Chapter 7: Time machine.

12:00 p.m.; Watchtower

Kaldur'ahm's POV:

I was discussing about marine creatures with my king, Aquaman. We were on the Watchtower at this present moment. We have, after all, qualified to be on it. The entire Team was there. The mentors were, at this present moment, talking to their protégées. Batman with Nightwing , Batgirl and Robin; Wonder Woman with Wondergirl; Superman with Superboy; Flash with Impulse; Green Arrow with Artemis, Roy and Red Arrow; and Martian Manhunter with Miss Martian.

The other League members were milling about, while the rest of the Team members without any mentors were talking amongst themselves. I noticed that Twilight was talking to Blue Beetle about a particular subject, whilst he simply looked amused.

At that moment, the Zeta Beams whirled to life. "Recognized; Curser; B03" Impulse's face lit up at the prospects of seeing his 'totally awesome, hot crash, talented and cool' first cousin. We all expected Wally to enter in his superhero garb. However, that did not happen at all. Oh, no. Wally did step through, yes. But when he did, he was dressed in a school uniform, the insignia of which I did not recognize. The school uniform was unique, almost like that of Gotham Academy. Except, he was wearing a white long sleeved shirt under a grey jacket. He was wearing a blue checkered tie, and also sported long checkered blue pants. He also had a sling-bag flung over his left shoulder, his right hand on his hips. He was not wearing any mask, but his eyes blazed with anger, and annoyance.

A loud curse rang out from the back, "Shit!" As everyone turned to the source of the sound, there was a great whoosh of air, and three significant people were gone. There were three more whooshes, and Roy and Karolina came rushing towards Wally, Dick stumbling a little. They were too dressed in that similar uniform, with Karolina's being red and she sported a skirt. She pulled her hair up into a high ponytail.

Wally rolled his eyes and snapped, "Oh, so good of thou to remember that 'tis our first day of school!"

"Relax, Wallace, we still have 5 minutes. With thy powers, we can get there in a flash! Pun intended."

Wally again rolled his eyes and mumbled something, before lifting his right hand and giving it a snap. His right hand was encased in orange light, and all four of them disappeared.

"What just happened?" Garfield inquired. "Where are they going?"

"To Mystic Academy, Beast boy." Flash said. "They do not exactly study there, but they act as Guardians to the school, a higher status than that of the Student Council."

5:00 P.m.; Watchtower

The Team and the Justice League were still on the Watchtower, when the Zeta beams whirred to life again, 'Recognized; Twilight; K01; Nightwing; B01; Curser; B03; Red Arrow; B06.'

Wally, Dick, Roy and Karolina entered in their superhero selves, laughing about something. The younger Team members ran up to Karolina.

"Twilight! Twilight!" cried an enthusiastic Beast Boy. "Let's explore the Watchtower together!" Karolina perked a dainty brow, "But, thee had the whole afternoon to do so, why doth thee not?"

"We wanted to wait for you to explore with us! It'll be totally crash!" said Impulse. "You waited for me? Aww…I am touched." Karolina giggled before following them. "Make sure that they dost not touch anything, Karolina!" Dick called after them, following them. Karolina gave a subtle nod.

Roy had, at that time, went to Batman, and enquired, "A good evening to you, Batman. Might I ask what art thou doing?" Batman paused in his typing, and turned to Roy. Meanwhile, Wally grabbed a chair, took off his mask and said, "Would any of you like to hear a story?"

The original members and La'gann as well as Barbara looked at each other, and we shrugged, all sitting down at Wally's feet.

"All right. A long, long, long time ago," Wally began, but, Artemis interrupted him. "Wally, I don't want to listen to a fairy tale!" "'Tis not a fairy tale! 'Tis real! Alright. A long time ago, more than 2000 years ago, when everything was still in its infancy, when civilization was still growing and expanding, there was a king in China. An emperor; and he went by the name: Qin Shihuang. Although he was the first Emperor, and the one who united China under one rule, he was cruel, tyrannical. He wanted power, he wanted absolute obedience from his subjects. I acted as his advisor then, however, he refused to listen to my warnings and advice, at last deciding that he no longer needed an Advisor. So, he sent me to the dungeons. He left me there to "rot". However, I soon escaped with the help of compulsion. I then teleported back to my kingdom, Vampyra and settled down once more, with my spouse. Yes, I am married, and yes, Artemis knows this. I can only stay with her for ten years though, she knows and accepts that. That is one of the Vampire laws. We can interact with humans, and stay with them, but only for ten years, after that, we have to leave. We cannot mate with them. We cannot make Dhamphirs any longer. That rule was made a century ago, so, Dhamphirs born before that law was decreed were safe. Jade know too, Lian was adopted. Anyway, end of story. So what hast we learnt?"

