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Harry watched idly as his breath turned to mist in the chilly winter air. It was early February and apparently it had been a very tame winter. There had been only marginal amounts of snow and in a few weeks' time the weather would start turning warmer. Something Harry looked forward to when he learned of Tony's habit of dumping snow on the closest unsuspecting person. The man was a menace with a snowball. Not to mention his habit of starting inane arguments.

Like the one the Avengers had over whether Harry should be let out of the Tower unsupervised or not. It was decided that he could take short trips alone only under certain conditions: someone had to know where he was going, he had to have the cell phone with him, and was back by his established curfew. He felt like a dog on a leash. At least he'd managed to convince them that he didn't need a chaperone. Though he had the unsettled feeling that someone had been watching him ever since his departure from the Tower. The notion was rather ridiculous though as most of the trip he had been in a chauffeured car.

"Hey there!" came a cheerful shout that Harry immediately recognized as Kieran Summers. Kieran had been a Hufflepuff two years above Harry. Harry hadn't known him very well during school but they had talked once or twice after the war. He recalled that Kieran mentioned that he was going to try and locate family in the states.

"Hi" returned Harry, "where are we going?"

Harry had no idea where they were going but he had neglected to tell his minders that. As all he knew was that he was supposed to meet someone at Central Park. Instead he had made it seem that his destination was a Subway on the corner of West 110th Street and Lennox Avenue. Since the Minister had failed to mention exactly where he was supposed to meet his escort, Harry took his best guess. He was glad that Kieran had managed to find him. He didn't relish the idea of wandering around Central Park without any idea who he was looking for.

"You'll see" Kieran answered, a mischievous glint in his eyes.

"I suppose I will," Harry said, "so have you found your aunt and uncle yet?"

"No not yet I'm still trying to get used to life here," said Kieran amicably, "so how are you doing?"

"All right so what's it like working for the Americans?" Harry asked.

"Well the Americans have a very loose government, if you want to call it that. I have been working with a group that's trying to establish a stronger form of government. For the most part the wizarding government here is under the Ministry's control" Kieran replied.

Harry snorted. Well at least he didn't have to worry about any more politicians mucking about with his life. It was bad enough that Neo saw fit to meddle with his life. Then again he had not really put up much of a fight. There really wasn't much left for him in Britain but he wasn't about to admit it. He was not going to give the Minister any satisfaction. Not wanting to dwell on that thought too much, Harry decided to change the subject.

"So what is the information on the Avengers?" Harry asked.

"Simplest explanation, they are a group of muggles that have special abilities and work with the government. They have been around for about a year and a half. They were established during the Chitauri invasion. I would steer clear of them if I were you though. Some of the things they get up to make everything you did seem downright tame in comparison" Kieran answered.

"Thanks for the advice, bit too late now" Harry said wryly.

"What?" Kieran asked startled.

"Didn't they tell you who I was staying with?" Harry asked.

"No, as far as I know the Minister only sent news of your arrival a few days ago. It didn't even mention where you were staying only that it was somewhere in New York." Kieran replied.

"I am currently residing in Avengers Tower" Harry said.

"What?" Kieran yelped, "what in the name of Merlin was Minister Welker thinking?"

"Who knows, maybe he'll explain during the meeting" Harry said though he doubted that the Minister would do any such thing. No he would probably have to find the information he wanted on his own.

"Just keep your temper. I'd hate to have to arrest you for assaulting the Minister." Kieran said with a grin.

"I'm not going to assault him besides from what I've seen of his secretary I probably won't have to" Harry said dryly.

"That's true the arguments between those two are legendary. Speaking of legendary things have you visited any duck ponds recently?" Kieran asked, his eyes sparkled with mischief.

"How did you hear about that?" asked Harry.

"Word gets around, and you're pretty famous even over here Harry." responded Kieran.

"Great" Harry grumbled, just what he needed more fame.

"Well you did defeat the biggest Dark Lord of the age while you were still underage. That's pretty impressive. Besides while Voldemort's primary focus was Britain and the surrounding areas, he still managed to cause a good bit of damage over here. Albeit indirectly." Kieran stated.

"Yes, but I had a lot of help. A good deal of it was because I got lucky." said Harry.

"That may be true but you accomplished some pretty impressive things. Which have become all the more impressive with the various rumors still floating around about what you got up to in school. A lot of people have their eye on you Harry" said Kieran seriously.

