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Twilight: Blood Moon

The Volturi had returned to Italy. They were gone and we had not heard from them in a year. It was in front of many people that their reputation was tarnished beyond repair; Their decisions were questioned and their purpose was revealed.

We knew that they were sure to want to show the rest of the Vampire world that their rule was still absolute. That none could stand against them and survive. We knew that the Volturi would want to exact their revenge. What we didn't know, what know one realized, were the lengths that they would go to reach their goal.

It had been only a year since the Volturi's visit. Only a year and in many ways it felt like nothing had changed. In other ways it seemed like this last year was full of nothing but change. I know that seems like a contradiction but it's true.

We were still living in Forks, Washington. The Cullen family that I now belonged to had been in place for about three years. Carlisle figured that we could probably stay three or maybe four more before people would start talking. Before we would have to move on.

Of course I wanted to stay as long as we could. My dad, Charlie, had lived here ever since I could remember. He was still Chief of the small Forks Police Department. He still came out to the Cullen's home on a regular basis to visit and see us. His knowledge of who and what we were was expanding according to Edward, my husband. It was also Edward who was constantly watching for Charlie to suddenly realize something and for him to know too much and either cause us to have to leave, or even worse, make him a vampire too. Neither one of those options were ones that any of us wanted to entertain.

Charlie continued to dote on my daughter, Renesmee. He was constantly bringing her little gifts and trinkets. His life however was going to become more complicated soon. My dad had proposed to Sue Clearwater, who was mother to two werewolves; Seth and Leah. The two young werewolves, and members of Jacob's pack, liked my dad well enough but like me they weren't in a hurry for him to learn any more than he already knew.

That was one big change that had happened within the last year. After the almost fight with the Volturi, Sam had decided to step down as the Alpha of his pack, and leave the job of pack leader to Jacob. It was not an easy decision and it was one that Jacob told me later that Sam had agonized over for some time. However once it was made and the transition happened, everything for the wolf pack seemed to fall into place. The pack was very large now and everyone within it had concerns about it growing larger, and for good reason. The wolves were huge and with so many of them around, it was only a matter of time until one of them was noticed again.

Jacob wore his mantle of pack leader reluctantly. His claim was that he only did it for the good of the pack. Now they were all one again they were that much stronger for it. Sam remained in the pack of course; as Jacob's second. Since Jacob spent so much of his time in human form due to his imprinting on Renesmee, it was like Sam was still in command anyway. The part that Jacob liked was that Sam didn't seem to feel as though he had to report everything to Jacob. This made everyone's lives much easier.

We hadn't seen much of anyone else who stood with us that day. Though we did still see the occasional nomad pass through. The first time it happened, Sam and half of the wolf pack were running a patrol when they came across a scent they didn't know.

One of the wolves who was closer to our house came over and let Carlisle know that there was someone in the area that none of the wolves recognized. Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett, and Edward all went out to meet the nomad.

This nomad was near panic when they caught up to him. The wolves had him surrounded and would not let him move. Paul and Leah were among them and they were particularly hostile towards him. It was clear that the vampire was in fear for his life.

When Carlisle arrived with the others, he was quickly able to defuse the situation. Jasper helped to get everyone calmed down enough for the nomad to explain himself.

It turned out that the nomad was a friend of Garrett's, who had stood with us when we faced down the Volturi last year and now lived in Denali with our "cousins." He was on his way to visit his friend and had tracked him as far as Forks where the wolves became aware of him.

It was a very nervous vampire who was then escorted to the northern coastline where he was allowed to leave and head on up to Alaska.

Life within the Cullen house was as normal as it could get. Alice and Jasper, Emmett and Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme, as well as Edward and myself lived there comfortably. We laughed and talked and enjoyed each other's company.

One new pastime in the house was to help me get used to living life as a vampire. Not that I didn't already know; it was more like I was getting to know the limits of what I could do. They had me climbing trees, making insane leaps across rivers and chasms, moving rocks and logs that weighed several tons, and running as fast as all but the fastest cars could drive.

