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Pepper sat at her desk in the office that Tony had added to the tower for her. She was organizing his schedule and checking on various aspects of the company. She found herself distracted though and barely saw the figures from their quarterly revenue reports. Her thoughts kept drifting back to the Tower's new guest. She had been surprised when Tony had reported that the Avengers Tower would be hosting a seventeen-year-old foreigner. She had then had to console her boyfriend because the kid arrived on their date night. She had been disappointed too, but she knew that it came with the territory. They had planned to go out anyways, but then Fury had called them in for an emergency meeting which meant they would be rescheduling date night.

The kid had been completely different than what she expected. She had been expecting a typical teenager with perhaps a bit more haughtiness. Instead she found a polite and reserved young man with shadowed eyes. The shadows had become more pronounced when she had been showing him some pictures. She had glanced over at him and saw him staring at the pictures dejectedly, which he quickly masked when he realized that she was looking. She wondered what would put an expression like that on his face.

Shortly after that he had quickly excused himself and fled back to his room. A little while later she had heard him come back upstairs and watched as he walked into the kitchen. Twenty minutes after that a delivery of groceries arrived. JARVIS had then taken charge of the groceries, leaving Pepper to deal with a star struck delivery boy. Now there were several tantalizing aromas emanating from the kitchen. She had been severely tempted to see what their guest was doing, but she had decided against it.

As she shut down her computer she heard a loud crack of thunder, rocket thrusters, and bickering. With a sigh she walked over to the balcony as she heard the sounds announcing the team's arrival. Given the loudness of the argument she guessed that the meeting had not gone well.

"-should tie him up in chains and lock away the key" Clint said.

"Give it a rest birdbrain" Tony said, rolling his eyes at the archer.

"My brother has earned this chance archer. Our father has decided that Loki should be given the opportunity to redeem himself." Thor said.

"We should just wait and see, the guy is crazy so who knows." Bruce added.

"Wow Pep something smells good." Tony commented as his faceplate slid off, slowly followed by the rest of his suit. It proceeded to fold into a compact suitcase which Tony set on a small table to his right.

The rest of the Avengers took tentative sniffs of the air and found that there was a delicious scent making its way through the tower. They shared mildly surprised glances as they all knew that Pepper was not a very good cook. It was Clint who took the initiative and asked what most of them were thinking.

"Yeah, where did you order from?" He asked.

"What makes you think I didn't cook something myself?" Pepper asked, indignant.

"Because the last time you cooked we had to get a new stove" Clint stated.

"That was not my fault. Besides all of you have blown up the kitchen at least once." Pepper said.

"True. The thunder god exploded pop tarts and my microwave, Capsicle broke the electric stove, Logan slashed the coffee machine, Natasha attacked the toaster, and birdbrain nearly burned the entire place down." Tony said.

"That's true we had to evacuate the building and explain all the smoke to the fire marshals the last time Clint used the kitchen." Pepper added.

"I think you're forgetting someone, the tin can has broken the kitchen too. He burned water the last time he was near a stove" Clint said.

"That was on purpose, I was doing an experiment." Tony said defensively.

"In the kitchen?" Clint asked skeptically.

"Yes" Tony answered.

"The only person who hasn't burned down the kitchen is Bruce and that's because he hasn't tried to cook anything yet." Pepper stated.

"That's because every time I go anywhere near the kitchen Tony follows me around with sharp objects." Bruce said.

"Well I'm just trying to help you get used to life in the city." Tony said.

"The only danger to me lately is you. I don't want to break Manhattan, I already broke Harlem" Bruce said dryly.

"Which you have been pardoned for, no more hiding out in Calcutta for you buddy. Besides the great green rage giant hasn't popped out yet has he? Well he has but that wasn't in the city." Tony said off-handedly.

"I'd rather not risk it." Bruce said.

"I agree, the Hulk is not something that should be taken lightly." Steve said, frowning at the unrepentant billionaire.

"I see they still haven't defrosted your sense of humor yet." Tony said with a grin.

"At least I can handle myself in the field properly." Steve said.

"Oh yeah?" asked Tony

"Yes" Steve said.

"Well I can take you anytime Star Spangled Banner" Tony said.

Pepper sighed with exasperation. She had thought Tony might have learned his lesson about reining his mouth in after the Mandarin debacle. She moved forward to intervene as she could tell Tony was minutes away from goading Steve into a fistfight. Normally the Captain would have withstood Tony's taunts but he seemed to be in the mood to fight. However the kitchen door swung open and Harry stepped out.

Harry had just finished setting the table with help from JARVIS when he heard the group approaching. He had asked JARVIS for more information on the people he was staying with but the computer had stayed mum though the AI had been quite helpful in the kitchen. Harry also found he enjoyed trading banter as the AI had a dry sense of humor that he could appreciate. He let his curiosity get the better of him and he had eavesdropped with the help of some extendable ears. The argument reminded him of ones often had in fun at the Burrow or in Gryffindor Tower. He decided to intervene when he recognized the threat of an imminent fight.

"…I can take you anytime Star Spangled Banner" said Sunglasses.

"Hey you lot the food is getting cold!" Harry called as he stepped out of the dining room, using the standard dinner announcement that Molly Weasley had often used.

