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That lustful promise had designated an antagonizing fire that continued to heighten Misaki's pooling desire. Akihiko groaned. His kitten looked so beautiful writhing under him like that…how could someone be that real? An adorable whine had sprung from Misaki's lips—breaking the author out of his vivid fantasy. Wasting no more time, he trailed down until he reached the boy's hardened erection and placed it within his mouth. He licked the tip playfully before bobbing his head up and down, happily absorbing the sweet bitterness that lingered there.

The brunet's face was scrunched into a mask of undying pleasure. The waves of heat that threaten to overwhelm him…he didn't know if he could take much more of it.

"Uwahh..." Misaki cried, panting harshly. "U-U-Usagi-san!"

The feel of that majestic tongue slowly gliding down the center of his shaft had structured a growing arousal that was sending his mind into the gateways of ecstasy. The boy could do nothing but mewl helplessly as his member was mercilessly attacked. He wanted to tell the man to stop but was slowly losing the effort to do as the man gradually continued to feed him pleasure. Another whine escaped Misaki's lips as he fallen victim to Akihiko's wrath; his body once more drowning effortlessly into the sea of gorgeous friction. He franticly tried to loosen the metal that bound him, hoping desperately to escape the chains that indicated his pleasurable fate. However, it was all in vain. The bindings felt tighter than ever, constricting the lad as if it were eager in draining the boy's courageous spirit.

"Haah!" Misaki exclaimed, moaning wantonly as the author continued to devour his regional area. "Ah!"

A devilish glint decorated the author's features as he heard the indecent cries spiraling from his lover. His kitten was so cute when he was writhing under him like this, so lost under the sea of pleasure that he didn't even care that his pleas were downright salacious. Akihiko used this opportunity to his advantage and continued to suck the boy for all he was worth, taking more of that titillating flesh until his mouth could not go any deeper. Misaki's body was radiating with spasms, totally overloaded with the gratification that only this man could give him.

"Nnnn…Usagi-san!" Misaki gasped, his body tensing as it was slowly heading towards that extraterrestrial orgasm. "I…I'm about to cum—"

Before he could finish his sentence, the warmth entrapping his member had suddenly slithered away. And in its place, he felt a sudden tightness dispatching down the base of his cock—cutting off any chances of the rapturous orgasm he anxiously awaited to release. An adorable whine had escaped the young man's lips from of this very action. Why? Why did the author have to be so cruel? As if he already didn't do enough!

Just as he was going to utter a complaint, an interesting factor had caught his eye. The action itself was so unexpected that an designating flush had tainted his cheeks upon the lingering sight:

He was wearing a cock ring.

"Baka!" Misaki quivered, his body still shivering from the intensity of that delayed release. "Get this thing OFF of me!"

Akihiko's eyes flashed accordingly. "Now why would I do that, Misaki?"

"Stupid!" Misaki whispered, shifting his gaze downward. "Don't…make me answer a question like that."

Akihiko chuckled. His kitten was so cute.

"S-Stop laughing at me!" Misaki panted, upfrontly embarrassed. "I'm s-serious! Get this stupid thing off me!"

"I'm afraid I cannot do that, Misaki." Akihiko mused. "You see, I have no intention of ending this session anytime soon. And I do plan on playing with you the entire night."

Akihiko chortled at the ounce of fear—mixed a hint of desire—trailing within his kitten's eyes. Slowly, he leaned back down to meet the eyes of his beloved.

"There's no need to look so fearful, love." He purred, his cool breath sending his kitten into the gateways of insanity. "I assure you that you will only feel pleasure this night."

And with that promise, he leaned down and kissed his sweetheart once more. The sweet kiss soon intensified into something hotter as the author placed his skillful tongue within that sweet mouth, exploring every possible corner within his lovers 'cavern. He devoured his angel with the utmost passion. Just hearing those sweet moans only intensified his burning desire. He moved his hands across Misaki's chest and felt every inch of that luscious, delicate skin. Occasionally, he'd stop every now and then to rub a nipple or two, loving the way his lover would arch his body in response. Akihiko groaned. He couldn't take it anymore.

"Misaki…" The author whispered within that shivering earlobe. "Are you ready?"

