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This one-shot has been requested numerous times, but the main reason I wrote it was because I was feeling rather inspired by the story I'm currently co-writing with my friend, SuzukiChiyeko for our story "Lessons in Loyalty". Hopefully everyone can enjoy my version of that "supposed" one-shot. ^^;;

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Misaki's footsteps echoed sharply amongst the hallway, but even then, he couldn't be sure. There were no other sounds but the frantic pumping of his heart, screaming the danger that couldn't be said in words.

This bet was going to be the death of him.

Even though he was expecting that kind of trouble from the start, he never would have assumed Akihiko would use their English lessons as a way to indulge his sick fantasies. Throughout the evenings, Akihiko had taken it upon himself to tutor Misaki amongst the English language. Although his teaching methods were the definition of perfect, his way of performance was very...twisted—all of which greatly conceived the perfect role-play for them.

Misaki shivered; not only was his next English lesson today, but the teen had forgotten to do his homework—again.

He had meant to do it this time, but every time he tried, he would get overwhelmed by the perplexity of the language, and move on to another subject. He'd tell himself he would get back to it eventually, but the distraction of his other subjects would render him immobile until he completely forgot about it.

Akihiko had excused the deed time and time again, but he had warned his student that if he came up empty-handed again, he would showcase a suitable punishment for him to remember.

And how fitting it was that he was playing right into his Master's hands.

Dread had crept over the boy like an icy chill, numbing him to all sense of reasoning. Yet even with his state of mind declining, he was fully aware of the consequences that were soon to arise. Doing his best to ignore the rising panic within him, he continued his stroll amongst the hallway until he reached the front door of Akihiko's office.

For a moment, he was tempted in deserting the hallway altogether, yet he knew it wouldn't be wise to act upon that impulse: it would just heighten his punishment all the more. Sighing, he grabbed the doorknob in front of him and twisted it slowly. He could feel the stirring of his pulse, and it sounded overly loud to him, like the booming heartbeat of a condemned prisoner. Annoyed with these direction of thoughts, he shifted forward and hurried into the busied entrance.

Akihiko was sitting at his desk, typing an article amongst his computer, before he heard the young teen walking into his office. Very faintly, a smirk graced his lips.

"Good evening, Takahashi," the man greeted, never taking his eyes off the computer screen.

"G...good evening, sensei," Misaki said slowly, squirming nervously amongst the door. He knew it was too late to back out now—perhaps he could try distracting his lover. "Is...is the article coming out okay?"

"The article's going well, thank you," Akihiko replied in a pleasant voice, his eyes still hammered amongst the screen as he typed the finishing touches to the project. It wasn't long before flickered his gaze upon the teen, his expression unreadable. "I trust you've completed the homework assignment for this evening?"

Misaki's shoulders sagged. Crap. He should have known something like this would happen—the author was too perceptive to be fooled by his fruitless deceptions.

For the next few moments, silence had lingered in the air, thick and heavy, like a luscious blanket. Misaki wasn't sure how he felt about it, yet he knew the stillness wouldn't save him from his corrupted Master. Nervously, he scanned the author's face for a reaction as the silence continued to ring between them. He expected the man to scowl, or at least sigh in annoyance, but the author did none of those things. Instead, nothing but a smirk formulated that handsome face, causing a shiver down the teen's spine.

"Takahashi," the man whispered, "Where is your homework?"

The boy could do nothing but shift his gaze downward; avoiding his Master's gaze all together. "I don't have it," he said finally, a dark blush coating his cheeks.

Akihiko's eyes narrowed. "And may I ask why not?"

Misaki's heart began to race. "I...I guess I forgot."


"...Yes, sensei."

Muteness consumed the office once more, but this time, Misaki couldn't help but quiver to it. He was charting onto some dangerous territory, and he knew the author would see the very end to his punishment. From grasping that factor, the teen should have been scared, yet that feeling didn't attack him. He felt pumped, excited, and more alive than he'd ever thought possible. Bewilderment coursed through him. What was wrong with him? Since when was he anticipating the man's twisted punishment? He was definitely getting screwed in the head!

Traces of laughter infiltrated those pools of violet. The boy was too amusing. How he loved teasing his kitten to no end—the boy just made it so easy for him.

"Lock the door behind you," Akihiko stated, drifting his eyes back to the computer screen, "It seems we have a lot to discuss."

Groaning inwardly, Misaki did as he was told and locked the door silently, sealing off any chance of escape. When he completed the task, he resumed where he was standing, anxiously waiting for his Master's orders. Irritation briefly absorbed him, but he couldn't help but feel that way. Akihiko always made him so nervous when it came to this...particular thing.