Then there was the swimming. I'd always been a decent swimmer, not great but not helpless either. But it wasn't until I tried swimming as a vampire that I really learned what I could do under the water.

It was phenomenal not to have to breathe. That meant that I could dive deeper, swim farther, and move faster in the water than any Olympic class swimmer or diver had ever dreamed of.

There was no way to describe the experience of diving so deep in the water that light couldn't penetrate enough to help the human eye to see. But that didn't stop my eyes from seeing. The pressure at the depths that I was capable of reaching would have killed a human, yet they were disturbingly easy for me to reach.

Of course no creature of the deep would come near us while we were in the water. They left immediately as soon as we entered in. I thought it might be kind of fun to try and hunt a shark, but Edward wasn't so keen on the idea. Jasper and Emmett though were all for it.

Emmett was still upset that he had never got the opportunity to wrestle an Anaconda.

Life was good. We hadn't heard from the Volturi in some time and neither had any of our friends. Things seemed to be settling down into some kind of normal.

As a result of this new kind of normal, Alice had taken it upon herself to try and teach me about fashion and the fun of going shopping. Because it pleased her, I participated. But only grudgingly. She might as well have been trying to teach a rock to grow an arm. Me having fun shopping and trying on clothes was about as likely to happen.

"Bella," Alice exclaimed in exasperation, "You're supposed to be having fun!"

"Alice, you've known me for three years. Since when have I ever thought that fashion was fun?"

"I was hoping that maybe you might change your mind," Alice grumbled.

"Not likely," I replied.

Edward walked into the closet at that moment, Renesmee trailing behind him.

"Having fun?" He asked. The look on his face suggested that he knew very well that I wasn't.

I looked at him and rolled my eyes. Edward smiled and continued on. "Carlisle wants to go hunting. I was going to go and take Renesmee with us. Would you care to come along?"

While anything would have been better than sitting in my closet letting Alice use me as a life size fashion doll, I also knew it would hurt her feelings if I left to go hunting with Edward in the middle of what we were doing. I smiled at him and was rewarded with seeing my favorite half smile given to me in return.

"I think I'm alright. Next time?"

"If you wish," Edward replied. "Have fun playing with Alice!"

Alice and I both stuck our tongues out at him and Edward chuckled as he left with Carlisle who had poked his head in to say hello.

After they were gone, Alice looked at me; "So where's Jacob today?"

"His sister is coming here from Hawaii. She doesn't know anything about us, the wolves, or anything else in our world. So, he has to go and play the part of being a brother still in school. Since he's dropped out of school, he'll either be here during those hours or out with the pack, then he'll have to go home,"

"That sounds so inconvenient," Alice commented.

"He thinks so too. I'm just glad she didn't come last year. Who knows what could have happened," I shook my head.

"We don't have to think about that anymore," Alice finished lacing up the boots she'd gotten for me and had me stand up and turn around.

I had to admit it, she'd done a good job. This outfit I liked. It was a simple white pullover sweater over jeans. The calf high leather boots were the perfect fit and very comfortable- not that I needed the comfort of shoes anymore. She'd accented the clothes with a simple, thin, gold chain necklace and a matching bracelet. The necklace and bracelet were a nice contrast with my pale skin.

"Alice, I love it!" I hugged my new sister. She was giving me a smug grin.

"It's about time," She sighed, "You're not easy to shop for you know," Rolling my eyes, I looked back at Alice and watched for a minute as she put the clothes that she'd purchased on hangers or shelves. The old clothes, except for a precious few outfits that I really liked, were boxed up to go to good will.

I helped her carry the boxes through the forest, past the large main house, and to the garage and Edward's car where one of us could drop it off the next time one of us went to the city. Once the boxes were locked inside, we went into the house itself.

Esme was working on some new designs. Emmett and Rosalie were busy at the table talking about taking about the next trip they wanted to take. They were debating on taking Edward and I with them so that they could be close to Renesmee. The only problem there was Jacob.

Jacob wouldn't let Edward and I pay for him and he couldn't stand to be away from Renesmee. While Sam could take over the pack for awhile, Jacob still had his sister at home and he wouldn't be free to do much of anything until she left to go back to Hawaii. So for now at least we were stuck at home.

