I told myself I wasn't going to update this again, but I feel like I would be dumb to not take advantage of what happened in the season finale. So here you go, enjoy the actual final installment. Drabble length because this should not have been written in the first place.


Beth is the kind of girl that can slip under radars and stay there. She has no real defining characteristics, and being the 'farmer's daughter', is often regarded as an innocent goody-two-shoes.

She is often overlooked.

It doesn't bother her that much. This brutal world has no place for the kind of hope she holds. Voicing her opinions would only bring ridicule, and she just doesn't need that in her life. Her undying optimism, no matter how secretive she tried to keep it, sometimes escaped and instead of motivating the group, would anger them.

She understands, to an extent. People have died, yes, people they cared about, but there has to be something better.

She keeps on hoping. It's all she has.

When the Governor comes back and attacks the prison again, she can hardly process the fact that her father has just been slain in front of her eyes. Her wits stay together long enough to keep herself alive and out of live fire, but just barely.

Before she knows it, only she and Daryl remain.

"We gotta go Beth, we gotta go." She can barely think through her tears, but she trusts Daryl enough to follow him out.

They run, and run, and run. Her legs are aching and there are too many walkers to stop. The loud tank's shells causing all of the dead from miles around to begin swarming.

When she and Daryl collapse in the field, they both know it's only a temporary break. There is no way they can stop now. When the grass begins to move, they hastily grab their few belongings and begin to jog again, off to nowhere.

Hours later, Beth voices that she needs to stop, and Daryl is more than happy to oblige. They situate themselves in a clearing in the woods and begin to set up the tried and true defenses they thought they would never have to use again.

Beth lights a small fire and collects twigs around camp while Daryl sets out with his crossbow in hopes of winning a rabbit or squirrel for dinner. After about half an hour, he returns empty handed, but Beth could hardly care. She couldn't eat if she tried.

As the sun finally sets, the weight of the day has begun to descend on Beth. Her father is dead. He survived losing his leg, but fell to the Governor, and it wasn't fair.

It is an irrational train of logic, because there is no such thing as fair anymore, but it still hurts, unbelievably so. Daryl hasn't said anything since they left, and Beth doesn't want to make him speak. She sits in silence as the tears begin to fall. Even though Daryl sits opposite her around the fire and likely wouldn't be able to see her cry, Beth still pulls her legs up to her chest and dips her head.

Once the tears start falling steadily, they start falling harder, and she can't keep herself silent anymore. Daryl looks up and sees her crying to herself quite loudly. This is hardly something he has experience with, but he isn't heartless. They both have lost everything, everyone, today. He stands and goes to sit next to her, still not speaking.

She leans against his shoulder, and they just stay frozen like this for an unknown amount of time. When Beth realizes it isn't only her father who is dead, but maybe Maggie, and Glenn, and Carol, and everyone else, she cries even harder. Now borderline hysterical, she is becoming dangerously loud, and they can't afford to have walkers come at this hour.

"Beth, ya gotta-," Daryl starts to quiet her, but stops halfway through. There's no way he could stop. He shouldn't want to, either. He can keep himself together, but she needs this.

Upon hearing him speak, Beth flings her arms around his shoulders and pulls him into an awkward side hug. She just sobs into his shoulder, and he can't think of anything to do but pat her arm and make his own attempt to 'soothingly' shush her. She lets go soon after, as she was bending uncomfortably at the waist into him, and Daryl is secretly glad she let go.

When Beth sees the tear stains and one or two streaks of snot on his arm, she can't help but give a shaky laugh.

"I am so sorry!" She cracks a tiny smile, and Daryl takes a look at his arm, and gives one in return.

Rolling his eyes, Daryl gives a playful shove to the young woman.

"Get some sleep, I'll keep watch."

Beth stands and places her hand on his shoulder.

"Thank you, for everything," Daryl nods once and Beth moves to lay down on the other side of the dying fire.

It's going to take a while to get over this, but at least they aren't alone.

I'm not trying to hate on Beth and emotions, but I'm just hoping to work with what has been presented so far in the show.

I have enough Beth and Daryl centric story if you're interested. It's called Wordless and is also set after they leave the prison.