He examined the newcomers. The woman stood farthest from him but Harry thought she could easily pass for Lily Potter's sister, twin even. He set aside any thoughts that inspired, slamming them behind his occlumency barriers. He then examined the rest of the group. A man with sandy hair stood just behind her, eyeing Harry with suspicion. Standing across from them was a man with dark hair flecked with gray and a bewildered expression. The last was a man with shoulder-length blonde hair and Harry wondered if the man had any giant blood as he was quite tall.

"Who is this?" the sandy-haired man asked.

"It's just a kid, relax Clint." the woman said. She was tense as well though she hid it better than her friend. She was standing quite stiffly and shifted slightly so she was in a position to attack if it became necessary.

"Look at him, doesn't he remind you of someone" Clint said quietly, though Harry still managed to hear him.

"Slightly" the woman responded.

"He looks like Loki" Clint hissed.

"He does look similar to my brother, but I do not believe that he has had a child on Midgard" the giant boomed.

"He is a spy for Loki. Probably his bastard progeny." Clint said.

"I don't know he has an accent like JARVIS, perhaps a robot?" said the nervous guy.

"Looks like tin can finally went round the bend then" Clint said.

"Hey!" cried Sunglasses offended.

"Well it's true your robot butler looks like the evil offspring of Loki. Plus he's so young and short" Clint stated.

Steve coughed, "He's not a robot version of JARVIS or Loki's son. This is our new guest Harry Potter-Black.

"Well now that it's been established that I am neither the progeny of a mad sorcerer nor the robot incarnation of JARVIS, perhaps we should eat? The food's getting cold." Harry drawled.

He was amused by the various looks of surprise shot his way. Apparently the idea that he could cook was a novelty. He had been cooking pretty much all his life but he realized most people his age probably didn't know how to cook. Neither Hermione nor Ron had. He remembered that quite distinctly from his time on the run. In fact, he had been planning to sign both up for cooking lessons or perhaps hinting to Mrs. Weasley that both could help in the kitchen, once the war was over. Neither of those was an option now. He wished that it was though.

"Yes thank you Harry." Pepper said.

Harry forced a smile to his face and nodded at her. He was rewarded with a bright smile in return. He returned to the dining room which he had set with instruction from JARVIS. Sunglasses sat at the head of the table with Pepper to his right and Steve on his right. To Pepper's left was the giant then the nervous man. Harry sat on Steve's right with the second woman on his left and Clint next to her.

"Ray Ban at the dinner table really? It's not even sunny in here take the glasses off" Pepper said.

"But Pepper they look so awesome on me." Ray whined.

Harry snorted. At least he finally knew the man's name. After all, he couldn't go around calling the man Sunglasses. Now he just had to find out the names of the woman next to him, the nervous man, and the giant. Hopefully he would be able to find out their names over dinner. He didn't want to ask and admit how little he knew about them.

"Wow, this is great." Pepper said.

"Tis a grand feast." the giant agreed. Harry watched the man shovel food onto his plate with amusement. He had finally found someone who could out eat Ron yet had better table manners. His amusement increased when he saw Clint poke at the food tentatively. The man was acting more paranoid than Moody. Then again he had no room to talk; if he hadn't cooked he would be checking for poisons too. Or love potions at the very least. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying the food though.

"Pepper and Thor are right this is very good" Steve said.

"Yeah pretty good for British food." said Ray. Harry saw the man flinch a second later and he was quite sure that Pepper had stomped on his foot under the table. He took the reproachful look Ray gave her as confirmation.

"Thanks. I did have some help." Harry said.

"Who?" asked Clint.

"JARVIS helped me, he's quite handy around the kitchen." Harry replied.

"I'm not surprised if Pepper had helped this wouldn't have been edible." Tony said, earning himself an elbow to the ribs courtesy of Pepper.

"Did you have to pry her out of the kitchen?" Clint asked.

"Er, no she looked busy. Sorry." Harry said sheepishly. It occurred to him that he probably should have mentioned that he was going to use the kitchen. JARVIS made it clear that it was allowed though. He also hadn't wanted to talk to Pepper.

"It's all right I was busy." Pepper said.

"Probably a good thing." muttered Clint who was then elbowed by Natasha.

"Pot calling kettle birdbrain. You caused the coffee machine to combust." Ray snorted.

"It was not my fault you went and added so many different gadgets to it." Clint said.

"Simpleton" Ray said.

"This coming from the guy who put wheels on the toaster that now refuses to make toast." Clint countered.

"Children behave." Pepper said.

"She's talking about you" Clint and Ray said at the same time.

"She meant you" Ray said.

"No she obviously meant you" Clint returned.

"Nuh-uh" Ray said childishly.

"Is it always like this?" Harry asked, amused.

"Sometimes but this is actually pretty civilized. We don't usually all eat together anyways" Pepper responded.

"Hmm, really?" asked Harry, curious. From what he could see the group seemed to have a shared air of camaraderie much like the Order.

"Yes well everyone usually keeps different schedules. Everyone has their own floor as well so we don't see each other often." Pepper replied.

"You two bicker more than an old married couple" Harry observed. Ray and Clint had continued their early argument which had devolved into a petty "am not" "are too" fight. Both responded with indignant splutters while most of the table laughed.