"That…Vampires can't mate with humans?" M'gann said. Wally shook his head. "That…Qin Shihuang was tyrannical?" Artemis tried. Again Wally shook his head. He was about to open his mouth when he stiffened. I noticed that Roy did too. They both turned towards the direction which Karolina and Dick had gone to. After a while, there was a pounding of feet on the floor, and Dick came running in. He skidded to a stop in front of Wally and Roy, a strange little machine in his hands.

"Wally, Roy! Karolina and the others are missing!" he exclaimed. "Wh-what?!" Wally and Roy were stunned. "I was following them. Then, I saw them turn into a room, before heading towards the kitchen for a glass of water. I then heard frightened cries and immediately sped into the room, just in time to see a white light dissipate and the team members gone! I searched everywhere, but to no avail. I then went to look at the security cameras, only to find that the man was sleeping on the job. I looked at the cameras and found out that this device- (He patted the machine)- was what made them disappear. I then brought it here."

Batman stepped forward. "Nightwing, that is a Time Machine, which we confiscated from Klarion and Count Vertigo, as well as Vandal Savage, almost a year ago. It is surrounded by Black magic, not allowing anyone to know where they went after it had been activated; most likely Klarion's doing. They never got a chance to use it, and we never tampered with it." "Then perhaps Zatanna or Doctor Fate can break the spell?" I suggested.

"We never really bothered with it, but it's worth a try." Batman replied in his monotonous voice.

Zatanna went up to the machine and spread her hands out in front of her, "Wohs su erehw eht meat srebmem tnew!" The bolt of magic struck the machine, but had no effect. The only thing it did was reveal the cloud of black aura that surrounded the machine, giving signs of it being cast with Black Magic.

Doctor fate attempted next, with the same results, but was able to tell us something. "This device is surrounded by dark, ancient and powerful chaos magic. The magic is far more ancient than mine, almost 5000 years old. As such, I cannot break it. I suppose Vandal Savage gave this spell to Klarion to cast upon this machine. In order to break this spell, we must cast upon it magic that is just as old, or older that this magic."

"But, how will we be able to get a hold of such a magician, or spell caster?" Zatanna asked, obviously worried.

"Did thou say 'ancient'?" Dick inquired.

"And 'powerful'?" Roy enquired after Dick.

Both of them turned towards Wally. Everyone followed and soon, at least a hundred pairs of eyes were trained on Wally. A look of dread came onto Wally's face.

"Oh no. No no no no no. Doth thee even know what happened the last time I attempted a spell on as large a scale as this? I took out an entire town. An entire town! I do not want to take out the Watchtower. Besides, I attempted the spell like, 500 years ago. I am out of practice!"

"Yeah, right, Wally!" Roy snorted. "We both know how powerful thou art. A simple spell like that wilt not be a problem to thou."

"Besides, thou dost want to get Karolina and the Team back, doth thou not?"

Wally sighed and nodded. "Alright. Then, preparations. Rocket. Think you can construct a force field around me and the machine? And can Doctor Fate and Zatanna cast enhancement spells on her force field, please? I want to make sure that I do not blow up the Watchtower and everyone in the process. Also, the spell needs to be technically accurate, in order to get maximum effect."

They all nodded. Wally took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He concentrated, and when he opened his eyes again, they were glowing red.

'O holy darkness of night,

Shadows in plain sight!

Search for a soul lost in time and tide,

Karolina! Year 2013! Find her wherever she may hide!'

Shadows started forming around Wally's arms. He then fired it at the machine. The shadows swirled around the machine, mixing with the aura. Suddenly, there was a brilliant orange glow emanating from the machine, and it exploded outward. It was so bright that everyone shielded their eyes. When the light dimmed, and Rocket, Zatanna and Doctor Fate lowered their hands, Wally was still standing there, and so was the machine. The only difference being that the coordinates on the machine were scrolling, whirling into life.

"You did it, Wally! You did it!" All the present Team members cheered. Flash was looking on proudly. The coordinates settled in. 'England; 1180'

"England, said to be the time during when Robin Hood lived. We were there before, and that's where we are going." Roy stated, winking.

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