I looked in the general direction of Jacob's house as I thought about him. I hadn't been there in over a year. Even though our bond with the wolves was as strong as ever it was, there were members of the tribe who were still uncomfortable with a vampire being on their lands. Carlisle thought it best to honor the boundaries of the treaty as a show of good faith with those who were still uncomfortable with our presence in the area. This had the effect of now making it impossible for me to see my friend since I was a vampire who was bound by that treaty as a Cullen.

"Oh Bella?" Esme asked as Alice and I sat down. I was sitting at a computer to compose an email to my mother. Alice had a project she was working on.

"Yes Esme?" I asked my mother in law.

"Seth stopped by just a few minutes ago looking for you. Since I didn't know if you and Alice went hunting with Edward and Carlisle, he asked if he could leave a message. He said to tell you that Charlie is coming over tonight,"

"Why wouldn't my dad just call?" I wondered aloud.

"I don't know; neither did Seth,"

Strange. I picked up my phone and looked at it. I hadn't missed any calls. I pulled up Charlie's number and dialed it. It went straight to voice mail. That wasn't entirely odd, my dad being a cop and all he sometimes got a little too busy to answer the phone. I was sure he'd see that I called and would call me back as soon as he could.

But then why would Seth come over here looking for me to tell me about Charlie?

"Bella?" Alice asked, turning to look at me.

"What is it Alice?" Looking up at her, Alice's face looked...odd. There was something wrong. This was confirmed a moment later when Jasper flitted next to her, one hand placed on her shoulder.

"What is it, Alice? What do you see?"

Alice was in a trance. She was seeing something that was far away, "I...I'm not sure. I saw Bella's face, only for an instant, and then things started flashing by too quickly for me to keep track,"

Esme was suddenly next to us. Emmett and Rosalie stopped what they were doing to come stand by us at the computer.

"Do we need to call Carlisle?" Esme asked worriedly.

Suddenly Alice's face cleared. "No, I don't think so."

"What was it you saw, Alice?" I asked. What had caused her to see me in her vision and be alarmed enough to say my name? She hadn't done anything like that for over a year.

A sudden sense of dread washed over me. I knew, suddenly and without a doubt, that this had something to do with Charlie.

Standing up, I moved to the door. I had a sudden urge to see my dad. I needed to know that Charlie was alright.

"Bella?" Jasper asked looking up at me.

"I'm sure Edward is fine," Emmett said, mistaking my concern.

"I'm sure he is too," I smiled back at Emmett, "I'm going into Forks."

I was out the door and gone in a flash. It only took me a very few seconds to run into town. Making an easy leap up into the thick canopy of the trees, I stayed in the shadows of the heavy pine boughs as I quickly made my way around the town to the police station.

In that moment I was thankful that Forks was surrounded by so many trees. It made getting into and out of town while not being noticed easy. If you were a vampire.

Even now, a year later, the only people from Forks who had seen me as a vampire were the wolves from Jacob's pack, Billy Black, Sue Clearwater, and Charlie. No one else knew in town knew that I was still around. We'd done this on purpose so that I could be near Charlie but not endanger him. Though from the sound of his voice now, him being in danger was the last thing on his mind.

My vampire ears, so much better at hearing things than my old human ears ever were, could even now hear Charlie inside the police station even though I was easily a hundred feet away from him up in the pine boughs. He sounded like he was under a lot of stress.

"Alright, thanks. That's what I was afraid of," He was saying.

Charlie was quiet on the phone for a minute while he listened to whoever was on the other end. From this far away, I could hear that person talking but not make out more than a few words of what they were saying.

"Thanks for taking a look into it. I'll dig around and see if there's anything up here that can be used to help you," I heard the beep that signaled a disconnected line.

Looking around the station, it was clear that no one was around who could see me if I got closer. I even took a minute to listen to the sounds of the forest to see if I could hear any heartbeats of humans I might not have noticed. Nothing.

It only took half a second to drop to the foot of the tree. Carefully I approached the back wall of the police station where it was closest to the forest. I got right up against it and closed my eyes. I could hear everything that was going on inside.

