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Harry sat in the Minister's office and prepared himself. He did not particularly look forward to explaining to the Minister why the Head Auror's office now had a rather large hole in the wall or the five slightly banged up aurors. In his defense, how was he supposed to know they were throwing him a surprise party when it wasn't even his birthday. Despite the war being over Harry still found himself constantly on edge which often resulted in a trip to St. Mungos for whatever unlucky soul managed to surprise him.

He was a bit surprised that the Minister had asked for a personal meeting. The war was over but things were still chaotic especially in the Ministry. The Ministry still had to deal with various trials, replacing several officials, finding displaced wizards and witches, setting up a new school, and several other tasks. The Ministry was severely understaffed and it didn't help that there was another new Minister. That made five in two years: Fudge who was an idiot, Scrimgeour an unscrupulous politician, Thicknesse who was imperiused, Kingsley who'd been killed, and Dawlish who had been a stand-in. In the end Neo Welker had been elected, as he was the most capable candidate, and the only one willing to run. Immediately following his election Welker started cleaning house by getting rid of any influences the remaining Death Eaters had in the Ministry.

Harry hadn't met the new Minister yet so he wondered what he was like. Last time he had gotten this carried away it was while Kingsley was still Minister. The man had rolled his eyes at Harry and told him he was going to outdo Moody in terms of unwarranted property damage. Kingsley was a good man and it had been terrible to hold another funeral especially as there had been no body to bury. It was a devastating blow.

He heard footsteps approaching and pulled his wand from its holster. Harry glanced at the door warily with his wand at the ready. He relaxed slightly when the door was opened by a harassed looking Welker. He may have never met the man in person but he had seen plenty of pictures in the paper. Welker was a tall man with steel grey hair and sharp hazel eyes. Harry discretely put his wand back into the invisible holster on his arm. He tried his best for a polite smile but it felt more like a grimace.

"Hello Minister." said Harry. He thought it best to start things out polite. After all he had nearly come to blows with every Minister except Kingsley and he didn't want to add another one to his tally.

"Good day," said Welker genially, "we have some important matters to discuss."

"Right, I'm sorry about the office. It wasn't even my fault this time after all they just jumped out of nowhere." Harry mumbled.

"Yes, well this is just another in a long list of recent incidents. If you keep this up we won't have an Auror Department anymore as they will all be in St. Mungos." said Welker,

"I know that but most of these incidents weren't even my fault." replied Harry. It wasn't as if he was going around jinxing people for the fun of it, besides these people were aurors, they should know better. Most of the auror department was fresh out of the academy, but if they expected to hunt dark wizards they needed to do better.

"Yes, the invitation you received was meant for Harry Parsons, however that does not excuse the fact that this behavior has become a pattern. I have a giant stack of paperwork dedicated to all your accidents from the last few months. I realize that things haven't been easy for you but things cannot continue in this manner" said Welker smirked slightly adding, "I believe that I have a solution that will work for both of us."

"What is it?" asked Harry warily.

"Well even though Voldemort is dead there are, as you know a few Death Eaters still on the loose. I imagine that this has made life rather stressful and I believe a change in scenery would do you some good." answered Welker with a benign smile.

The smile made Harry even warier than the smirk as Harry was reminded of the late Albus Dumbledore. He may have forgiven the man but the old coot had caused him a good amount of grief with his schemes. Harry had a bad feeling Welker was about to do the same. Harry had done some research on the man prior to his election. The man held a seat in the ICW and spent several years traveling as a British diplomat. He had a reputation for getting things done.

"I have made arrangements for a vacation of sorts with some contacts of mine. I think a change of scenery will do you some good." Added Welker, whose eyes were now twinkling in a manner eerily reminiscent of his old headmaster.

Harry stiffened and regarded Welker with wariness. "Thank you sir, but I don't think that those arrangements will be necessary."

"This isn't really a suggestion. So you can make the most of it and get a nice vacation out of it or not the choice is up to you." replied Welker firmly.

"I believe it is my choice Minister" said Harry firmly. He was not the least bit intimidated by the man; after all he had dealt with worse.

"I can actually, seeing as you are not yet at the age of full maturity. I have already contacted your guardians the Dursleys charming family," said Welker disdainfully, "and they have agreed to sign over your custody, so until your next birthday you belong to the Ministry."

"I'm eighteen." said Harry through gritted teeth.

"Yes, you are however, as you are still underage it is required that you have guardianship of some kind. You haven't reached full majority yet and as you haven't claimed your title as head of the Potter and Black households you are legally a ward of the Ministry." said Welker.

Harry was quickly losing his temper with Welker. As far as the Ministry was concerned he was a tool, the only reason he had been granted his freedom was to stop Voldemort. If they hadn't needed them to kill Voldy, then he would have spent his summer rotting at the Dursleys. He realized though that was nothing he could do as he looked at Welker' smug expression, but that did not mean he was going to go down without a fight.

"As you wish Minister just remember I will be of age in soon and I will no longer be a ward of the Ministry. That is assuming you can hold onto your position for that long." said Harry his voice frigid.

"Do not worry about that Potter I believe my position is quite secure" said Welker.

"Tell that to Fudge" said Harry.

"Now it seems we have travel plans to make don't worry, I've contacted some people and everything has been taken care of, I expect you to be prepared to leave by the end of the week" said Welker.