Misaki's heart throbbed painfully in response. Out of nervousness, he desperately tried to free himself from the older male's chains. Akihiko's eyes glowed with sexual promise. Just seeing his lover attempting escape only heightened his desires even more. Slowly…he licked his lips, preparing himself for the extravagant feast laying below him. He then reached out and flipped his kitten around.

Misaki gasped at the impact. It all had happened so fast. One moment he was looking within those scorching irises and the next thing he knew, he was flipped within a position where he was facing the pillows underneath him. A blush overclouded his features as soon as he understood the purpose of his current position. His ass was exposed in the air, utterly vulnerable to whatever the older male wanted to inflict upon it.

"Hmph. Such a nice view." Akihiko whispered, slowing stroking the luscious cheeks in front of him.

A designating flush overcame Misaki's cheeks. "Hentai!" He yelled, turning his head in order to glare at the amused man above him. "Don't say things like that!"

Akihiko said nothing. His eyes merely glimmered evilly—a trait Misaki knew all too well.

The author's sadistic side was coming forth.

Misaki gulped. "Usagi-san…"

Again, Akihiko had said nothing. He merely licked his lips in response. Misaki shivered, his entire body erupting in goose bumps. Crap. Just what was the man going to do?

Slowly, Akihiko brought his fingers towards his lips and lighted sucked the tender flesh there, almost as though he was preparing himself for an exquisite feast. Misaki's heart throbbed wildly in response. He didn't know what it was…but there was something oddly exotic about the man tasting his own fingers. Just witnessing that mouth at work…the way that tongue flickered across his fingers, leaving trails of saliva at its peak. A slight whimper escaped the boy's lips.

"Usagi-san?" Misaki mumbled, lowering his head to hide his blush. "What…are you doing?"

Once again, the man failed to give his lover a suitable answer. Instead, he pulled his watered fingers out his mouth and edged them towards the boy's behind. Misaki began wiggling fiercely the moment he saw those fingers edging towards him. Idiot! He cursed. Why couldn't have you seen this earlier?! He knew full well what the man was about to do! As soon as he even entered Misaki's cavern, the man made sure that he'd be in for a night of excruciating pleasure. A designating whimper escaped the boy's lips from that lingering thought. Akihiko was a true sadist, he loved watching his lover slowly lose his mind while he implanted with seeds of pleasure within the boy's body. Misaki knew once Akihiko entered—no matter how much he begged and pleaded—there was no way Akihiko would ever stop.

"U…Usagi-san…" Misaki whispered, his tone speeding up with excitement. "N…No…"

Akihiko ignored his kitten's pleas—he was too engrossed with the intoxicating flesh in front of him to care about his lovers' lies. With his other hand, he pinned his little cutie in place in order to prevent him from moving any further, Misaki whimpered in defeat. A devilish smirk made its way across that handsome face from that reaction.

"Silly Misaki…" He whispered, his voice going dangerously low. "Even now, you can be so enticing..."

With his other free hand, he resumed his previous action and inched his fingers towards his lovers' behind until they were probed at the boy's entrance.

"Usagi…" Misaki mumbled; his face flushed with heat. "D…Don't—"

The author then inserted his fingers within that heated entrance. It was only little touch. He barely went inside the cavern…but a wonton-ish moan still escaped from those delicious lips. Akihiko's eyes glowed sadistically. He then shoved his fingers deeper within that entrance until the kitten let out a scream of pleasure. Akihiko chuckled. So cute. He thought. For the next few minutes, the author just finger-banged his kitten, drowning himself within those beautiful moans that were flowing beneath him.

"Ngh…" Misaki mewled, gripping the sheets in agitation. "Ahhhhh…"

The heat that was pouring over the lad just from this simple touch…he was utterly drowning within its glory. How could something this vulgar feel so good? The mere concept baffled the young male's mind. Akihiko continued the fingering: attacking the flesh with irregular, rough bangs that made the lad's erection throb painfully with pleasure. When he eventually pulled out, Misaki had whined at the sudden loss.

"Really?" Akihiko teased, his face breaking out in a seductive grin. "Are you that thirsty for my fingers?"