Harry caught the warning in his voice as he said the last part and nodded his understanding. They lapsed into a companionable silence. And Harry found himself lost once more in his thoughts. He knew that his adventures at Hogwarts were subject to much speculation. Several of them had only ever involved him, Hermione, and Ron. The only person who received the most details on their adventures was Dumbledore. There were several things he had never told either of his best friends.

"This way" said Kieran, pulling Harry towards the crosswalk. They waited for the light to change for a few minutes. Harry watched as dozens of cars passed through the busy intersection. The light changes from red to green and they crossed. Once they were on the other side of the street Harry saw a low set grey gate surrounding a large expanse of trees. He saw that there were several grey paved paths threading through the trees. It was a very sedate version of the Forbidden Forest. And he dearly hoped that there were no acromantulas wandering about.

Suddenly he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand up. He looked around and saw something large headed his way. Without stopping to think, he dove to the ground pulling Kieran with him. Moments later a large piece of gravel flew past the spot where their heads used to be. Pulling himself up quickly Harry moved for the nearest cover, examining his surroundings as he did so. He saw Kieran behind him as the people around them started to scream and run. He saw one man in a business suit dash in the opposite direction followed a by a group of terrified teenagers. A woman pushing a stroller quickly headed for cover among the trees.

"Stay still you annoying bug!" someone shouted. Harry looked around for the source and blinked in shock. The speaker appeared to be a man, but he had four metal arms. He was wearing a long dark trench coat and a dark shirt and jeans underneath that. It had to be one of the strangest things he had ever seen.

"Spiders are arachnids!" shouted the weirdest looking creature Harry had ever seen. This new creature looked far less human than his companion. From the head to waist his skin was red covered with black webbing, from waist to mid-calf his skin was blue, and from mid-calf to feet his skin was red again with more black webbing. His eyes were large, triangular, and milky white.

"We need to get out of here" said Kieran urgently. He grabbed Harry by the upper arm and dragged him toward a dense area of trees. Harry was about to protest when he felt the familiar sensation of apparition. They reappeared in a small opening surrounded by trees. Harry glared at Kieran who made a gesture for silence. Harry obliged but continued to glare.

"I was going to take you through the Bandshell entrance but this one's closer." Kieran said, motioning for Harry to follow him.

Harry did, and wondered where they were going. Kieran was walking along a narrow path towards a small stone building. The stones were uneven and weather beaten with moss growing in between the cracks. The building was roofless and hollow with the base of a pole in the middle. Perched atop the pole was the American Flag which flapped in the slight breeze. Kieran immediately headed towards a small flight of concrete stairs. At the top was a door of iron bars with some sort of plaque hanging just above it.

Kieran walked up the stairs then tapped the door with his wand and it swung open. He walked inside and Harry followed on his heels. The inside of the blockhouse was a mixture of stones and bricks. There were two mounts in wall in front of him. Harry looked around wondering where the entrance Kieran spoke of was.

"The place we're going is underground. This is the blockhouse entrance but most people don't use it anymore. In order to get in we have to jump" Kieran said, answering Harry's questioning look.

Harry looked at him in disbelief sure that Kieran was joking. He had seen his fair share of weird entrances, but he had never heard of an entrance he had to jump on. He was surprised to see that the older boy looked quite serious. With a shrug, Harry started jumping up and down, feeling very foolish as he did so. He wondered what the muggles would think if they saw him.

"Not like that." Kieran said as he motioned for Harry to stop.

"What?" asked Harry confused.

"Probably should have told you this first but have to jump using only one leg" Kieran explained.

"You're not serious?" Harry asked incredulously.

"Unfortunately I am that's the reason nobody uses this entrance. The man who created this particular entrance only had one leg. It's bloody inconvenient" Kieran said with a grimace.

Harry frowned. He pulled his right leg up and started jumping with his left leg. After the third jump he felt a jerking sensation behind his navel similar to a portkey. He landed with a thump and ended up sprawled on his back. He was glad to see that Kieran was not in a much better position. He had landed with on one leg then toppled over sideways. Harry stood and dusted himself off. Kieran walked over after doing the same.

"Welcome to Cynosure Cavern" Kieran announced, gesturing to the area around them.

Harry felt his jaw drop as he looked around. They were standing on a circle path between two cobbled alleys lined with numerous shops. The alley to his left sported a sign that read Peculiar Path while the one on his right read Stewrate Lane. The shops on Peculiar Path were more colorful than those on Stewrate Lane. He could also see several colorful puffs of smoke being emitted from a shop called Sky's Delights. Next to that was Kyle's Rare and Exotic Pets where several trumpets, squawks, and growls could be heard. He could also hear some explosions coming from further down. Before he could continue looking Kieran started dragging him down Stewrate Lane.

