Chapter 2: Helping out Blue Beetle!

Dick's POV:

It was a free day at for my Team at the Hall of Justice. All Supervillian threats had been neutralised. The Justice League had taken care of them, and there were no covert missions. Which left me with nothing to do. Hence, I was in my current predicament, sitting on the couch in the Chill out room, and flipping a boring magazine absentmindedly. It was not really my cup of tea, but what was I to do? My friends Roy, Wally and Karolina have yet to arrive, and everyone were engaged in their own conversations. Kaldur was talking to Superboy, and thanks to my superhearing, I was able to hear that they were discussing about him trying to befriend M'gann again. Kaldur was great at negotiating. I chuckled to myself. Conner befriending M'gann could really improve the Team's bonding together. Besides, I never did really like La'gann. I mean, Angelfish? Really? He has got to do better than that. If I were M'gann, I would not be satisfied. M'gann is not even a fish, but a Martian.

I have always wondered the reason why M'gann went out with La'gann. I could sense that she never really had feelings for this fish boy. In fact, half of her mind was still wrapped around Conner. Was it because they were both green? Nope. I immediately ruled out that possibility, since M'gann was a white Martian. Was it the similarity in their names? Possible. Did she go out with La'gann to spite Conner? Very plausible. Whatever the reason, I wish that M'gann would just dump La'gann and admit that she still liked Conner. I never liked fish boy anyway, he was too impulsive, and often, that impulsiveness came quite aggressively. His impulsivity was worse than Wally's when he was Kid Flash, but then, Wally was simply acting that way. He can never be impulsive, as Wally's nature was calm, cool and collected. It is all Vampiric nature, just like with me, Roy and Karolina. La'gann also seems to love action, a little too much, and that has led to him often getting frustrated and impatient, sometimes endangering the squad. That is one attribute of his personality which I disliked. Not that I would ever tell him that.

Anyways, I looked on, and Karen Beecher–aka Bumblebee- was talking with Mal, and Tim with Garfield, Jaime with Bart, Cassie with Barbara, and Zatanna with Raquel and Artemis.

So there I was, alone, idling on the couch. Fun, right? I tried remembering all of my knowledge of English during the Middle Ages, to see if I could still utilize it without reverting to the modern English.

I was snapped out of my reverie when I heard Jaime shout, "NIGHTWING!"

"Huh?" I asked, all eyes on me and Jaime. He was standing in front of me.

Suddenly, he had an irritated look on his face and his head turned slightly, "Oh, shut up, will you?" He asked in an annoyed voice.

I started, "I beg thy pardon?!"

He blanched, "No! No! I did not mean you, Nightwing! I…I meant…-sigh- I meant the Scarab."

"That device can talk?" I asked, incredulous.

"Yes, it is artificial intelligence, but…it is kind of aggressive…"

"I see…" I nodded. "So, thou hast trouble controlling this mechanism, right?"

Jaime nodded, "Yeah…I feel like it is controlling me instead of me controlling it. Ironic, Huh? Oh! Will you shut up?!"

I chuckled, "It controls thee, eh? Well, let us see how well thy Scarab react to my little surprise."

Jaime was confused, "Wha…what do you mean, Nightwing?"

I shrugged, "Simply this."

With that, I opened my palm and ice shards formed, hovering a few inches above my palm. Without a word of warning, I shot the ice shards at Jaime. He barely had time to cry out, before the ice shards grazed him, leaving a small cut where blood trickled from. He was jealous, I can tell, but not so much. So he was safe, I think. He stumbled. Before he could regain his composure, his right arm was already covered in armour.

"No!" He cried, struggling to keep control of his Scarab. I rolled my eyes, then, I stood up and strode toward him. He stumbled backward, tried, and would have fallen had I not caught him by his arm. His right arm. The armour retreated.

"Thou art jealous…" I murmured, just loud enough for him to hear.

Jaime was visibly trembling. I sensed that it was out of fear, as my taste in blood is jealousy, after all.

I sighed and rolled my eyes, then I pressed my right forefinger to his forehead. He froze. He dared not move.

"Oh, prithee." I muttered. My forefinger glowed blue, and this glow transferred to Jaime's body. His cut began to close slowly. Then, it faded and disappeared completely. I removed my finger.

Jaime stood there staring at me in shock. I shrugged.

"I can do this on a minor scale, one area at a time. Roy too. Wally, however, can do this on a larger scale, healing two to three people at a time. Karolina can heal at least a dozen at a time."

"Recognized; Twilight; K01"

"Recognized; Red Arrow; B06"

"Recognized; Curser; B03"

Wally, Roy, and Karolina walked into the room laughing and giggling.

Then, they all stopped simultaneously, and sniffed the air.

"Is that…blood I smell? It is!" Wally cried, eyes widening.

"What dost thou doth this time, Dick?" Roy asked, pinching his nose bridge.

I rolled my eyes and explained, "Jaime here, told me that he was unable to control his Scarab, an artificial intelligence. I simply tested him to see if 't was true."

Karolina eyed him, "Artificial intelligence, huh? Can it hear us speak?"

Jaime nodded, "Yes, it can. But not thoughts."

'Very well,' Karolina pulled all three of us into her mental conversation with Jaime. 'Jaime, listen to me. I heard from Bart that you were in charge of the Apocalypse future from which he came. It is impertinent that you listen to me and listen well. Artificial intelligence is simply an object of science. Artificial intelligence can never beat a human brain. It was a human brain and genius, which created this device in the first place, am I right? Without human intelligence, this piece of technology would never have existed in the first place, correct? Hence, a human brain, given enough will power, can, without a doubt, beat a product of intelligent design. So this means that it is not impossible to control this gadget. It is very possible, and if you are willing to do it, Jaime, you will be able to control that little gadget of yours. The question is, are you ready? Do you have the determination to overcome your problem, and if so, when you finally achieve your desired result, are you willing to embrace it and all its power, or will you still keep it in check and not let yourself go astray? Think about these questions Jaime. In the meantime, let us help you. We will each launch an attack at you, and you are not to oppose it, and you are not to allow your Scarab to oppose it either, but you are to hold your ground, deal?'

Jaime nodded.

With his consent, we venture to the training room, where we each took our positions, the others watching in the wings.

I was stationed at the wall, the North-west corner. Wally was at the South-west, Roy was at the North-east, Karolina was at the South-east corner, and Jaime was at the centre. Standing with his upper body bare, ad his bare feet touching the cold earthy ground.

"I'm ready." Jaime announced.

All four of us gave each other a nod of confirmation.

Roy then took a deep breath, concentrated, and his eyes glowed golden, before he unleashed a wave of earth at Jaime. Jaime squared his shoulders and braced himself for the impact. He was knocked off his feet harshly, and as he fell to the ground, he clutched at his right arm and seeming to restrain it. He failed.

Next came Wally's turn. His eyes glowed red, and from his palms, jets of fire came shooting out. The results were the same, and the armour spread further down his body.

My turn next. I closed my eyes and let my power flow through me. My hands glowed blue, and my eyes, a golden yellow. Ice shards, huge ice shards rose out of the ground under Jaime's feet. He fell flat on his back. In full armour this time. I sighed.

Karolina's eyes glowed red without warning, and blasts of air shot repeatedly at Jaime. His armour protecting him this time.

Before he had time to stop, his right arm transformed into a cannon. He struggled and fought with his arm, and the cannon finally retreated. Jaime collapsed to the earth-shaken ground, exhausted.

"Well, it is a start," I muttered to the others.

They nodded silently.

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