"So do I get to know where I'm going or are you just going to dump me in the middle of a desert?" asked Harry wryly.

"I've set something up with a couple friends in America, though there are a few extra preparations that have been made on our end. There are a few things that need to be straightened out of course. We must make sure the press doesn't get wind of this," said Welker, "There are also several things you will need to be informed of course as America has a very different way of thinking. In fact we will probably have a tutor sent over."

"That's great so what is it you want me to do exactly?" asked Harry.

"That's the spirit. Well I have a few files for you to read before your trip as well as a couple items which will enable you to hide your magic." answered Welker

"Hide my magic!? You're sending me someplace without magic!" said Harry.

"Yes," replied Welker, "I think it best for you to get away from the magical world for a while. We can draw the remaining Death Eaters out of hiding while you're away and I won't have to worry about the atrium being blown up again."

"How do you intend to draw them out? It's been three months since the Final Battle and several of the inner members are still out there. What makes you think shipping me out of the country will help you catch them?" demanded Harry

"With you out of the country the Death Eaters will be lured into a sense of false sense of security. They see you as a threat and a target. They are lying low because the attempts to kill you on Halloween failed." answered Welker.

"I fail to see the brilliance of your plan. The current auror department could hardly catch dragon pox let alone Fenrir Greyback. Most of them are fresh out of training." said Harry.

"Yes, the War took its toll on everyone, and the Auror Department suffered most of the losses. That doesn't mean we can't take care of a few fanatics" answered Welker.

"I understand which is exactly why I shouldn't leave. They don't stand a chance against Fenrir or Bellatrix." said Harry.

"Perhaps, but your desire to fight Death Eaters is questionable. You are not an Auror. You continue to fight and often volunteer to join the Auror Corps on raids. For what reason do you continue to fight the Death Eaters? I doubt that it is sorely for the altruistic reasons that you claim, perhaps it is a misguided attempt at revenge for those who died by their hand? Your friends, Mr. Weasley and Ms. Granger…" said Welker calmly.

"DON"T BRING THEM INTO THIS!" snarled Harry, losing control of his temper. His friends were a bit of a sore spot and he didn't appreciate Welker using them against him.

"You are upset, understandably of course and obviously in an emotionally unstable state" said Welker who was now eyeing Harry warily as objects around the room started to shake, "perhaps we should continue this discussion later, I have a meeting with the new Department of Magical Law Enforcement Head. How about I let my secretary escort you to the atrium?"

Harry took a couple of deep breaths in an attempt to calm himself as Welker wrote a short note and sent it away with a flick of his wand. Harry started slightly when a harried looking woman who looked only a few years younger than Welker rushed into the office with a trail of papers flying behind her. Her dark hair was pulled into a messy ponytail and her square-rimmed glasses were perched precariously on her nose. Harry noted that her eyes were a light blue behind the glasses and her wand was stuck behind her ear, reminding him slightly of Luna. Though unlike Luna, the woman seemed to have put her wand there in haste rather than on purpose.

"What?" she snapped at Welker completely ignoring Harry's presence.

"Hello Miss Scita, I was hoping you would escort…" started Welker, but he was cut off by an irritated huff from his secretary.

"Neo I don't really care who you've pissed off this time but I'm tempted to just let them hex you. The government doesn't run itself and I was in the middle of filing some very important paperwork that was supposed to be filed last week. I also had to finish reading over documents that the Bulgarians sent over concerning the next ICW meeting. So I have slightly more important things to do. Sometimes I wonder why I even work for you the pay is not even all that great really." ranted Miss Scita glaring at Welker.

"Now, Dawn-" said Welker who was once again cutoff by his secretary. Harry felt his anger be replaced by amusement as he watched both of them.

"Oh don't Dawn me, you only use that when you want something. I don't know why I put up with you. Oh hello." said Dawn finally spotting Harry in the corner and pushing her glasses back onto her nose. Harry was impressed when she turned to glare at Welker harder instead of gaping at him as most people did now.

"Harry Potter, really Neo, do you have any sense at all?" hissed Dawn before she spun away from him and turned towards Harry, "Hello Mr. Potter please let me show you out, I was just leaving anyways."

A bemused Harry strolled out the room on Dawn's heels. He found it easy to keep up with her brisk pace as she marched towards the lifts. He could tell that Dawn knew the Minister well but he was rather surprised at her blatant disapproval of his actions.

"I would say his new position is getting to him but he's always been that way. Now I'll just drop you at the nearest apparition point, as I'm assuming that you apparated in. I have several matters to attend to as the Undersecretary though everyone addresses me as the Deputy Minister." said Dawn.

"Thank you" replied Harry with a smile.

"It's no problem I don't really agree with his methods but he has taken your interests into account. I know that probably doesn't count for much but he is trying to do the right thing. Hopefully," added Dawn, "Well, have a good day Mr. Potter, and for what it's worth I hope you have a pleasant vacation. I believe this is your stop."

Harry watched with amusement as she turned away from him and promptly started walking back towards the lifts. He needed to go home and sort through everything that had just happened. His brain was starting to feel as if it had been tied in a knot from everything that had happened in the past few hours. Perhaps he would start packing then again maybe not, he wasn't going to make it too easy for the Minister.