Charlie was hungry. His stomach was growling. I heard him sigh heavily just as Mark, his deputy, entered the room. Mark's voice sounded a little strange, almost sympathetic.


"No, they haven't found anything yet. The guys down there want me to look around up here just on the off chance that there's anything that can help them,"

"Do you need any help?" Mark asked.

Charlie sighed heavily, "No. I have some stuff to do at home. I'm going to knock off a little early tonight and hit this fresh in the morning. I need to call Bella too..."

Well, now that I knew that Charlie was okay, I could head back home. He would be likely to call in just a little bit, or even more likely to come over. Again I leapt up into the trees and started heading back to the house. It was as easy as running on the ground.

Edward met me about halfway. He was waiting for me on the forest floor.

"Is everything okay?" He asked.

"I think so," I answered him with a smile.

"Esme said that Seth came by while we were out. We need to get home if we're going to be there when Charlie gets there,"

"Charlie just said he was going home,"

"That's what Charlie was telling Mark. He's going straight to the house," Edward answered.

I was looking into his eyes as they were looking into mine. We were still close enough for Edward to hear Charlie's thoughts. A pained look crossed Edward's features just long enough for me to register it before they smoothed over again.

"What is it?" I asked him.

He shook his head, "Come on, we should get home."

"Edward!" I demanded as we started running, "What is it you're not telling me?"

"You'll know soon enough," was his only reply.

Stunned at his refusal to tell me, I started slowing down. Edward slowed with me and by the time we got to the house we were only walking, albeit quickly.

"Did you find Charlie okay?" Alice asked from where she sat. She seemed a little too cheerful.

"Yes, he's fine. I needn't have worried," I answered her.

"Mama," Renesmee said as she came up to me. I could see the faint pink flush of her cheeks from her recent meal, "Esme said that Grandpa is coming over?"

"Yes, he is." I answered her with a smile.

This got me a smile in return. Renesmee loved Charlie. She loved it even more now that she didn't have to hide so much of herself from him. Her continued growth had taken care of that.

Charlie had reacted to Renesmee's growth and development about like he had to everything else. He only wanted to know what he needed to know. The rest of it we were to keep to ourselves.

The look on his face the first time he heard Renesmee speak was more than enough reason to support his request. He looked like he was going to fall off his chair. All my daughter had done was offer him a glass of water when it was hot outside.

Edward's face was concerned as he listened to Charlie's thoughts when this happened. However, much like I did when I first met Edward, Charlie came to his own conclusions. And like mine, his were also incorrect. Again I thought of what would happen when Charlie really did find out exactly what was going on in Forks.

With him marrying Sue Clearwater and being over here as often as he was, I felt that it was inevitable. However Edward and Carlisle were quick to disagree.

"You're forgetting Jacob and the wolf pack. They have as much a reason to help us stay here now as they did before when they were wanting us to stay away," Carlisle had said.

"Even more so. Especially now that Jacob has imprinted," Edward amended reassuringly.

I couldn't help but wonder how much of what Edward had said was due to his faith in the Quileute wolves or was simply an effort to calm my fears. At the moment it didn't matter.

"Is he coming to see me?" Renesmee asked.

"He always wants to see you," Carlisle said picking her up effortlessly. He was rewarded with a beautiful smile.

It wasn't long before Charlie arrived. He was alone and still in uniform. I had to stifle a smile when I thought about him coming into the one house in Forks where a gun would do absolutely no good against anyone who lived there. Not that he would ever test that theory.

Edward only had time to raise an eyebrow at me before Charlie's knock on the door was heard. Carlisle set Renesmee down so that she could run and answer the door.

"Grandpa!" She exclaimed when she saw him standing there.

By reflex Charlie bent down and scooped her into his arms. With these new eyes I could see immediately that there was something in his demeanor that wasn't right. His face was tense and his shoulders and back were held stiff.

"Hey Nessie," Charlie said in a gruff voice, "You're getting heavy. Have you been keeping everyone out of trouble?"

Even my daughter knew that something wasn't right. She was looking at him strangely.