"Takahashi," the writer grunted, the tone of his voice causing the teen to filch.

Misaki swallowed. "Y-Yes?"

"When I demand something of you, I acquire a simple reply in return. Do I make myself clear, my sweet pet?"

Fear had grasped the teen's heart, yet that didn't stop the pleasure from enveloping his frame. "Of course...Usami-sensei."

Akihiko smirked. "I'm glad we could come to that agreement," he mused, his voice holding a note of triumph. "Now, go to your desk and wait for my instructions—I'll be with you in just a moment."

Muttering a word of compliance, Misaki headed over to the desk and sat down. To soothe the nervousness coursing through him, he began twiddling with his thumbs. The action itself was stupid, but what else was he supposed to do? He never knew what to expect when it came to Akihiko. The man was just too unpredictable—even when he trained himself to be prepared for anything...but even that wasn't enough sometimes.

All he could do was wait—yet even that was pushing it. He was vibrating with restlessness. He wanted to scream, scamper, and demand to the man what would happen to him...but he wasn't able to do anything of the sort. He couldn't concentrate on anything. His mind was like a butterfly, whatever distraction he attempted to create for himself, his mind kept fluttering back to the fate that was awaiting him...and then he'd get that prickling feeling all over again. It was rather frustrating, really.

Yet despite those obstructions, he was determined to keep his mind occupied, and he gradually did so. He absorbed the peacefulness around him, finding great comfort in the clinking keys as the author rapidly typed. Sure the noise was distracting, but it was something he didn't mind. The clunking of the keyboard seemed to dance to it's own rhythm, launching tremendous ease within his heart.

For a few minutes, nothing but the clonking keyboard filled the silence until the noise had vanished completely. Pausing, Akihiko had saved the draft before exiting out, deciding to finish the rest later. After all, he had more important things to take care of.

Placing his laptop in the drawer, the author had propped his elbows on the top of the desk, and folded his hands together, resting his fingers against his mouth.

"What am I going to do with you, Takahashi?" Akihiko sighed, looking into vivid orbs of emerald.

Misaki stiffened. This was the part he'd been waiting for. Slowly, he began to tremble.

Akihiko continued to stare at the boy with a thoughtful expression. He was quiet for a moment, his eyes flickering ever so slightly. Then, abruptly, he shook his head.

"Didn't I warn you what would happen if you failed to submit your homework to me?"

"Y...Yes, sensei." Misaki whispered, his voice breaking in fright.

Akihiko raised an eyebrow. "And yet you still proceeded to ignore my warnings? My God, Takahashi. If I didn't know any better, I'd say you were eager for my punishment."

"I...I am not!" Misaki exclaimed, gazing downward as the blush consumed his cheeks.

"You're not fooling anyone."

"Sensei, I'm really not—"

"I suggest you stop lying to me," Akihiko interrupted. His voice was stern, but a gleam of playfulness lit in his eyes. "It's useless to try and defend yourself when your actions have already made the answer loud and clear."

Flutters of nerve and excitement hit the teen's stomach, but he firmly shoved them down. "But I wasn't lying to you!" Misaki bellowed, shifting within his seat. "I was only just—"

"It seems you're quite comfortable hiding the truth from me," Akihiko said calmly, flickering his eyes towards that shivering frame. Slowly, he smirked. "Very well, then." He sighed, rising promptly from his chair. "I suppose I'll have to fix that."

Misaki said nothing as the author strolled toward him, his lavish boots echoing throughout the wooden floor. He kept walking until he stopped a foot in front of the teen's desk, his eyes boring into his. Misaki just gazed up at him, anticipation and need flowing heavily through his veins.

Inclining his head to the side, the man regarded his student thoughtfully, before shaking his head, amused. "You never learn, do you?" he asked, "You always have to do things the hard way."

Lowering his gaze, Misaki avoided eye contact with him. He hated the fact that Akihiko was right, but that didn't mean that he would blatantly admit it. Instead, he kept his head low and listened to his Master's dark chuckles.

"Tell me, Misaki...what do you think will happen to you now?" Akihiko continued suddenly.

"D-don't ask such weird questions!"

Akihiko felt a smirk tug at his lips. "Oh, but I must," he insisted, "After all, you've brought this upon yourself by being so stubborn. Yet I suppose it's for the best since the thought of getting punished by me seems to be making you rather excited."

Misaki was tempted to cover his ears, but it would only prove the man's point, and get him nowhere near close deflecting the man's punishment. Instead, he merely glared at the writer, doing his best to look convincing. Akihiko stared back, a slight twinkle shadowing his eyes, as if the predicament had pleased him.

"What now, Takahashi?" He raised a slender eyebrow. And, for some reason, the teen's body lurched delightfully in response.

