all of district 2, no one comes close. The only thing is i dont want to hurt people, i trained for self defense. My father said if i dont volunteer this year then my brother and i are kicked out, so if i do win, i will take my little bro and live in a victors house.

I tell jake to get ready while i put on my black suit. My mom comes in and asks if i am really gonna volunteer, i say yes. She doesnt think father will do it, but he will. I walk out of the house and walk into scarlett (my best friend, who i also have a crush on) and we talk about stuff while we walk to the reaping. She also asks me if im gonna volunteer, i say yes again but i promise her i will come back.

We get to the reaping and get in line, the escort comes up and says "ladies first". She reads "hazel alexal", someone shouts "yes" and walks up to the stage. She says im hazel and im gonna win! Half the crowd laughs, half is quiet and confused. On to the boys she says, she grabs a slip but im already up on stage and say i volunteer. She drops the slip and it was my brothers name. Oh well, we are taken backstage and i say goodbye to my family and board the train to the capitol.

Hazel Alexal POV

Im so excited, today is the reaping and im going to volunteer. Let me tell you why im goin to volunteer, two years ago my little sister died to the district one girl. I will get revenge, Im going to blend in at first, then when she is not looking im gonna take her down. I say goodbye to my roommates at the academy and head to the reaping in my pink dress. When i get there everyone is staring at me again. People say im wierd because i hear voices and im sometimes im not all there, but it doesnt matter, i know what i have to do. If i die, i will go down fighting.

I get to the 13 yr olds line and the escort is picking the slip when i say "i volunteer!" The escort says ok and lets me on stage, the guy is already on stage before she reads it and she says ladies and gentlemen, your district 2 tributes. I am taken into the justice building and all my friends come in and say goodbye, with that we are on our way to the capitol...

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