"What is it Grandpa?"

Right away I noticed that Jasper and Alice had entered the room silently. Even Emmett and Rosalie had taken up a position near the stairs as they observed Charlie. What caught my attention even more was Edward as he immediately put his arm around me. In a voice that was far too low and fast for Charlie to have a chance of hearing, Edward warned Carlisle; "He's not here with good news. Something has happened,"

Before Carlisle could do any more than lift an eyebrow inquisitively, Charlie spoke.

"Bella?" His voice cracked.

I don't know what affected me more; hearing his voice sound like that or the expression in his eyes as he looked at me. He swallowed hard twice before setting Renesmee down and coming over to the couch where I was sitting. I doubt he would have even noticed that every form in the room became as still as stone.

"Dad?" I asked him, "What is it?"

Charlie came forward and squatted down in front of me. He glanced at the Cullens briefly before continuing on.

"Bells, Honey, there's no easy way to tell you this," He began.

Edward's jaw flexed. From the corner of my eye I saw him look at Jasper. However before Jasper could do much more than catch Edward's signal, Charlie continued.

"It's your Mom, Bells. Something has happened...she's...she's gone," His voice cracked again.

"Gone?" I asked, my voice shrill. Right away the room flooded with a sense of calm. Charlie felt it too. He took a deep breath and explained in more detail. His voice was nothing but pain.

"She's dead Bells. I'm sorry to have to be the one to tell you that," Charlie looked down at the floor. I heard him swallow hard again.

My eyes pricked and there was a hard lump in my own throat that I couldn't speak past. The full weight of what my dad had told me hadn't come crushing down on me yet. That would happen later, when Jasper wasn't around.

"Oh Charlie," Esme said waving Carlisle forward with a chair which he then helped my father into. She was rubbing his back and looked like she would be crying herself if she could.

For several minutes no one said a word. Not even Renesmee. The house was entirely silent except for the sounds of the wind and rain in the trees outside. Absently I heard the sound of heavy paws pounding the earth a few hundred yards out from the house. One of the wolves on patrol no doubt.

"What happened Charlie? Does anyone know?" Carlisle asked softly.

"They're not exactly sure," Charlie said gruffly, "I had been talking back and forth with Renee about why Bella hadn't been down to see her since the honeymoon. She and Phil had come into some money and were going to make a trip up here and surprise Bella. I was trying to hold them off until I could tell you about it.

When she didn't call for a couple days I called her, or tried to. I left a few messages for her but she never returned the call. I called the Jacksonville Police Department and asked them to check on her as a professional courtesy. They called back today. He said that the news wasn't good. They found Renee and Phil..."

He looked like he wanted to say more but when he looked at me he changed his mind. This was something I had yet to experience in this body. Real, hard, grief. The pain that I'd felt when Edward left two years ago was nothing compared to what I was feeling now.

My flighty, flakey, hair brained mother with her child-like view of the world. Gone. No more would I hear the sound of her voice as she told me about the latest thing that she was into or the latest book that she had read. No more would I be able to smile at her as she relived some experience for me. No more emails or phone calls. Nothing.

Charlie put his head into his hands. He looked like a man defeated. I knew that somewhere, deep down, he still loved my mother. They got along very well for being divorced. They had done everything they could to make my childhood as easy as possible. Seeing him like this, in a way that was so unlike him, drove home what he had told me more than anything else. My mother really was gone.

Even though my eyes were dry, that still didn't stop me from beginning to react to the shock of the horror I had just been confronted with. Edward and Esme immediately started trying to comfort and console me. Rosalie and Emmett took Renesmee into another room for a few minutes while Jasper and Alice stayed. Alice was trying to comfort Charlie as best she could while Jasper was using his unique ability to control the emotional climate of a room to try and keep things in the house calm.

Even some of the others were feeling a sense of loss in their own way. Edward had met Renee a couple of times and had genuinely liked her. Esme and Renee had become friends during the time that they were preparing for our wedding. The looks on their faces told me that their feelings mirrored mine.

