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Harry continued walking behind Arya who led them through a stone archway. They walked past several tombstones. He wondered if the others were as uncomfortable as he was. He had been to far too many funerals to enjoy touring through a cemetery. Most of the others seemed to share his sentiments and he wondered how Arya was so at ease. They trekked across several rows of tombstones. Harry saw a grey stone building with several arches in front of them. He felt the hairs stand on the back of his neck and the next second he felt he was gripping his wand tightly. He scanned their surroundings and didn't see anything dangerous nearby. He quickened his pace and caught up with Arya.

"Why did you bring us here?" asked Harry.

"I thought it would be a good place to start," said Arya.

"This is a cemetery," said Harry.

"It's peaceful here," said Arya.

Harry looked at Arya in askance. He blinked and realized that Arya looked a good deal more relaxed.

"Perhaps, I should have chosen somewhere different," said Arya.

"It would have been a good idea, what are we here for anyways. There was a purpose for bringing us here, wasn't there?" asked Harry.

"Yes, I wanted to introduce you to a few people, and there is a small apothecary nearby that deals with very rare ingredients. We won't be here long I forgot that you and the others might be uncomfortable," said Arya.

"It's all right, just no more trips to the cemetery," said Harry.

He could see that Arya was being sincere. It was a bit disconcerting that the man had genuinely thought a trip to a graveyard would be a good idea. He wished he had known ahead of time, he would have talked Arya into a different destination. Or refused to come along.

"So is the apothecary in the cemetery?" asked Harry.

"No, it's a few miles down the road, I was just going to pop in and have the owner mail-order me what I need-" said Arya.

"Welcome to Sleepy Hollow Cemetery"

Harry jumped and looked around for the source of the voice. Harry relaxed as he saw a ghost approach them. The ghost was a man on a horse with his head on the pommel of the saddle. He was dressed in battle robes. Next to him stood another man whose head was intact; he was dressed like his companion. The man with his head intact waved at the group and Harry realized that he was the one who had spoken.

"Thank you," said Harry.

"And welcome back, Master Caldwell, are you here for a group tour?" the man asked.

"Not today I'm afraid my friends are not too terribly comfortable, André," said Arya.

"Most people aren't," said André, "who are your companions by the way?"

"I'm Harry Potter," said Harry.

"So you are, I've seen you before it was at Sir Nicholas's deathday party a few years ago I believe. I am sorry that I wasn't able to talk to you then, my imposing friend Heinrich, decided to keep my attentions occupied as he challenged the Bloody Baron to a duel," said André.

"That's all right, I didn't stay very long anyways," said Harry.

"Kid, who are you talking to?" asked Tony.

"The draugar, can you not see them friend," said Thor.

"People without magic can't normally see ghosts," said Harry.

"Reach into your bags and think sunglasses," said Arya.

Harry watched as everyone followed the vague instructions with varying degrees of confusion. He was amused when Clint jumped after he put his glasses on. The others looked unnerved as well. It reminded him of his first year, just before the sorting ceremony, when he met the Hogwarts ghosts. He wondered where they would stay while the castle was in ruins.

"Holy crap, is this real?" asked Clint.

"Hmm, they look like holographs," said Tony.

"Tony, don't," Pepper said as Tony walked through Heinrich.

He shuddered and Harry knew he was experiencing the sensation of being dunked in cold water. It was very unpleasant. He remembered all the times that a ghost had glided out of the walls and right into an unsuspecting student. It had taken some getting used to, but eventually he did. There were a lot of things he just got used to while in the wizarding world. He didn't doubt it would be the same in the muggle world. He looked at the cold grey headstones surrounding him and he remembered the several that he knew in England. Many of them were in Godric's Hollow. Now he sighed and looked down.

"Hey, folks, looks like there's been some mix up with the transportation, we're going to have to leave early because the portkey is set to go in ten minutes," said Arya.

Tony looked disappointed, but aside from the ghosts, he seemed to be the only one. The others were more or less relieved to be leaving the cemetery. Harry walked towards the forest as he didn't want to risk a muggle walking by. It would be hard to explain away vanishing into thin air. Arya seemed to share his sentiments as they walked towards the forest. Harry walked in without hesitation and the others followed. This was no Forbidden Forest after all, at least he hoped not. To be safe he stopped as soon as he was no longer visible from the cemetery.

"Okay, so any reason for the creepy forest," said Tony.