Chortling, the author took another step forward, peering into the teen's eyes as if he could see the very truth in them. Misaki's stomach squirmed as he leaned in. "Stand up," Akihiko ordered, beckoning the boy with his fingers. "It's time I show you the wrongdoings of your actions."

Gulping, the boy abided with the simple task and pulled himself up, doing so until he was face-to-face with his corrupted instructor. Don't ask him how, but he knew those eyes gazing upon his...indecent attire. While the uniform wasn't incredibly revealing, to say it was honorable was a downright lie. He sensed those eyes drinking in the tightness of his shirt, to the teasing denim that showcased his golden legs. Annoyingly, he felt his face flame. Damn the writer for being so shameless!

"I see you've taken my suggestion into account," the writer crooned, greedily trailing his eyes down that luscious school uniform. "But that doesn't mean you're getting off the hook."

The teen would be lying if he said that statement didn't disappoint him; after all, he was very much hoping that wearing this attire would lessen his punishment. How disappointing to realize that all of his effort had been wasted. Yet despite that loss, he can't say he's saddened by that fact completely—in fact, every time those eyes raked upon him, a secret thrill had descended amongst his frame, casting him in utter naughtiness.

"However," the man continued, looking into those dazzling emeralds. "That doesn't mean I can't appreciate the effort all the same. In fact," he paused, "I'm rather glad you decided to wear this attire—it makes the outcome much more suitable."

Before the teen could ask what Akihiko had meant, he felt those hands lifting his chin, forcing him to meet that wicked stare.

"Tell me, Takahashi," he mused, brushing the tip of his finger against the boy's lower lip. "Were you actually planning this from the start?"

His words made Misaki go still, as if he couldn't believe the statement that abandoned his mouth. The action drew a rare smile from Akihiko's lips. He could just imagine the boy racking his brain for an excuse, desperately trying to overshadow his visible intentions.

How utterly adorable.

"Such a shameless boy," he commented, inching his mouth towards that blushing face. "I never knew you possessed the will to execute such a deed."

Flames had ignited Misaki's core as he absorbed the meaning of those words. Normally, he would have taken offense to that indecent commentary, yet for some notion, he couldn't find within himself to care. He could only process the closeness of Akihiko's face; the feeling of that sweet breath washing over him, making his head swim in bliss. He shivered as those hands rake through the softness of his cheeks, trailing closer and closer until they reached his chestnut locks.

He felt those fingers combing incessantly throughout his hair, gently massaging his scalp and he moaned at the sensation. Gradually, the author moved his fingers until they flickered across that mouth once more, yet before Misaki could speak, he felt those lips pressing against his—and that's when he could retaliate no longer. Yet it wasn't because the man was sensuous nor a thousand times stronger than him, but because his will to resist had crumbled the second their lips met.

Misaki mewled, his heart pounding in an uneven rhythm as their mouths shadowed against each other, encircling in a dance they had long perfected. Akihiko had then deepened the kiss, satisfied he didn't have to force that cute mouth to open up for him. His tongue swept in to mate with his kitten's and a low, primitive growl sounded at the back of his throat. Gradually, his fingers move to undo the buttons of the teen's shirt, starting with the one beneath that luscious throat.

At first, Misaki tried to resist his advances, but the lingering movement the author provided had coursed through him like fire. The need to be touched was agonizing. He couldn't deny it any longer. And so, he allowed his instructor to unravel the remaining buttons of the material until he felt the shirt hanging wide open.

"So beautiful," Akihiko murmured between kisses. "You surely know how to tempt me, don't you?" With infinite swiftness, he trailed his kisses upon the teen's throat until he reached that shivering chest. From there, the author latched his mouth onto an delectable nipple and sucked hungrily. Misaki's breath shallowed, and the man leisurely repeats the gesture to the other nipple, sending delicious tingles down the kitten's spine. Eventually, the writer ceased his earlier movements and began toying with the sumptuous nubs, fondling them with his fingers until they hardened a vivid pink.

Misaki whimpered from the pleasure, utterly lost within that addictive heat. Unknowingly, he trailed his eyes towards the author's lips and all that originated from him was a small whimper. Just examining the striking detail of those full, chiseled lips makes him quiver with shameless want. He can't believe he feels this way—the pervert's hardly even started, and he's already sinking into his lustful needs. Moments later, the lips curved at the edge and Misaki discovered that his lover was smiling! Blushing, he quickly flickered his gaze away.

"There's no need to act so timidly," the writer pacified, grasping the teen's chin in order to meet that flustered gaze. "Once I'm done with you, I'll have you writhing beneath me, whimpering and begging for more." His eyes were wicked and piercing, causing the teen's knees to quiver.

