Chapter 1: Vandal Savage not!

Wally's POV:

I surveyed myself in the full-length mirror at the moment. Contrary to popular belief, yes, I can see my reflection in the mirror. The notions of Vampires being unable to cast a shadow or have a reflection are just foolish human thoughts. Only Strigois are unable to have a reflection as their souls were ripped from them when they gave up their humanity.

Mirrors are objects of purification. It shows your inner self, aka, your soul. Thus, that is why Strigois have no reflections. As for my kind, Morois, we are able to see our reflections as we were born as Vampires and we have a conscience. Not only my kind, but also Purebloods, Dhamphirs…In fact, all Born Vampires have a reflection.

As for Vampires not casting shadows, those are simply false facts made up by humans who are unable to wrap their heads around the fact that Vampires are human. Hello, people! Not all Vampires want to kill! Make your simple brains accept that! The more you believe in us, even if it was subconsciously, the stronger we become, and the more likely we will continue to exist and not lose faith and fade away. Some of the powers of Born Vampires are elements of nature itself. Most Born vampire powers are often part and parcel of the Universe, the Earth. Thus, if we fade away, Earth could be in chaos as the balance in Nature could be disrupted. Most Born Vampires often have one to two special powers. Extra ones, aside from the ones that we are associated with. However, there are some, once every dozen generations or so, that there will be a Born Vampire who has multiple powers. Me and my three vampire friends, for example.

Ok, that is enough explanations for now, back to the present! Today, I am starting my new day as Curser. Thanks to my Vampiric power to curse just about anything and anyone, that makes me a valuable asset to the Team, since they have 'lost' Zatanna to the Justice League, I would be their 'Magic person'.

I was currently in my new Superhero costume. It consisted of two parts. The top part is a dark red long sleeve, body-fitting shirt-spandex- with the emblem of black fire on my chest, symbolizing bad luck, or something like that. I wore no gloves, unlike my old Kid Flash costume. In the middle of the fire is a very nice cursive letter 'C', in the nice shade of crimson red.

My bottom part is a black pair of pants that are, for a fact, flexible and elastic, so that I can bend easily, when I am performing feats of super agility. My knee-high boots are a very nice shade of grey. My two-piece outfit is connected by a belt which holds a stone that protects me from the sun's harmful rays. As extra precaution, I wear a ring with this same type of stone embedded in it on my right middle finger. I do not wear it as a necklace when I am in uniform. Only when I am in my civilian identity do I wear the necklace, and even then, I make sure it is safely hidden from view, like Karolina.

My mask is very much like Nightwing's, with the whites for eyes. Except that it was grey in colour. My hair is neatly combed down, and not spread out so haphazardly as before.

Why the whites, you ask? Well, since when I was Kid Flash, I did not need to use my extra Vampiric powers. All I needed to do was run, even though it was my minimum speed, that was all I had to do, run. Now that I am actually utilizing my Vampiric powers, I have to keep my eyes from being seen when I cast a curse. I cannot let any villains see my eyes and hit upon the fact that I am a vampire, can I? See, when I cast a curse, my eyes will glow red as a sign that I am using my powers, and that will not be good for me, as some villains are surprisingly smart, and ay come to conclude that I am what I am.

Now, I know what you are saying, 'If you want humans to believe in you, how can they when you don't show them what you are?'

See, it is very dangerous for me, us, to reveal ourselves to the mortals. Not only will we reveal the Vampire Kingdom as a whole, we will also be putting ourselves in mortal danger. There are some humans who will be hell bent on destroying us, as they think that we Vampires are such evil creatures. The truth? Only Strigois are the evil ones. Well, more of the Strigois than the other kinds of Vampires.

Anyways, I was giving myself a once-over for the last time, when I caught a whiff of Dick's unique smell.