The shops on Stewrate Lane while less dynamic than those on Peculiar Path were still very interesting. There was Abe's Apothecary, Quality Quodpot & Quidditch, Smith's Sweets, Vincenzo's Volumes and several others (though Kieran had to drag him away from the quidditch store). They ended at a four-way intersection then Kieran turned to the right. Harry saw a brass plaque that read: Ministry Mile. Underneath the sign was a large fountain much like the one he had seen in the Ministry of Magic. Though the statue was different; in the center was a wizard wearing a cloak with a high collar held up by a large clasp, a tunic and trousers. There was lightning spilling from between his fingers. And he was posed in a manner that made him look as if he was about to head into battle. Overall it was quite a handsome looking statue, in Harry's opinion it was a good deal better than the other Ministry fountains he had seen.*

"They built this entire place under Central Park?" asked Harry.

"Actually it's more like Central Park was built over it. Cynosure Cavern was here first. It was built by a wizard named Rowland Cynosure. It's believed he had some dwarf blood which is why he chose to build underground." explained Kieran.

"So how long has this place been here?" asked Harry.

"Since the 1600s I believe. Though it expanded a lot over the years, originally this place was about a quarter of this size. It's about 6400 acres now. Anyway as this place got bigger and more witches and wizards came they had to develop a better way to get in. That was actually the reason Central Park was built. There actually a book on the history of Cynosure Cavern if you're interested." said Kieran.

"Is it as big as Hogwarts: A History?" asked Harry dryly.

"It depends what edition you get most people just go for the abbreviated one. I'll show you around a bit later, after all we don't want to be late for the Minister" Kieran said as he led Harry into an imperious looking building.

The building was shale grey supported by two marble columns on each side with two large griffin statues guarding the entrance. The griffins watched Harry and Kieran impassively as their tails twitched slightly. The door was also quite impressive, a large mahogany piece with intricate rune carvings along the rounded top and a polished brass doorknob. Kieran pulled the door open and walked in. Harry followed then looked around and saw that the building was just as imperious on the inside. The walls were a soft cream color lined with several haughty looking portraits. Several important looking artifacts stood in glass cases guarded by polished suits of armor. The tiles were a posh peach with a rune carving in the center.

They walked over to a receptionist desk which as being operated by a girl only a few years older than Harry. She looked up from the notes she was taking and smiled at them. Harry was glad to see that she hadn't recognized him. Perhaps he wasn't as famous as Kieran thought. Then he remembered his scar was covered up and his eyes were currently hazel. Well at least he wasn't recognizable at any rate.

"Hello, are you here for a meeting?" she asked.

"Yes, Summers for the Meeting Room 3" Kieran replied easily.

"Of course right this way." she said standing up walking down a short hallway that led to a set of lifts. She led them towards the one on the right and they started moving down. They arrived on a floor that looked almost exactly like the one they had just left. The secretary led them down the hallway, to the right, and down a flight of stairs to a nondescript wood door. Beside it was a sign that read Meeting Room 3. Kieran shot her a grateful smile and she giggled before heading back towards the lifts.

"Well let's go in" Kieran said.

Harry nodded and opened the door. Inside was a plush room with enough room to fit at least thirty more people. There was a Victorian style maple desk in the corner set across from a stone fireplace with a large maple mantelpiece. The room was a stylish blue with cream and amber accents. Neo was sitting behind the large Victorian desk there was an oak seat in front of the desk.

"Hello sir" Kieran said politely, his voice bland.

"Ah hello Summers thank you for escorting Harry we should be done in just a few minutes" Neo said.

"I'll see you in a bit Harry" Kieran said turning to Harry before he left. He was out of the door seconds later and Harry felt a bit disappointed that he hadn't stayed. He really didn't want to face the Minister on his own.

"Hello Minister" Harry said coolly.

"Hello Harry I do hope that you've started to settle in." said Neo.

"Well enough" said Harry.

"Excellent. Now I thought it would be wise to establish a line of contact in case of emergency. I have asked Mr. Summers who agreed to act as a go between for the Ministry" Neo said.

"You mean spy on me?" Harry asked cordially, though inwardly he cringed. He liked Kieran and it was upsetting to learn that the older boy was working for the Ministry.

"Also nobody knows that you are here so try to keep a low profile. I can't ban you from exploring any magical areas. I advise that you use a different name when you do venture into any wizarding areas." Neo said, ignoring Harry's question.

