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Chapter 8: England O England!

England; 1180; 20: 30: 01

Garfield's POV:

In a flash of brilliant white light, we had appeared in a forest. I was confused as to where we were. I remember the room we had been in, but in a second, that had disappeared, and the forest replaced it. As the younger Team members –Tim, Bart, Cassie, Jamie and me- inspected our surroundings, Karolina was having a major nervous breakdown.

"Karolina? You okay?" I asked her. She, however, was clutching her head and muttering.

"This ist bad, really bad….England….Sherwood….the past…oh no…Robin! This ist a catastrophe!"

"Yes?" Robin turned around when he heard his name.

"Not thee, Tim." Karolina murmured. She then sighed and stood up. "Dost thou remember anything from before?" She addressed all of us.



"Cool room." Garfield exclaimed.

"Only look around for a while, aye?' Karolina warned.

Bart zipped over to a weird looking device. "Hey, cool! Whatdoesthisthingdo?"

He pushed a button. The numbers started to whirl.

"Crash!" Bart cried, "Slot machine!"

Karolina rushed forward. "No, Bart! That ist not a slot machine! Step away fr-"

She never got to finish. For in a millisecond, a brilliant white light, coming from the device had encased them in a glowing white sphere. The Team members let out a scream.

End of Flashback

Bart gave a nervous chuckle, "Oops."

"Where are we?" Cassie asked.

Karolina sighed, "Most unfortunately, into the past we hath been dragged, to merry England, in the time of old, when good King Henry the second ruled the land. Correction: King Richard I, the Lionhearted."

"The-the past?!" Cassie stammered.

Karolina nodded, "Aye, but I fear we may be in danger's sight. For in Sherwood Forest we art, infamous for the outlaws that reside in this very forest."

Tim tilted his head. "Outlaws? You mean the legendary Ro-hmmmpphh!"

In an instant, Karolina had covered his mouth to prevent him from talking.

"Speakest not of the famous outlaw, Tim. For heed this, hedges hath eyes and trees hath ears. Tread lightly upon this topic we must! For Prince John ist a cunning man, one who tolerates not of the gallant hero known as Robin Hood."

"Prince John? But he wasn't supposed to rule until 1199." Jamie whispered to Karolina. "That's what my scarab tells me. Oh, and he also says that Robin Hood is a fictional character."

Karolina shook her head. "Nay, Robin Hood ist a legendary hero. Stories of his many great deeds and adventures hast been passed down for several generations. However, these ballads were passed by word of mouth, and hast become distorted over the years, such that he hast been portrayed as a myth instead. Also, Prince John ist seeing over the ruling of England whilst King Richard the Lionhearted, embarks upon a crusade. Now, no longer can we stay hither. Let us venture to the town of Nottingham, and blend in as we must."

We followed in her footsteps. Creeping quietly.

When we got to the edge of the forest, we had a slight problem.

It was evening, lamps are lit, and the costumes that we are wearing will be considered as strange compared to theirs.

"Uh…Karolina? Slight problem here. How in the world are we supposed to blend in?" I asked.

"Worry not, my friend. Over yonder ist a shop which markets clothing. We wouldst be able to purchase some clothing. For I have in this very bag, old England currencies. I am a big fan of antique souvenirs. Also, 'tis a good thing that I still like the dresses of old, nay?"

With a snap of her finger, she went from the superhero Twilight, to a lady of old England.

"Stay hither." She ordered, "And speakest not a single word."

With that, she ventured out to purchase some clothing for us.

Soon, she was back, with some clothing for us to blend in.

"Here, change into these clothes. 'Tis uncomfortable, I am aware. However, 'tis the only method."

After we had changed, she inspected us.

"Now, Tim, the removal of thy shades ist a must, I am afraid."

"What?!" Tim protested, and then sighed. He took off his shades to reveal his blue eyes.

"Here, put on this hat." Karolina ordered.

"One problem, Karolina. I am green!" I cried.

"I am aware, Garfield. Stay thither."

That said, with a flick of her wrist, my features changed!

I had taken on a whitish skin tone, I no longer had fangs, and I was not as hairy as before. Also, I had chocolate brown eyes and black hair. I have become a normal human being! Well, except for my tail, which I had neatly tucked into my pants.

With another flick of her wrist, Karolina's features changed as well. Her eyes had become grey, her hair, auburn and straight, and her chin sharpened. She smirked. Somehow, she was still as beautiful as before, despite the change.

'Wouldst thou care for a makeover?" A snap of her fingers and the rest of the team member's features changed.

Bart had blue eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Cassie had green eyes and light brown hair.

Jamie had green eyes and blonde hair.

Tim had brown eyes and dark brown hair.

"Aye!" Karolina proclaimed. "Ready we art! Remember, I wilt be known as Koraline Paige, alright? Speakest not to anyone, aye? If they ask you anything, speakest not a word, and call for my aid, aye?"

We nodded.

Karolina stretched. "Come on! Over yonder ist a tavern! We wilt sate our hunger thither! Come along now."

With that, we followed Karolina into Nottingham, ready for a unique adventure.

Watchtower; June 2013; 14:45:30


"Alright, art we ready?" Dick inquired.

Wally nodded. "Aye."





"Time machine?"




Dick chuckled. He, Wally and Roy were going into the past to rescue Karolina and the other team members.

They were attired in the clothing of that era, and equipped with the currency of that era. They had even changed their features.

Dick had green eyes and dirty blonde hair.

Wally had blue eyes, auburn hair, and a cleft chin.

Roy had grey eyes and black hair.

"1…2…3…" Roy pulled the lever, and seconds later, a bright light encompassed them.

England; 1180; 21:20:45

As we munched on our food, Karolina barely touched her food. Instead, she kept glancing around the tavern, agitated.

I do not get what she was so worried about. We have managed to stay inconspicuous so far. Surely we can stay inconspicuous long enough until we get rescued from the past, right?

"Why so nervous, Karol-I mean, Koraline?" I asked her in between my chewing.

She gave a suspicious glance around the tavern once more before leaning in and whispered. "This ist a tavern in Nottingham. One of the many shops in the town. Taxes art required of shops in Nottingham, and this tavern ist certainly not going to be spared. The Sheriff of Nottingham no doubt wilt be making his rounds of collecting the taxes, and it wilt only be a matter of time before he arrives. Prince John is-"

She suddenly stopped in her speech and stared at a guy sitting beside us in the next table, a mug of ale in his hands.

"Oh no, this ist not boding well for us." She muttered.

"Why? What's going on?" We whispered to her.

"That guy beside us, he is wearing Lincoln green under his black robes." She murmured.

"So?" I asked.

She looked up, her eyes filled with anxiety. "Lincoln green is the colour that is worn only by Robin Hood and his merry band of outlaws."


She nodded.

"Come on. Let us make haste and make a quick escape from this tavern." She reached for her pouch.

At that moment, the tavern doors burst open with a mighty bang, and knights streamed in, followed afterwards by a plump, ugly man with an evil smirk on his face.

"Oh no…" Karolina breathed. "The sheriff of Nottingham!"