"F…Fuck no!" Misaki gasped, trying hard to ignore the pleasurable ache the cock ring inflicted below his lower regions. "G…Get over yourself!"

"Such a dirty mouth." Akihiko chuckled, his hands groping that smooth ass. "It seems you're begging to be punished with that type of attitude."

Before Misaki could retort something smart, Akihiko had raised his hand in the air and brought it down swiftly on those delicious cheeks that transmitted a loud smack in the room.

"Owww!" Misaki howled as the pain seared through his body.

Before Misaki could process what had happened, another smack was mercilessly laid on his poor bottom. Before the man could lay down another one, Misaki had turned his head and sent a piercing glare at the amused man above him.

"Baka!" Misaki shouted; the redness dusting against his cheeks. "Just what the hell was that for?!"

"Naughty boys need to be punished." was all Akihiko just said, rubbing those lovely cheeks in front of him—smirking as soon as the boy unleashed a soft moan in response. As soon as his kitten's body was less tense, Akihiko went ahead and slapped the bottom again.

Misaki howled as his bottom smeared with that same pain. "Would you stop doing that?!" He snapped, fixing the author with a another angry glare.

Akihiko chuckled. "And why should I?"

"Because it fucking hurts!" Misaki said through gritted teeth; shivering greatly as that hand stroked his creamy ass.

"Really?" Akihiko mused as he rubbed that delicate ass playfully. "Because that's not what your body's telling me."

"W…Wha?!" Misaki gasped, his heart executing in somersaults. "J-Just w-w-what are y-you s-sayin—?!"

"You like this pain," He whispered, gripping the Misaki's ass—loving the little whimper of pain that escaped forth. "Don't you?" He growled.

No words could spring from the kitten's lips. His entire body erupted into the bases of shivers just from that simple statement.

Akihiko chuckled darkly. "You naughty boy," He whispered, licking his lips deliciously. "I never knew you had this side to you." The author's tone was dark yet it also had hints of desire within it. "I'm quite looking forward to its arrival." Misaki shuddered at that deep voice, how could one man put him in such a state? The author then decided to lean forward and blow a gentle trail of his cool breath behind his lovers' ear—in which he was rewarded with a another helpless whimper that fell from Misaki's lips. Akihiko continued to play with his lovers' ears until the boy was a mewling and whimpering mess.

Akihiko's eyes glowed insidiously as his lips curled up into a predatory smirk. Such a tease… he thought, stroking that delicate body.

He slid his across that delicious flesh until his hands reached those plump ass cheeks once again. He rested his hands there for a moment before he raised his hand once more and brought it down on that fragile bottom beneath him. Misaki cried out but the man paid him no mind. Over and over again, he spanked the boy with no restraint; seemingly using more force every time his hand met that bottom. Some hits were so hard that the brunet rock forward and his cock grazed the bed below him. Misaki screams were in unison with the spanks as his eyes welled up from the imaginable force. Sure that action hurt…but only just a little bit. The roughness of Akihiko's steady hands felt deliciously stimulating. That burning pain that was lingering on his bottom was killing him so sweetly...

He bit his lower lip to keep himself from screaming.

Akihiko continued this agonizing pattern for God knows how long, but by the time he'd finished, Misaki's plump ass was now a swollen, glowing red. Akihiko then rubbed the reddened skin, soothing it with kisses. He continued this action until he decided to fix his gaze downward—an evil grin designated from the very sight. He could see the delicious pre-cum pooling from the brunet down the bed sheets below him.

"Hpmh." He purred, his eyes drowning in lust. "It seems like someone likes getting spanked."

"S…Shut-up!" Misaki gasped, his cheeks flaring in embarrassment. "Y-You stupid pervert!"

Akihiko smirked. "It seems you've learned nothing from this punishment. But don't worry," He assured, flashing that malicious grin. "I still have more activities laid out for you."

Shivers of pleasure cascaded down the brunet's spine based on the assurance of that promise.

