"Mine is a Detective Inspector at Scotland Yard," Mycroft said haughtily, looking down his nose at his two little brothers. "He has worked his way up the ranks and is a fine specimen of duty to Queen and Country. Everyone should be so lucky as to have a man like Gregory Lestrade."

Sherlock scoffed, rolling his eyes at his obnoxious older sibling. "Mycroft, John is a former Army Captain, a trained doctor, and the finest marksman I have ever met. He has saved my life on numerous occasions and tolerates my experiments better than any other person alive."

Eyes darting between his two brothers, Quain cleared his throat, "I think you would find that James is better than both of your men. He was a Naval Commander before becoming one of the top secret agents in MI6. He has done more with his life than either of your two men could imagine. Secret agent is greater than any other career, do you not agree?"

As the three men continued arguing, on the other side of the room, John and Greg looked on with amusement while James stared disbelieving.

"Are they always like this?" he asked, as the other two sipped their beers, smirking.

"Yes," they answered in unison.

John smiled, "Welcome to the family. Just wait until you meet Mummy, Bond."