"Don't want to be seen portkeying out," said Arya, "I took a few liberties with the Statute of Secrecy but your case was rather special. One you've already been exposed to magic, two you would have been told anyways, and three you probably would have eventually figured it out anyways."

"You still broke the law," said Harry.

"Nah because, the officials planned to brief them anyways, I just did it sooner rather than later. I thought it would be better to know before we had to deal with any magic related crisis, should one occur that is," said Arya.

"I should have realized that, hey," said Harry, "what about the Statute not applying to you?"

"Again, complicated," said Arya, "now, get ready this will be a bit different."

Arya pulled out a piece of rope from his mokeskin bag and held it out. The others looked at it skeptically. Harry eyed it warily as well, out of reflex. He wasn't fond of portkeys, especially after his trip to Little Hangleton. He summoned his courage then stepped forward and took a hold of the rope. He let out a cautious breath when nothing happened as he touched the rope. Arya motioned at the others to do the same. It was done with reluctance by everyone except Tony and Thor. Harry glanced at his watch as Arya did the same across from him.

"Three, two, one," said Arya.

At one Harry felt the familiar jerk behind his navel. Seconds later he landed on the ground and stumbled, but managed to stay upright. The Avengers and Pepper were in a heap on the floor. Arya stood staring down at them with amusement. Harry examined his new surroundings while the Avengers disentangled themselves from the floor.

It was a medium sized room, a little smaller than his bedroom in Avengers Tower. The floor was carpeted, a soft cream color. The walls were a pale blue with white trimming in the corners. There were a few chairs and a two-seat in the middle of the room. There were two small pine end tables. Overall the room had a calm air about it. He relaxed fractionally and turned to Arya for answers.

"Where are we?" asked Harry.

"Lily Dale Assembly, New York," said Arya.

"This placed is famed for its spiritual healers," said Pepper.

"It's a spiritualist community," said Bruce.

"Yep, they have a variety of people with different talents. This is the house of a rather talented seer. Her name Cassandra. I've scheduled everyone appointments, you're free to cancel if you want," said Arya.

"I would appreciate it if you kept your sessions, this will be rather interesting for me," said Cassandra.

At least that was who Harry assumed the woman was. She had walked out of a door at the end of a short hall. She was slightly taller than Harry and had long dark hair that framed an aristocratic face. Her eyes were a green that was several shades darker than his own and glanced at each of them briefly. Here gaze was calm and clinical. She wore a long grey dress that swept across the floor as she walked.

"I believe you shall go first, if you are agreeable of course," said Cassandra.

Harry blinked as he saw her steady gaze was locked on him. He nodded hesitantly, he didn't really want to have his fortune read, but it would be rude to refuse. He followed as she walked back down the hall and opened the door that she had exited from. Inside was a slightly smaller room with two high-backed recliners. This room was slightly smaller than the one he had just been in and was decorated in lavenders and creams. There was a small table by one chair and a large bookcase in the corner of the room. There was also a small window to the right of the recliners. Cassandra sat in one of the chairs and Harry did the same with some hesitation.

"I realize that your previous experience with seers must have left you with some hesitation regarding seers," said Cassandra.

"Yeah, my experience was, not great," said Harry.

"Understandable, those who have been the subject of a prophecy tend to not be keen on seers. And many who have encountered Sybil Trelawney, even less so," said Cassandra.

"You can say that again," said Harry.

"The future is not writ in stone, ," said Cassandra.

"I'd prefer it if you called me Harry," said Harry.

"Of course, Harry," said Cassandra, "I do not operate under the same conditions as most seers. I know much of what I see is speculative and may not occur. I do not make predictions as such. I prefer to advise people based on possible events that lay in their path. Is this acceptable?"

"I suppose," said Harry.

"Then I will advise you to stay on your guard, I also suggest that you open yourself to what is around you now. You have lost much but there is much to gain as well, family is not always only in blood but there is blood in family. Do not run on your own, it is best to ask for help when needed and to rely on those you trust. There are several enemies in your path and not all of them will be familiar with you and you with them. The enemy you know is far less dangerous than the ones you don't so do not underestimate them," said Cassandra, "I realize much of this resembles cheap advice, but I would not tell you these things if I did not believe they were important."

"This is based on things you've seen," said Harry.