Perhaps I should backtrack a bit. See, all Born Vampires are born with a unique smell that only applies to him or her. No Born Vampire will ever smell the same. Also, the smells that we emit are all very sweet. Think candy. Different kinds of candy smells. There you go, an idea on how we Born Vampires smell like. Thankfully, our smells are very faint, so only if you have a super sharp sense of smell, or you are really close to us, can you smell it.

Dick's scent is that of caramel. Yes, sweet, delicious caramel toffees.

I heard Artemis and Dick whispering in hushed voices, before making out light footsteps ascending the stairs to my bedroom.

I spotted Dick in the mirror trying to slip into the room subtly. If he were sneaking up on a human, it would work, but on a vampire, I would give him an F. Or maybe a D, seeing as I had the help of a trusted mirror.

Anyways, I smirked at him in the mirror and asked, "So, how is the Team coming along?"

Dick smiled, "They are eager to see how you look like, nice costume, by the way."

I smiled, "Thank you. How dost thou find me, anyway?"

Dick, in his full Nightwing gear, lolled on Artemis's dressing table chair.

"I simply followed thy scent. Cotton candy is hard to miss."

Yup! That is my scent! Cotton candy!

Roy's scent is that of peppermint, while Karolina's is that of Cherries jubilee.

I pouted, "Aw…I thought my scent must hast diffused throughout the house."

Dick chuckled, "I would still be able to pinpoint the location."

"True, true." I conceded.

"So," he stretched as he rose from the chair. "Art thou ready to meet the Team?"

I turned to him, spreading my arms. "Tell me if I am ready or not."

He looked me over, then gave a thumbs up and winked.

I thanked him, before making we made our way downstairs and greeted Artemis. When that was done, we set off for the Zeta Beams as a trio.

"Recognized; Artemis; B07"

"Recognized; Nightwing; B01"

"Recognized; Curser; B03"

The Zeta Beams whirred to life and transported us to the Hall of Justice.

As soon as we arrived however, I was taken by surprise, the sight before my eyes.

At least two dozen men lay unconscious at the feet of Karolina and Roy, all unconscious, all disarmed. Guns lay scattered all over the area, and Roy was in the midst of beating Vandal Savage Justice League and the team were watching in the background.

I was shocked for a second before I quickly recovered, and smirked, "This guy never quits, dost he?'

Nightwing has already recovered, but Artemis was still in shock.

Karolina and Roy looked up. Roy dropped Vandal Savage to the floor unceremoniously.

"Perfect timing," Roy announced. "We hath grown tired of Vandal Savage trying to exact revenge upon us. So we hath come to a decision. We were waiting for thee to come. We hath decided to do the most angelic thing and rid him of his arrogance, stress, frustration, hate and jealousy."

Dick and I stared at him. I gagged at the revolting thought of biting Vandal Savage.

"But," I protested. "He hardly exudes any frustration!"

Karolina glared, "'Tis our only solution."

I sighed, "Oh, alright."

"Hey, Curser, nice costume!" Bart whooped.

I nodded, "Thank you Bart. However, what I am about to do, thou might want to turn away."

Beast Boy shook his head vigorously, "Uh uh! We want to see!"

Dick sighed, "Dost not think we did not warn thee."

Uncle Barry strode up to us.

With that, all five of us gathered around Vandal Savage, and giving an approving nod together, we plunged in.

Well, Karolina did it first. When she took a half a pint, she let Roy take over, then Dick, then Uncle Barry. They each took half a pint. When it was my turn, I let my fangs shoot out of my mouth and bit hard into Vandal Savage's throat, and took half a pint of his blood.

I must admit here, that his blood was the foulest blood that I had ever tasted. Even worse than animal blood! Ugh! I felt like puking! When I was done, I quickly withdrew to the side, and gulped down some water offered to me by uncle Barry.

He whispered to me, "Yes, I felt like puking too." I chuckled. Then we turned to face Vandal Savage.

Now that we had rid him of his 'sins; which plagued him, I sent him and his crew back to whence they came.

Now, he is Vandal Savage, not!

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