"Turn around." His voice was low, assertive, and utterly addictive. How could the man pervade so much power within those two words? It just didn't make any sense! Willingly, the teen complied with his Master's request until he felt that cool breath stroking every inch of his neck. He tried to stand still, but he couldn't help but squirm—inducing a smirk from the writer's lips.

"Impatient, are we?" He chuckled, tugging his teeth on that shivering earlobe. "Don't fret, love. You'll have me, soon."


Each word was painfully intoxicating. Misaki couldn't help but fall more and more into that distinctive world of helplessness. He was like a butterfly trapped within Akihiko's net, unable and unwilling to escape.

"Now, go to my desk...and bend over for me," Akihiko demanded huskily.

There was nothing Misaki could do to still the eagerness inside of him. He was embarrassed beyond compare, shivering at the unmistakable lust in the man's voice, yet undeniably willing to cooperate. In tiny steps, he moved towards the desk and did as he was told. The biting metal was a shock to his abused nipples, yet he blissfully ignored it.

"You're quite the sight, Takahashi," the writer hummed, trailing his eyes amongst that delicious frame. "I'd love it if you'd spread those legs more."

Blushing, the teen acceded to that sweet appeal, opening his legs until he was sure the author could see every outline the tight shorts displayed of his forbidden flesh.

"Mmm, I like it when you're submissive for me." Akihiko purred, growling low within his throat. "It just makes me so happy, Takahashi."

Misaki's insides liquefied, the bulge in his shorts throbbing shamelessly in response. Damn his teacher's commentary—he can never get enough of those seductive words! He ached to hear more, but silence momentarily absorbed the room. Curiously, he turned his head slightly, meeting his Master's impish gaze.

"Face the wall in front of you, Takahashi," Akihiko ordered, pointing the area with his chin. "That way you won't know what I'm planning. I need your punishment to be a surprise, pet."

Obeying the command, Misaki shifted his head away before flickering his gaze towards the faded wall, listening intently for the slightest sound. He gripped the desk in front of him nervously. Baka Usagi. Having him lean on this desk in a vulnerable position like this...he definitely had a few corks unscrewed!

At first, all is silent around him...but then, he detected those lavish boots echoing across the wooden floor, traveling towards an unknown location. From the sounds of it, the writer seemed to be walking away from him—where was he going? Was he leaving him here in the office? That bastard! How dare he?!

Yet before he could vent this complaint, he heard the faint flutter of a drawer opening...and all his frustrations went out the window. What was his teacher doing? He said he was going to punish him, right? So why was he frisking around in the damn drawer? Was this his version of a joke? Before he could ask the man anything, he heard the drawer closing abruptly—and it took everything he had to calm his raging heart.

He heard those boots edging towards him, and his breath hitched in response. How the sound of mere footsteps can render him into a shivering mess is beyond him. All he could think about was his luscious punishment—and what the man would do to break his sanity. Before he could succumb to those thoughts completely, he sensed the man standing behind him, and he relished the gorgeous thrill that raked through his frame.

"Take off your shorts," the writer said calmly, groping Misaki's delicious ass. "You won't be needing them for what I have planned for you."

Trembling, the teen did as he was told and unbuttoned the waistband of his shorts, sliding them down until the material was pooling at his ankles. He did the same method with his underwear. Akihiko smirked at the sight. He always loved a half-naked Misaki. There was something so...titillating about his indecent frame. He could never enough of it.

"You have such luscious skin," Akihiko marveled, stroking the apex of Misaki's thighs. "It's almost a shame what I must do to it."

Before the brunet could challenge that vague reply, he felt a solid object brushing against the softness of his bottom—and at that moment, alarm had traveled through him. What...was that? He didn't remember feeling that a second ago. Just what was the idiot doing back there? Yet before he could look back and see, he felt that mysterious object striking against his skin, and all that liberated from him was a tantalizing cry.

"Didn't I tell you to face the wall?" Akihiko teased, his voice dripping with blissful devilry. "Tsk. Tsk. I shouldn't have to repeat myself, pet."

"W...What the hell?!" Misaki exclaimed, squirming feebly beneath his Master's desk. "You didn't have to hit me, you bastard! Just what did you—ahh!" He screamed in pain, his bottom attacked yet again by that nameless force.

"That's not anyway of addressing your teacher," the author said with a chuckle, "Silly boy, it seems were getting ahead of ourselves, aren't we?"

"Baka! You didn't have to hit—"

"Yet that's where you're wrong, Takahashi." Akihiko asserted, sweeping that wooden stick upon Misaki's bottom. "I had every right to spank your little bottom—you've been tempting me these past few weeks. Neglecting to do your homework...even after all the warnings I gave you! Really, just what were you thinking?! Yet no matter," the author paused, his voice going gradually low. "After today's session, you will never overlook my warnings again. That is my promise to you, Misaki."