"I also trust that you will behave yourself and keep from doing magic in front of muggles" said Neo.

"Now I understand that there are a few things that you did not know about New York" Neo said but Harry interrupted as he felt his temper flare to life.

"Yes there are several things I don't understand for example why you decided to send me to the Avengers? They aren't even normal muggles!" Harry shouted his frustration peaking rapidly. He saw a few vases and other small objects start vibrating and took a deep breath to calm down.

"Exactly which is why you'll be safe with them. As long as you don't go looking for any trouble you should be perfectly fine" Neo said.

"I don't go looking for trouble" Harry said shortly, feeling a stab of annoyance at Neo's words.

"Be that as it may there are several others who are looking for you. I was considering having you enrolled in a muggle school. You are after all sixteen and should be in high school. However I've had a volunteer to be your tutor in magical and muggle subjects. He will be arriving in about a week." Neo said

"I don't need a tutor" said Harry.

"Would you prefer high school then? And what about your NEWTs?" Neo asked calmly, raising his eyebrows at Harry.

"Fine" answered Harry reluctantly.

"A tutor it is then. Also there have been some rumors lately" Neo said.

"On what?" Harry asked suspiciously.

"Bellatrix Lestrange, according to our reports she is trying to gather an army." Neo said, eyeing Harry warily as he did so.

Harry stiffened at the words. Bellatrix Lestrange was in some ways worse than Voldemort had been. She was absolutely insane with little regard towards life and she greatly enjoyed torturing everyone in her path. This was also the woman who killed Sirius Black, was responsible for the collapse of Hogwarts, and several hundred deaths. The next moment everything made of glass shattered.

"Where is she?" asked Harry.

"We don't know she's been keeping on the move. You can't go after her Harry you'd be severely outnumbered" Neo said.

"You don't know that" Harry snapped.

"Not with certainty but it is believed she is being helped by the surviving members of the inner circle except Lucius Malfoy" Neo said.

"If I don't stop her she'll just keep killing people" said Harry fuming.

"Well if you do try to stop her she'll kill you. Plus any aurors that I send after you" said Neo.

"Fine" Harry said.

"Good now I have another appointment soon. You may leave" said Neo.

Harry did so gladly, slamming the door shut on his way out. He glanced at his watch and realized that he had only been talking to Neo for a little over twenty minutes. It had felt a good deal longer than that. He looked around and saw no one else in sight so he headed towards the lifts. He used the same one he came down on earlier. The lift arrived back at the main floor and Harry walked down the hall. He glanced over at the reception desk and saw Kieran flirting with the receptionist. Harry continued walking out of the building.

"Hey wait up!" Kieran cried from behind him. Harry was tempted to ignore him and keep walking but decided against it. He slowed down enough for Kieran to catch up to him easily before he started walking again.

"Bad new?" asked Kieran as he caught up to Harry.

Harry stayed silent.

"Come on, I know what'll cheer you up" Kieran said. He walked back the way they came and a few minutes later they were standing in front of Quality Quodpot & Quidditch. Harry grinned. He hadn't been to a Quidditch shop in ages. He decided to see what broom models they had. He saw that they had the standard Clean Sweeps, Nimbus, Comets, and Firebolts. They also had Alto Stratus and Apollos which Harry assumed were American brooms.

"Harry I'm going to head over to Vincenzo's Volumes. I'll be right back" said Kieran. Harry turned his attention from the Alto Stratus he was examining to Kieran. He gave Kieran a small nod.

He fingered the mokeskin pouch around his neck. It was where he kept his Firebolt. As it had a lot of sentimental value to him because it was one of the only things he had from Sirius. He'd had the broom for a few years now and it still worked like new, but perhaps it would be a good idea to get a spare. He was debating getting a second broom when he heard someone approach him from behind. His wand was in his hand in an instant. He spun around quickly ready to cast a stunner when he realized it was Kieran.

"Relax, it's just me" Kieran said looking slightly alarmed at the wand in his face.

"Sorry reflexes" said Harry quickly. He put his wand back in its holster and tried to calm his racing heart. He was glad that he hadn't accidentally cursed Kieran. Then he remembered that Kieran was spying on him for the Ministry and felt less guilty.

"It's all right I probably shouldn't have startled you. Anyway I got you something." Kieran said. He tossed a book at Harry who caught it easily. "It's A Guide to Wizarding New York by Siam Moon, the self-updating version. I thought it might come in Handy. It even has a section on Cynosure Caverns."

