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The cause for Misaki's problem started when he placed that damn bet with the author three days ago. The problem arised when the writer stated a careless remark about Misaki's incapability of staying quiet within the bedroom. And Misaki being…well, Misaki protested heavily. He told the writer he shouldn't make smug assumptions, and that he was perfectly capable of staying quiet if he really wanted to. Instantly, the writer used that stubbornness to his advantage and convinced the teen that they should place a bet.

At first, Misaki refused. He knew the writer was up to no good, and he followed his basic instincts and denied the man outright. Yet no matter how much he tried putting his foot down, Akihiko refused to back down. He was Usami Akihiko, and he always got his way. Reluctantly—after some heated disagreements, of course—the brunet accepted the author's challenge.

Their bet was simple—the next time the couple decided to engage within their "physical activities", Misaki was forbidden to raise his voice from anything louder than a gasp. If the teen won, no sex for a month. If he lost, he'd automatically be at the author's mercy for an entire month. This—in simpler terms—meant that he'd have to obey the author without question. He'd be Akihiko's personal servant attending to his personal needs.

Knowing it was too late to back out now, Misaki simply mumbled an affirmative and continued on with his day. Although he was confident in outsmarting the man, he secretly hoped that his lover—who was notoriously known for his bad memory at times—would have forgotten the whole thing later. Yet somewhere in the back of his mind, he knew he was playing right into the author's trap.

And he was right.

Later on that evening, the author came into his room miraculously horny. He said he was in need of that delicious body that kept his member satisfied. And so, he pinned his kitten amongst the bed beneath them and began playing with that body, making the teen hot and bothered with his lingering touch.

It was at that moment where Misaki had realized his terrible mistake.

He couldn't resist the handsome author above him. He couldn't resist those cold hands, roaming all over his delicate body, overwhelming him with pleasure. It took all he had just to keep the moans at bay. It infuriated him that the author was just getting started while he was verge of exploding. It didn't help matters when the author whispered things within his ear; promising salacious details that made the teen shiver in pleasure. He tried his hardest to ignore the temptations the author was inflicting upon his body, yet no matter how hard he tried to fight it, he knew he wasn't going to last. He begged the author to stop, but the man refused to listen: he was having too much fun.

Throughout the heated foreplay, the teen managed to control the heaving moans at bay. For a moment, he let himself believed he'd won—yet later on...he'd come to the realization that him actually beating the author would be the day pigs fly. Akihiko was nowhere near finished with him...and they both knew that.

Laughter withdrew from those seductive lips. Silly, boy. he thought, amused with his strategy. You're just too naïve.

He would enthrall the teen's luscious flesh. He would make sure of it. The night was young, after all, and he was confident his little bundle of mischief would eventually throw the remaining pride to the garbage. As soon as he was done with him, he knew Misaki would beg to be ravished and do nothing but yearn for more.

Triumph had surged through him when his assumptions were proven true.

As soon as he placed his rigid cock within the teen, he pounded…and pounded…and pounded until the kitten couldn't get enough. During that night, Misaki screamed, cried, and begged the man like a little slut. During the luscious enhancements of their intimacy, the bet conjured between them was long forgotten. All Misaki could care about was that sumptuous pleasure streaming between his legs. When that lingering silence had returned to their room, Misaki had gave a whimper of recognition.

He had lost. He had succumbed to the sinful aromas of sex...and now, he would pay the price be subjected to be the man's personal fuck toy for an entire month.

Despite the negative aspects that surrounded the idea, the fate did not bother him in the slightest. In fact, if he was being honest with himself, he knew he was actually yearning for the games to begin. As much as he hated to admit it, he knew his body always longed for Akihiko's touch. After experiencing those explosive, mind-blowing orgasms...he knew there was no one on the planet who could satisfy him like Akihiko did. No one.

He pretended he didn't like it, yet he knew those protests were a downright lie. He relished the moments where the writer had fondled his delicate frame. He loved the feel of those cold hands attacking every inch of his excited flesh. He adored the moments where the author had presented him with that deep, sexy voice...whispering lustful promises that made the pleasure soar throughout his frame. Yet most of all, he loved the feel of that blissful dick. Never had he felt something so luxurious attacking his insides so heavenly. He yearned for it, he yearned the feel of that blissful high—

Stop it! He screamed at his mind. I DON'T LIKE THAT SHIT! Stop thinking about those things!

Yet the lustful thoughts continued to wander. He pondered about those powerful arms, imagining them encased around his lightsome frame—

ENOUGH! He yelled at those thoughts. Stop giving me those thoughts! I'm NOT a pervert!

Yet the mental formations continued to persist his fragile mind.

Redness leaked against the teen's cheeks. "Baka," he whispered to the sleeping man, leaning his head towards that powerful chest. "This is all your fault!"

Before he realized it, he fell asleep within those vigorous arms, failing to erase the shameful thoughts that continued to consume him.

He shivered in spite himself...he couldn't wait for tomorrow.

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