Hearing the man call him by his given name made Misaki shiver all the more. "But sensei—"

"No 'buts'," the author growled, tightening his grip upon the nameless object. "This is your fault—we wouldn't be in this situation if you'd just listened to me in the first place. Yet rest assured: I will enjoy enforcing your punishment, as I'm finally able to put this forgotten ruler to use."

Ruler? Was that what he was digging up in his drawers? What he was spanking him with?! Gah, fucking pervert! No wonder the idiot seemed so eager for this! Yet before the brunet could voice those complaints, he felt that smooth ruler brushing against the round mounds of his behind, and he couldn't help but release a feeble moan.

Smirking, the author continued the heated action before leaning his body forward, his mouth reaching the teen's ear. "You've been a naughty boy, Misaki," he purred, his breath cutting into the teen's neck as though it were a cloud of blades. "I simply can't wait to discipline you. After being so disobedient, you really need to learn a lesson." He paused to nibble Misaki's ear. "Right now, I want to spank that ass of yours until it's red and raw."

Misaki shivered in pure arousal, unable to believe that confession. What was it with the man saying these kinds of things? Was he deliberately trying to turn him into a puddle of goo? That seemed like the only likable answer to him! He hated structuring that damn thought, yet he knew in the deep part of his mind...it was the truth. The thought of Akihiko spanking his ass was slightly…erotic. He wondered briefly what was wrong with him. He was getting aroused by the thought of Akihiko hitting his bare ass—with a ruler, of all things. It just wasn't him.

Akihiko's chuckle was sprinkled with sin. "Did you like that, Misaki?" He gripped the ruler tightly, sliding the length of it across Misaki's ass. "Shall I enforce your punishment once again?" He didn't give the teen time to answer, he merely spanked the bottom in response.

Misaki whimpered, sinking his teeth into his bottom lip as he fought the tide of heat at the husky edge in Akihiko's voice.

"Oh, yes," the writer rasped, "Such a nice response. I wonder how much more I can get out from you."

As if testing that theory, he pulled back the ruler, and brought down another smack upon that behind. He smirked as a another whimper ringed forth.

"You're such a brave little kitten," Akihiko crooned, "I can't wait to make a mess out of you."

He spanked the teen again, harder this time, and was delighted when a lustful whine liberated those very lips. A rush of lust pulsed through him, and his own cock throbbed heavily in his jeans. Misaki cried out again, but the author found the tenor in the teen's voice positively addicting. "Oh, Misaki," the writer hissed before planting another mark upon that sensitive backside.

Misaki released a vivid cry of longing, unable to believe he was drowning within the writer's wrath. Agony seeped in every part of him as that ruler licked his backside, threatening to burglarize his state of consciousness. Akihiko's movements were vigorous and compelling, utterly intensifying with each force. The pain had amplified with each strike...yet he couldn't help but surrender to it all the same. Of course, the spankings had hurt, but it awakened something within him...and all he wanted was to revel even more of the feeling.

"Your ass is so beautiful, Misaki," Akihiko breathed, trailing his hand amongst that reddening flesh. "It's a shame you can't see it—it's simply mouthwatering."

Misaki couldn't see or think straight. He could barely suck in a breath before that ruler was plunged upon his bottom again. "Ah..."

"Yes, Misaki," the author hummed, "Let me hear you scream."

He planted another blow against that delicious ass, watching the cheeks redden again and again. He let out a wicked laugh every time he heard the boy scream, all of which greatly compelled him to punish the wild kitten until the spankings were the only sound in the room.

"U...Usami-sensei!" Misaki mewled, tightening his grip upon the desk as the author spanked him without mercy. "P-Please...ahhh! N-no more—"

"You know better than to ask mercy from me," Akihiko said calmly, his eyes wild with vivid excitement. "For you will not get none."

"But...it hurts." Misaki whimpered, trembling profoundly as that ruler continued to mark him. "Sensei, please—"

"My decision is final, Misaki," Akihiko asserted, amusement clearly evident within his tone.

"W...why?" Misaki whined, moaning yet again from his body's sensitivity.

"Because I don't like it when little boys don't do what they're supposed to do." Akihiko simply replied, restraining himself for the time being. "It just pisses me off...but I'm sure you won't do anything to arise my anger again won't you, Misaki?"

"N...no," the teen whispered, desperately trying to control his breathing. He couldn't afford to lose control—at least, not yet.