"Yes, as I said before the future is uncertain. Time is fluid. I can see things that might happen, some likelier than others, and your future in particular is rather hard to keep a grip on, it changes constantly," said Cassandra, "I see a meeting with Mrs. Lestrange in the near future, yet the where keeps changing."

"Is there anything else," said Harry.

"Yes, Odinson's brother, you will meet him soon, there is more to him than what appears, his loyalties are in question and he will need a friend, Odinson remains loyal but does not know how to mend the broken bridge. One brotherhood will restore another," said Cassandra.

"I will keep that in mind," said Harry.

"I understand that things are trying for you now, they will improve," said Cassandra, "and tell Miss Lovegood that what she seeks lay hidden in the Alps though I believe she may discover this by the time she receives your letter. Her senses are quite strong."

"Thanks," said Harry.

"It was my pleasure," said Cassandra.

She gave him a benign smile as she rose from her chair. She led him to the door. Harry opened it cautiously as he half-expected to see someone tumble in because they had been eavesdropping. He was surprised to find no one at the door. Cassandra seemed to register his surprise as she tapped the door and Harry could see there were runes etched into the door. He blinked and sat down in the recliner that Tony vacated. He was the next one to take a session with Cassandra. Tony was followed by Pepper then Bruce, Steve, Clint, Natasha, Thor, and Arya went. Harry mulled over everything that he had been told. All of them came out looking thoughtful.

"So how much did this cost?" asked Tony.

"Nothing, Cassandra doesn't charge for her sessions, but she is highly selective. She doesn't take clients often," said Arya.

"Then how did we get sessions?" asked Harry.

"I didn't contact her, she contacted me," said Arya.

"You didn't find that a bit odd," said Natasha.

"Cassandra is well-known and it is not something new for her to seek clients, that is often how she works, though I have had a session with her before. Also we will be taking another portkey to Cynosure Cabins. Where all wizard shopping needs can be met," said Arya.

"I'm surprised we're not taking the floo," said Harry.

"I did consider it but I didn't want to risk someone getting stuck up the wrong chimney or getting lost in the grates," said Arya.

"Probably a good idea, but I thought that it wasn't possible to portkey directly into Cynosure Caverns without government permission," said Harry.

"We will be landing in a designated area then taking the nearest entrance," said Arya.

"Can't we just take a car," said Clint.

"It would take six hours to get back to the city if we drove. I can do side-along apparition for those who don't want to take a portkey," said Arya.

"Is that better?" asked Pepper.

"It feels a bit like being squeezed through a straw," said Harry.

"Does it, it's never felt that way to me," said Arya.

"It might just depend on the person," said Harry.

"Could be," said Arya.

"When is the portkey set to go?" asked Harry.

"Five minutes," said Arya.

"Okay, you can decide whether you want to portkey or apparate. It's your choice," said Harry.

"Portkey," said Pepper, Natasha, Thor, Bruce, and Steve.

"Apparate," said Tony and Clint.

Harry was quite sure Tony volunteered just so he could experience another method of magical transportation. Clint just didn't want to take a portkey again.

"Ok, fine Harry you take the portkey group and I'll apparate these two and meet you there," said Arya.

He pulled a slinky out of his mokeskin bag and handed it to Harry. Harry took it and had the others hold onto to it as well. He watched as the world whooshed past. He hit the ground and landed on his feet. The others managed a little better this time. Natasha, Thor, and Steve managed to stay on their fee this time. Pepper and Bruce landed on the floor. He heard a sharp crack and watched as Tony, Clint, and Arya appeared. Tony looked fine, but Clint was looking a little green around the edges.

A/N 2: I realize that Arya does come on a little strong and I will begin to scale it back.

I think one of the reasons this story has been so screwy is because I keep letting other people change my mind. So much that I have forgotten some of the things I was going to do in the first place.

Another thing with Arya the know-it-all-ness was an accident. I was trying to apply something I learned in creative writing class, needless to say I did not do it well. I was trying to establish the general rules for magic that this story is going to follow. I realize that I did this badly. The fact that I even attempted to make rules where magic and Harry Potter are involved was a bad idea on my part. I just didn't want any complaints when Harry did a piece of magic that didn't strictly coincide with what has been shown of the wizarding world.

Lily Dale is actually a real place I came across it in my search for New York weird/peculiar. I decided to use it and give the Avengers a glimpse of the future. Cassandraa's gift for seeing is comparable to Alice from Twilight, but her abilities are a bit stronger.