"Usagi-san," Misaki breathed, unsure of what he wanted. "Please…"

Deciding not to deprive himself any longer, Akihiko once again placed his hands amongst that sweet bottom and decided to indulge himself within that intoxicating heat. With his large hands, he spread those plump ass cheeks and did nothing but stare at the boy's puckered opening. Just watching that hole clench and unclench continuously designated a hunger that was slowly claiming Akihiko's body. Acting upon his animalistic desires, he slid his tongue into the sweet cavern of intoxication…letting himself be quench by that hunger within.

Misaki moaned hotly as soon as he felt that hot tongue breaching his insides. This heat…how could it erupt from this simple action? He shivered as he felt that addictive warmth spiraling throughout his entire region, making the erection all the more evident. He whined cutely. Baka Usagi. Putting this stupid cock ring on him to prolong his release. Just how the hell was he supposed to—?

Sweet euphoria filled his body as that tongue attacked him right there. Right at the spot where he'd lost all sense of rationality. Screams evaporated his body, his muscles cramped, and he threw his head back in pleasure as that persistent tongue trailed over his trembling entrance.

"Mmmm…so sweet." Akihiko whispered huskily. Misaki cried out wantonly from the feel of that voice designating above his skin. Akihiko had then flickered his tongue amongst that sweet cavern and shoved it in and out as fast as he could, determined to torture his little cutie into absolute ecstasy. The response he got was worth it: the cries spilling forth from that mouth became even more louder and high-pitched. Akihiko groaned, the tent in his pants growing harder and harder in response.

You have no idea what you do to me… He thought, continuing his sinful deed.

"Ahhhh!" Misaki cried, gripping the sheets roughly as he unconsciously pushed his ass within the man's face. "Nngh…"

The pleasure that was overloading his small body…he couldn't get enough of it. That tingling, uncomfortable feeling that was spiraling from his lower region was almost overpowering. He found himself mewling pitifully based on the tightness this cock ring inflicted. His entire region was overcome with stimulation…so much so that he thought he couldn't take much more of it. He released another helpless whimper as the delicious pain filled his body…he wanted to cum so badly and rid himself of this intoxicating warmth.

"Please!" Misaki mewled, tears of pleasure falling down those flushed cheeks. "I…I can't take it anymore! Please…put it in me!"

A throaty chuckle managed to escape Akihiko's lips. There was nothing more enticing than to seeing his kitten giving into his body's needs. It was the most arousing concept in the world. Just hearing the boy mewl such desires had the blood shooting to his lower region at a lightning-fast speed. Although he wanted nothing more than to act on those animalistic desires, a part of his rational consciousness prevented him from acting upon those needs. No. There'd be no benefit in giving in right away…he wanted to see just how far his lover would go for that luscious penetration. Again, he decided to ignore his kitten and continued to devour the delectable flesh displayed in front of him.

Misaki let out adorable whine. "Usagi-san!" He yelled, desperateness overcoming him as his body resided into that lustful ache. "Stop teasing me! Your tongue's not enough! Please…t-touch me more!"

Akihiko continued to ignore him, still transfixed on the delicious flesh he was still sampling.

"Please!" Misaki begged, thrusting his hips back wantonly. "F…Fuck me."

That intoxicating plea that designated from the brunet made Akihiko's rationality crumble like a tower of sand. He groaned appreciatively; utter anticipating the inevitable scenes that were soon to come. Regrettably, he broke his mouth away from that intoxicating flesh beneath him. As much as he wanted to continue tasting it, he knew he was store for something better.

Quickly, he resided his hands beneath his pants and unfasten his belt with lightning speed. Misaki moaned when he felt that hardened cock positioned at his entrance. He mewled again. He wanted that monster inside him. He didn't even care how much it would have hurt. He wanted the male's member to be inside of him right now—but even the author couldn't have given him that. Akihiko just stood there and rubbed his massive length down the crack of his ass, coating the sweet bottom with pre-cum. Misaki whined, wiggling his sacchariferous ass impatiently.

Akihiko chuckled—causing the boy's heart to beat significantly. "Patience, Misaki." Akihiko rasped, his voice going dangerously low. "The night's nowhere near finished. I'll tend to all those delicious needs of yours. I assure you, the pleasures you'll feel this night will excoriate your body so much that you'll never lust after anyone's cock but mine."

Misaki's moaned, his eyes darkening from that seductive promise.