"Good," the writer said, "I'll help you remember not to." And with that, he resumed enforcing his punishment, but this time with more intensity. He spanked that bottom as hard as he could, drinking in the teen's luscious cries as he dived more and more into that beautiful ecstasy.

"You're making such delicious sounds," Akihiko purred, "I don't think you know how much hearing them excites me."

Akihiko's movements were fiery and passionate, and the teen was overwhelmed by him and the cadence of melody. Misaki was wrapped in a blanket of mental and physical sensations, orchestrating the perfect seduction. His mind was falling...falling more and more into that distinctive world of paradise, and then, he let go. A scream erupted from his throat as a powerful climax thundered down upon him, crippling his body with violent phenomenon as his seed trailed down the desk.

"Did you just come, Misaki?" The writer asked with a chuckle, trailing his hands amongst that crimson behind. "Naughty boy, did I say you could come? It seems I'll have to punish you once again."

"No," Misaki mewled, desperately trying to move his sore bottom away from that ruler. "Sensei, please, no more..."

Akihiko clicked his tongue, laughing yet again. "Really, Misaki? Is it up to you?"

Misaki's eyes flickered to the desk. "N...no, sensei."

A smirk graced the author's lips. "I'm glad you understand that," he mused, loving the little whimper that escaped from his kitten's lips. His eyes twinkled devilishly. The boy was just too amusing. "However," he went on, his voice trailing into a purr. "That doesn't mean I can't hold you to that—from my inspection, there seems to be other parts from you that seem to want...the same attention."

Misaki's heartbeat tripled in response.

Akihiko trailed his hand along the smoothness of Misaki's waist, and was rewarded when another shiver had cascaded throughout his kitten's frame. The ruler he'd been holding had clattered to the floor, and he moved his hand until it reached the teen's quivering asshole. He rubbed the entrance repeatedly, stroking the heated flesh until he gradually sunk those fingers into Misaki's vivid wetness.

The simple touch nearly stole Misaki's breath away. He couldn't help it—he had to bite his lower lip as the lust curled within his belly, rendering him deep in that endless ache. He desperately tried not to moan in an embarrassingly loud manner.

"Oh, yes, Misaki." Akihiko whispered, his voice hoarse. "Your ass is welcoming my fingers so nicely." Gently, he fingered into that hot haven, savoring the luscious squelch that seemed to designate those perfect walls. Misaki moaned loudly, and thrusted his hips backwards, eager to meet those sturdy fingers. Akihiko watched, fascinated as the boy fucked himself onto his fingers. To say he was aroused was indeed an understatement.

"Your ass is so lewd, Misaki," the writer crooned, continuing to watch his student's performance. "It's swallowing up my fingers so tightly. Mmm, I had no idea your ass was such a ravenous little thing."

Misaki did nothing but moan, continuing his scorching actions as though his body were on autopilot. A part of him was terrified to this new side of him, but oh, God, he couldn't help himself. Every movement the author inflicted had oozed desire. It was just too much for the teen. He felt his member hardening all the more, his pre-cum dripping gallons amongst the floor. He gasped when he felt those fingers brushing against his erection, stroking the heated wetness that continued to pool there.

"I love that you're so wet for me," the author sibilated, "You don't know how hot that makes me. Is it alright if I have a taste, love? I'm sure you taste as good as you look."

Misaki felt overridden with lust, effortlessly lost within the author's pull of temptation. He hated how this man got to him—anything he said seemed to be dipped with velvet sin. How the hell could he compete with that?

"Misaki," Akihiko growled, his voice low and husky. "Look at me."

Panting, the teen complied with the task, and Akihiko's breath caught from the sight.

Misaki was a lovely sight to behold. His skin was a golden shade of red, trailing down from his cheeks to his glowing ass. A light sheen of sweat covered his delicate body, while his fetching emeralds were glazed with passion. He was biting his lower lip, making it swell and turn red from the attention. It made the author want to lean in and bite those lips himself.

"Do you know how delectable you look right now?" Akihiko's voice was rough as he spanked that tender bottom again. Misaki opened his mouth to respond, yet all that came from him was a luscious moan. Akihiko's dick throbbed in his jeans as the heat swelled into him. His erection is at the teen's hip, the buttons of his fly pressing into Misaki's flesh. He lets out a grunt when he witnessed desire tainting those specks of emerald. He thrusted a few fingers into that pulsing hole, and the teen arched against him. Any protest the boy might have had, died a rapid death as the author's fingers plunged into his prostate.

Misaki writhed and mewled amongst the desk as Akihiko worked his fingers into him. Each time, his breath had shortened while his body rippled with fire, yet before he could reach that sweet release, the author had pulled back just to have the wave subside. Akihiko chuckled each time the boy whined—denying him relief was so cute.

