It was a fine day in the Arbuckle house. The fattest, laziest cat in the world was just waking up from his morning nap.

"its Monday." Garfield said with depression in his voice. "I hate Mondays."

Garfield walked over to the calendar and pulled off the Sunday sign.

"Monday, 24th?" Garfield said with fear. "todays the day jon takes me to the vet!"

Garfield turned around and looked for jon, but he wasn't around. Garfield sighed with relief as he walked into the kitchen to get some breakfast.

"good morning Garfield!" jon exclaimed with joy. "your appointment with the vet was canceled, but the fair is in town; we could go there."

Garfield ate all the breakfast on the table and rushed out the door to the car. In his excited stupor, he accidentially locked jon out. Garfield, being a cat, didn't know how to use the car locks.

"Garfield!" jon yelled with anger.

Jon ran out behind the house and grabbed a metal pole. He ran back to the car and hit the window. You'd expect the window to break, but this is a Garfield story so I wont. The metal pole hit the metal part of the car right next to the window. The metal pole came back and hit jon.

"that was effective." Garfield said with sarcasm.

Jon had gotten another bright idea, smash the back window. He ran out back into the cellar and grabbed a sledge hammer. He ran back to the car and swung it. The sledge hammers head flew off of the car window and crashed through the house window, hitting odie.

Garfield sat down and hit the unlock button. Jon got in the car, but they didn't go to the fair, they went to the vet.

"no!" Garfield screamed with fear. "not there, anywhere but there!"