"Thanks." said Harry awkwardly.

"What did the Minister tell you? I know it might not be any of my business but ever since that meeting you've been looking at me like I've grown a second head" said Kieran.

"Are you working for the Ministry?" asked Harry. He saw understanding flash in Kieran's eyes.

"No. I'm working with the Ministry. Not for them." said Kieran, emphasizing with.

"Oh" said Harry.

"It's all right I imagine you have more reason than anybody to distrust the Ministry. I'm still not too happy with them myself" Kieran said with a rueful grin.

Harry didn't know what to say to that so he didn't say anything. He was a bit curious as to why Kieran distrusted the Ministry but he wasn't going to ask. It wasn't any of his business. And he saw that this was obviously a painful topic for Kieran. He knew that over the past year the Ministry had done several untrustworthy things. Harry had a litany of senseless things the Ministry had done over the years.

"Well I have to leave in about an hour so how about I show you how to leave. You can come back later and explore though I suggest you read the book first. Wizards have been known to get lost for years in some of these places." Kieran said cheerfully.

"Really?" asked Harry.

"Yep, they'll be looking for the nearest taxi and step into a sinkhole, never to be heard from again." replied Kieran.

Harry wasn't sure if Kieran was joking or not and decided not to question that one. He really didn't want to know. He decided to simply make the best of his time. He would read the guide book thoroughly before coming back. He really didn't want to get lost, since getting lost in the wizarding world was usually hazardous. Something he knew very well from his previous experiences.

Neo POV (a few minutes after Harry leaves)

Neo flicked his wand and repaired all the shattered vases. He then continued to stare at the fire as he thought over the situation. It was obvious that Potter was still recovering from the war. Neo knew it would take time for the boy to truly recover, unfortunately it looked as if time was a luxury they may not have. With several Death Eaters still on the loose and gathering new followers the threat of a new war loomed on the horizon. He was just glad that the boy hadn't thought to ask more about the Death Eaters. He didn't want Harry to know that they were in the US just yet. He was startled from his thoughts when someone walked into the room.

"Thank you for meeting me Fury, I know that your schedule is quite tight" Neo said, turning to the new entrant.

"So that was Potter?" Fury asked.

"Yes, I'm afraid he's a bit annoyed with me" said Neo.

"Yes, I heard how you managed to coerce him into vacation. It sounded heavy-handed" remarked Fury.

"You've been talking to Dawn. Yes well I'll concede that I may have pushed a bit harder than I should have but it was for the best. It would have taken a good deal longer if I had done it any other way. The boy is very stubborn" said Neo.

"I've heard. How much does he know?" asked Fury.

"Almost nothing" replied Neo.

"You sent him in with no information?" asked Fury.

"Well I considered it but he was already balking, I knew that if I told him anything he would have jumped ship as they say. Besides this way they are all on equal footing and Harry can get to know your team without any preformed biases" Neo said.

"They are going to be suspicious when he doesn't know anything though" Fury said.

"True, this is why I have hired a tutor for Mr. Potter. He will be arriving in a week" Neo said.

"I'll make the arrangements. Do you plan to inform the team of your world?" Fury asked.

"Not just yet, and I would appreciate if you didn't yet either." Neo said.

"Fine." said Fury.

"How did you manage to get the Avengers to watch him? From what you've told me none of them are really the childrearing type."

"That information is classified." Fury replied.

"Well, I'm glad you managed it they will be good for Potter and I suspect he will have an equal effect on them" Neo said.

"We'll see. I have a few reports on my desk that I believe some of your people are responsible for" Fury said.

"Ah yes it seem the lovely Mrs. Lestrange and her entourage have decided to take up arms in America. Don't worry I'm sending some of my men to help America's branch of the Ministry. Also I suspect that my secretary will be sending in her own form of help" Neo said. He was quite certain that Dawn was planning something. He would be ready, and when she made her move he would counter.

"If things start getting out of hand my people will be getting involved I don't need any civilians getting caught in the crossfire on this one" said Fury.

"I would ask for nothing less. This is your house after all" Neo said agreeably.

"Of course. I have to get back. You know how to reach me if it's necessary" Fury said before walking out.

Dawn POV

Dawn was in her home office when the phone rang. She looked at the caller ID pleased to see that it was Arya. She had called him after the disastrous argument she had with Neo. The man thought he had gotten the better of her but not this time. This time she was going to outsmart him. She quickly picked up the phone moving the parchments she had been working on aside.