He continued plunging his fingers within Misaki's entrance, marveling how those inner walls had tightened around him. His nostrils were filled with the boy's scent, and he felt himself reacting to it instantly. There were no words to truly describe it, only that it was alluring, arousing and desirable.

His cock screamed for the need of release, and so with his other hand, he unbuckled his belt, unzipped his fly and pulled his pants down to his thighs. He could feel his own pre-cum clouding amongst his boxers, yet that thought was soon forgotten the moment he pulled his length free. Akihiko stroked it with long, lazy movements, lost within his lover's inciting moans.

There was no way to describe the writhing beauty beneath him. He knew harboring such passion for a student was forbidden, yet the very thought excited him all the same. Misaki was such a innocent creature, he couldn't help but want to taint that purity. In a way, he knew his methods were twisted, but he didn't have any regrets.

Slowly, he inched his cock towards that quivering entrance, ready to rid of himself from this bothersome ache. He was aroused beyond his wildest dreams, and all because of this sweet, innocent teen that was bare before him. He knew he was going to be rough with the boy, but at that moment, nothing else mattered. All he wanted was to feel those luscious walls clamping around his member, squeezing the very life out of it.

"Please," Misaki begged, pushing his ass back against that throbbing member. He moaned as that cock probed against his asshole. "Ahhh!"

"Shit," the author cursed, gripping the boy's hips. "You're so fucking tight, Misaki."

Before the teen could respond, he suddenly felt that hulking member being slammed within his entrance, and all he could do was scream in ecstasy. Akihiko's thickness had pierced the tightness within his walls, sending him delighted measures of blissful agony. Misaki moaned as the member plunged even deeper inside of him, casting flickers of darkness to momentarily encircle his vision.

"Fuck..." Akihiko breathed, closing his eyes as that binding heat continued to squeeze his member. Each time he entered the teen, he couldn't help but take a moment to revel within the pleasure. That rapturous heat felt so nectarous around his pulsing cock, it was hard not to get drunk by the mere sensation. Gently, the author began to move and the two of them groaned at the feeling, pleasure surging throughout their bodies. It felt so good to be connected, to conceive the love that couldn't be expressed in words.

The writer gripped the hips tightly, and commenced his pace slowly, working himself steadily to relax his lover. Misaki moaned at the sensation, loving the unhurried motion as the author fucked him rhythmically. But of course, after a while, the teen began to crave more of the feeling. "Nggh...f-faster, sensei..."

Akihiko chuckled. "As you wish, my cute pet," he rasped as he went faster, thrusting his hardening cock into a faster tempo. Misaki parted his lips, mewling loudly as pure pleasure began to overtake the lower parts of his body. Nothing inventive could formulate his thoughts—not with that delectable cock filling him to the brim, while casting his mind into that gorgeous heaven.

"U...Usami-sensei," Misaki whined, helplessly lost as the author's thrusts racketed his brain into a sea of friction. "Ngh—ahhh!"

Akihiko growled, grinding his hips into that vivid wall of wetness. It was amazing how the boy could designate such a response from him. He didn't think he could ever lose control—at least, not like this. He desperately tried maintaining his composure, but the dominant side of him—the side that wanted to possess the teen—could not be restrained. He moved his dick in a delicious circle as the boy continued to scream for his name, prolonging the gradual sensation that was yearned by both of them.

He feasted his eyes upon Misaki's backside, and a victorious smirk had flickered before his handsome face. Just meeting that hot, spanked bottom with every thrust made him quake in gluttonous joy. The boy possessed such a beautiful round. It was the softest he'd ever touched, the prettiest he'd ever seen. It was flawless...and he couldn't help but want to make a mess out of it.

Snarling, he raised his hand in the air, and brought it down to the reddening bottom with a hard smack. The spank was boisterous and Misaki screamed, arching forward slightly.

"S-sensei!" The teen exclaimed, moaning in painful pleasure as Akihiko's fingernails dug into his skin, driving him wild. "Haaah...s-stop...it hurts—"

"You think you're allowed to argue with me, pet?" Akihiko chastised, amused. He spread those rosy mounds with his fingers, and continued to plow that ass for all it was worth. "You have no say in what happens within your punishment," he trailed on, loving the way his kitten would moan, while pushing his face onto the desk. "And I expect you to abide by that rule."

The flaring boldness of Akihiko's command raked a shameless quiver throughout the teen's frame. He was embarrassed, but he couldn't erase the hidden feelings of arousal. He could deny all he wanted, yet he knew his insides thrived from the utter the roughness of that spank. He blushed vividly, knowing it was wrong to love this side of his professor, the kinky, corrupted side. He let out a whimper as Akihiko's thrusts had pushed him further onto the desk, causing his tender nipples to rub against the biting metal, adding even more friction into the aching pleasure.

