A Sneak Peek

The Isotx Verse; a world without computers, guided weapons, and nuclear weapons but possesses an seemingly endless supply of natural resources that fuels the economies of it's two major powers, the Commonwealth of Isotx and the Eastern Empire that have been engaged in a seventy-five year long conflict for global supremacy that has climaxed into a devastating Second World War that started in the late 1980s and has been in a stalemate since 2001. But now these two titans find themselves facing the unthinkable as they enter a collision course with the turmoil of the Human-Combine Wars where they will not only shape their own fates, but the fate of all mankind. The year is 2014 on the Isotxian calendar and from the vast plains of Northern Europe to the cramped city streets of this dimensions' version of Seattle, the flames of inter-dimensional war will rise to new heights, but the question is which power will reign supreme? Only time will tell...

Note to the Reader:

The next story will be divided into two parts, one will be through the TDJTF's point of view and the other will be the through the POV of one of the aforementioned powers which will replace the TDJTF as the major POV for a while.