"Hello" said Dawn.

"Dawn dear darling how are you?" asked Arya.

Dawn smiled she could easily hear the teasing lilt in his voice over the phone. Arya was a free spirit only a few years older than Harry. She had met him during a trip with the ICW and they had stayed in touch.

"I'm good, how are you? Are you in New York yet?" Dawn asked in response.

"I will be in about a week. I managed to sink a tutoring job in the city so I have a convenient reason for being here." Arya said mischievously.

"Who are you tutoring?" asked Dawn.

"Harry Potter, he's staying in New York and needed a tutor" replied Arya smugly.

"How did you manage that? Does Neo know? Does he know that I sent you?" Dawn asked, worried that her plan had already gone up in smoke.

"Friend of a friend, yes Neo knows he's the one that appointed me, but as far as he knows we've never met. Neo doesn't know anything about me though he can try to find out if he likes. I can be as invisible as a ghost when the mood strikes me." Arya answered with a laugh.

"Thank you" Dawn said.

"I should probably be thanking you, I haven't had this much fun in ages plus I've been wanting to visit the big apple again. After all I have a pretty expedient reason to go now." Arya said

"Since when have you ever needed a reason to do anything?" asked Dawn wryly.

"True, but this was a special request from my lady love" said Arya jokingly.

"You make me feel like a cougar" complained Dawn.

"Well you are a right old cradle robber after all I'm less than half your age. But you know what? Old people get to have all the fun. I'll talk to you later delectably divine Dawn" Arya said as he hung up the phone with a click.

Dawn smiled that boy, he was always so amusing. She also knew that Neo would never see it coming either so she was free to leave him hanging. She would let him wait for a move that she would never make because he missed the one she already made. Checkmate.

Fred and George POV

Fred was holding a quill while George peeked over his shoulder briefly. George then turned to a box sitting on a wooden table behind Fred. They were writing a letter to Harry. Both were nearly identical twin, their only difference was that George was missing an ear.

"I have the first bit down. Should I mention the extras we've added to his package? Or the separate package?" Fred asked, turning towards his twin.

"Mention it yeah, but don't spoil the surprise. Plus we don't want the Minister to confiscate our surprise" George said.

"True, have you-" started Fred.

"-gotten a hold of Verity?" George finished, "yeah I did, said she'd be glad to run the Diagon Alley branch of Weasley's Wizard Wheezes."

"How did the dummy file go?" asked George.

"Too easy," Fred said, "you would think it'd be harder to sneak into the Ministry but it's not as fortified as it used to be."

"Well then everything is nearly ready. did you get the permits for our new shop?" asked George.

"Yep, we should be set up soon. We'll be able to leave in a few weeks" said Fred.

"Excellent I'm looking forward to seeing New York" said George.

"I wonder how he'll react to our special gift" mused Fred.

"We should probably rig up a camera so we could get a picture. His expression will be hilarious" said George.

"Okay finished. Anything you want to add?" Fred asked, holding the parchment up to George.

He looked at it then scribbled his name on the bottom and gave the letter back. Fred took the letter and put it in an envelope. He walked over to the snowy owl perched on an empty worktable. She gave an annoyed hoot. Fred bit back a snort. Hedwig still had quite a large attitude though he knew she was probably just impatient to get to Harry. He quickly attached the letter to her leg and she flew off immediately.

A/N 2: Kieran is a canon character he just wasn't mentioned much and was only known by his last name. He is a contemporary of Fred and George so I thought he would have a good sense of humor though.

Cynosure Cavern has been planned for a while I just didn't get to it in the original version. I had some inspiration which led me to develop the idea of a magical area under Central Park further. I second guessed this for a while but I decided that if people don't like it well unless it's a major majority I'm not going to change it. I like the idea of there being a magical shopping district under Central Park. Besides I've already have future chapters planned around it as well as a decent history written up on the place.

*The statue is supposed to be Dr. Strange.

More on Neo, I didn't realize that Neo was a name that came with so many implications. Having never watched the matrix and all religious knowledge being from second to third hand sources. Neo was actually names after a character in a book that I liked as well as Elemental Hero Neos. Honestly if I had known the name came with such a stigma I would have just named him Neal. I had a review that brought it up so I thought it was worth mentioning. Neo I sort of had that planned all along though I have only revealed part of the master plan. Also I will have a few Easter eggs every now and then see if you can spot them. Some are a tad more obvious others. I may have had too much fun with the alliteration this chapter.

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