"Mnngh...ahhh," Misaki mewled out, tears of pleasure trailing down his flushed face.

"Does it feel good, Misaki?" Akihiko purred, lifting his hand to hit the sweet ass one more. Misaki screamed as the blaring torment shot through his behind, yet the blissful throb from his leaking erection made it all worth it.

"Fuck!" Akihiko hissed, slamming into that cavern with no restraint. He let loose a terrible grin as one thrust in particular made the teen see stars.

"There—ah! Ohhh...Usami-sensei!" Unadulterated bliss enclaved the teen's vision as the blistering fire began to overcloud him. He mewled and writhed as that gorgeous cock continued it's relentless pace, fucking him with forcefulness he never knew even existed. "Ohh, that hurts," he moaned in delight, tightening his grip upon the moving desk.

Throughout the mist of passion, the desk was moving partially along the author's movements. In some part of his mind, the man knew he should have felt concerned—after all, their constant romping could cause serious damage amongst his wooden floor. Yet in the heat of the moment, Akihiko couldn't give a flying fuck what happened to his floors—he'd pay for them later. Right now, all he was concerned about was fucking the shit out of the moaning beauty beneath him.

"Sensei," Misaki whimpered, shuddering violently as that calloused hand tumbled upon his ass once more. "N-no...haaah!" The author plowed into the boy without any thought or care, swindling his innocent mind into a wave of endless lust. The feeling was indescribable, and the teen thought he'd passed out from the sheer sensation. Yet the author never faltered within his movements. He continued to take the boy, moving fast and strong inside him...and that's where the teen had lost control.

He exploded violently around his lover, his insides melting into a puddle of bliss as the last of his screams echoed it's satisfied finish.

The author relished every inch of the teen's cries before succumbing to that final moment of release. There was nothing better than those walls grappling around him before a roar of need escaped his throat, and he coated the teen's insides with a fountain of cum.

Groaning, Akihiko pulled out the teen slowly, before witnessing his cum trickling down that quivering entrance. He growled low in his throat. He didn't know why, but the sight of his semen trailing down that lower body was so satisfying that it was almost perverted. Misaki was covered amongst the man—and not just by his seed. Akihiko's scent was polished amongst his sweet flesh; for their sweat mingled to leave a new aroma within the air. The teen smelled of sex, and him, and honestly...it was the perfect combination—like the most magnificent perfume.

Slowly, the man released his hold upon the teen before watching him slide off the desk, and fall to his knees upon the cold wooden floor. Akihiko chuckled at the sight—for his kitten was just too cute. After a moment, the author gradually dropped to his knees before scooting closer to smaller male in front of him. He wrapped his arms amongst the shivering frame of his mate, and held him close.

"You took your punishment very well, Takahashi," the writer breathed, nuzzling kisses against the teen's neck. "I'm very proud of you."

Misaki's cheeks flared in embarrassment. "Th-Thank you, sensei."

Throughout the seconds their cuddle lingered, nothing more was said between the two. Yet that didn't mean their silence was hazardous—as far as they were concerned, the stillness that was building between them was one of visual comfort, something they both took to heart.


The corners of Akihiko's lips curved upwards. "Yes, Takahashi?"

Misaki squirmed within the embrace, obviously nervous. "I...would appreciate if you didn't bring this up incident to anyone," he said in a hopefully calm voice, casting his gaze downward. "It's much...too embarrassing, sensei."

Akihiko grinned. "Now why would I want to share that vital piece of information with all my other students?" The author said with a chuckle, traces of amusement tainting his eyes. "Really, Takahashi. Do you honestly think that low of me?"

"N-no!" Misaki exclaimed, shaking his head quickly. "Of course, I didn't! It's just...well, with the punishment...I...I thought—"

"Misaki," Akihiko rasped, loving the little shiver that raked through the boy just from calling him his given name. "I can assure you—no one will know of your punishment," the writer assured, nibbling the teen's earlobe. "That's our own dirty little secret."

Misaki swallowed. His thighs ached with a growing tension he couldn't recognize.

"Besides," the author trailed on, planting kisses upon those luscious cheeks. "What happened within my office was exclusively between us. You have no idea how long I've wanted to fuck you like that," he let loose in a vivid purr. "I was only too happy with your decision to defy me—it made the outcome much more easier. Yet rest assured, Misaki. There is no one else—only you are capable of making my heart race."

Misaki's heart fluttered happily despite the naughty edge those words incorporate. It was amazing how the author could say such things so easily, yet the boy knew he wouldn't have it any other way. They were two halves that made a whole—and the love that nestled them were greater than anything else.

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