Akihiko smirked, utterly satisfied with what he created. Without a moment to spare, he positioned his rigid member right behind his lovers' entrance and with agonizing slowness…he began to enter that sweet cavern. Akihiko groaned, licking his lips deliciously as the hot sweat trailed against his handsome face. He could hardly hold back a cry as he felt Misaki clenching around him, almost as though he were trying to absorb the entire juice from his region. Unable to wait any longer, Akihiko grabbed Misaki's hips and begin ramming in and out of the body, his balls smacking loudly against Misaki's ass.

Misaki screamed as he felt that sensual pleasure ripping throughout his entire body. The sweet bundle of nerves that rammed against his prostate was utterly mind-blowing. Misaki arched up in pleasure, mewling cutely as the man continuously attacked his insides with his God-given speed.

"Ngnh…Ahhhhhh!" Misaki screamed. Every time the authir slammed against him, a tinge of pain would engulfed his soft bottom, sending him into the realms of absolute madness. Misaki couldn't help but whine as Akihiko tightened his grip and thrusted in at a much faster pace, causing more pain to devour his flaring ass cheeks. It was painful…but the pleasure was still there. Misaki would never admit it…but he loved the pain the author inflicted on him. That hot, searing pain never failed to heighten his world into the bridge of ecstasy.

Misaki gasped as the intoxication the man was designating slowly consumed his mind. Every powerful thrust that entered his body shot tremors of pleasure through him. The tears begin slid down Misaki's cheeks…it felt good. He couldn't focus on anything but the monster that was attacking his flesh while making him delirious and unresponsive to the world around him. He tried to move, but the older man overpowered him easily. Misaki moaned. He couldn't escape. His being was slowly being swallowed by the flames that designated within. His arms were getting tired and he could feel the sting from the handcuffs cutting into his wrists.

Misaki cried out loudly as the author continued to him torture him with that slow, wonderful fucking. With every slam of his hips, Misaki was pushed further and further into the bed. Misaki wanted to shift positions so badly, but he was held down completely with those succulent thrusts. Throughout the night, Misaki mewled and begged for a release, but Akihiko would ignore his cries—only planting a hard smack to against that ass whatever he attempted to ask.

Nothing could be heard in the bedroom but the piercing screams from the kitten. Akihiko's merciless pounding was unlike anything he'd ever experience. It baffled his mind how something this big could designate so much stimulation. It was so fascinating.

"Usagi-san," Misaki slurred, almost inebriated by the pain and pleasure consuming his small body. "I…ahhhh…I can't take anymore—"

An evil chuckle materialized from the man's lips. "Yes, you can." He stated, his eyes glinting in utter malice. "Your body's longing for my touch…and I'm nowhere near finished with you."

Misaki shivered from that naughty promise…how long was this going to last?

"Shiiiiit…" Akihiko had groaned out, absolutely intoxicated from the engulfment his dick was receiving. "Your ass feels so fucking amazing…"

Misaki didn't have the strength to even scream anymore. The member that was barraging his insides was the only concept he could feel. His youthful face was flushed with that delirious heat as the man continued to fuck him raw. His eyes rolled onto the back of his head as he felt that pleasurable pain tightening his testicles. Blissfulness continued to course through him as the author prolonged the inviting heat that spread throughout his body. Misaki whimpered. He couldn't take much more of this. He was slowly losing his mind as every touch continued to overload his senses.

Akihiko groaned as he became closer to his peak. He began pounding the cavern with more strength as his thrusting became more frenzied with each move. It wasn't long before he was sent over the edge and sprayed his hot cum within that wonton-ish hole, spewing gallons of his seed inside. Misaki moaned appreciatively.

Feeling generous, Akihiko pulled off the cock ring and started to pump his lover frantically. Seconds later with a scream, Misaki released his hot cum within those cold hands before collapsing under the sheets.

Akihiko chuckled, stroking his kitten's back. "Sleep, my love." He whispered, leaning down into towards Misaki's ear. "You're going to need it…especially for our next session when you awake." He purred, twirling his tongue amongst that shivering earlobe.

Misaki let out a soft moan within his sleep.

He couldn't wait.

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