"I would love that little baby, with all of my heart"

Jess thought he was lying but how could she tell he was being honest with her? Because in fact, he meant every word he said. Of course Nick wasn't going to come outright and tell her that he wanted her to have his children, which would just be desperate and creepy. Yet it still haunted him; the idea of having a child with Jess. He couldn't control the repetitive dreams where he found himself in a delivery room of the hospital, holding a child that was his.

The baby girl looked up to him with the roundest, most beautiful blue eyes he'd ever seen; a sense of familiarity in them. Her porcelain skin was instantly recognizable too. And suddenly he felt this flutter in his heart, an unbelievable overwhelming feeling where he realised he would do anything and go anywhere for his child.

He looks towards the baby's mother, who is lying in the hospital bed. The bags under her eyes and her messy hair, dripping with sweat prove her exhaustion but she doesn't care. She is too busy grinning at him holding their child, finally. And he ducks down to kiss his wife on the forehead, a sign of affection. He's delighted that somehow his life has finally came together; something he thought would never happen. But as he reaches down to kiss her; still cradling their gorgeous daughter, everything fades away.

Nick awoke in a mess of bed sheets and sweat, running his hands through his hair and trying to recall what had just happened in his mind. The delivery room was gone, his beautiful wife was gone and their equally beautiful baby daughter was gone. It was just him, boring, lonely, childless Nick.

He entered the kitchen to the sound of Jess complaining to Winston; Nick knew she was upset about the children thing they had discussed the other day. But he was going to make it up to her…someday…