Suddenly I wanted to be up doing something. I wanted to run. Fast. As fast as my legs could go. I wanted to run until I couldn't run anymore, no matter that it might take me an eternity. And if I couldn't run, then I wanted to scream and break something. I could rip up entire trees out of the ground with almost no effort. I could decimate the entire forest within an hour. I wanted to...to...my mind went blank.

"Bella?" Jasper said as he suddenly appeared at my side. Charlie didn't even notice him.

"Bella, Love, we'll get through this," Edward said reassuringly.

In a sudden rush I was off the couch and holding on to Charlie who returned my hug fiercely. When I heard his back pop and he grunted from the pain of my embrace I remembered to ease up.

Since I had become a vampire I had never once regretted it. Not once in a single year. But right now in this moment I hated the fact that I couldn't cry properly in this body. I detested that I couldn't shed tears for the loss of my own mother which made the pain all that more difficult to bare.

"Do they know what happened?" Emmett asked quietly from the stairs.

I knew he'd said it too low for Charlie to hear, but I heard him. Suddenly a red film washed over my eyes as I remembered that my mom didn't just die as part of an accident. She didn't get sick and expire from her human body's inability to fight off some virus or infection. She was taken from me. Someone had purposely put an end to her life.

Rage such as I'd known only once before flooded through me. My grip on Charlie started tightening again. Then, suddenly, as if a plug had been removed from a socket, my rage and grief and sorrow calmed. It had become bearable. I still felt it but it was less intense. I looked at Jasper gratefully and he nodded back.

However one thing stayed in my mind. It was the last thought I'd had before Jasper took control over the emotional climate in the room. I would find out who was responsible for this. I would find out who it was. I would locate them and track them down. And I would end them.

So far to date I had not killed a single human being. But when I thought about ending the lives of those responsible for the death of my mother I realized I didn't think of them as human at all. That made the thought that I would be killing another sentient being much more easy to bare.

Charlie stayed with me at our house for several hours. Someone, I'm not sure who, had the presence of mind to find one of the wolves and have them get a message to Jacob and to Sue. Within an hour of Charlie's arrival they came walking into the house.

Jacob's expression of concern and curiosity were replaced with shared grief and shock when he picked up Renesmee and she played back to him the scene she had witnessed. I saw something familiar in his face as his own eyes began to tear up in a way that mine could not. Then I remembered. Jacob had lost his mother too.

Like me, Jacob's mother was taken from him. She had died in a car accident when Jacob was still pretty little. Still he recognized and remembered the pain he'd endured from that time, and he was still human enough to be able to cry at the memory and the pain of someone close to him who was going through the same thing.

"What happened?" Jacob demanded. They were the first words out of his mouth since he'd got here.

"Jake," Sue cautioned him with a hand on his arm.

Charlie looked up at the sound of their voices. He sat up and Sue immediately took him into her arms. Jacob came forward and enfolded me in his.

"I'm so sorry, Bella. There's no words..."

"It's alright, Jake. I'm glad you're here,"

"So am I Jacob, thank you for coming." Edward said earnestly.

Charlie spoke again to answer Jacob's question; "We don't know exactly what happened. I had called in a professional courtesy to have the Jacksonville Police go over and check on Renee when I didn't hear from her for a few days. They found her and her husband Phil..."

"Do they know anything more?" Jacob asked.

Charlie looked at me and Renesmee pointedly. He knew more and didn't want to say anything in front of us. Jacob wasn't having it.

"Charlie, they're tough. They can handle it. Just say it whatever it is,"

"Jake, c'mon. Bella just learned her mother died. I really don't think she needs to know the specifics of how it happened just now,"

I saw Edward's eyes tighten at something he was reading, presumably in Charlie's thoughts. "They think it was foul play,"

Charlie looked hard at Edward for a long moment, then nodded.

"From what they found they said it was pretty obvious. And that they had never seen anything like it..." Charlie shuddered.

Edward's eyes widened and returned to normal so fast that even I would have missed it if I hadn't been looking directly at him. Something in Charlie's thoughts had surprised him. He gave out a low hiss.

Carlisle's eyes, always so kind and compassionate, filled with concern when he looked upon his oldest son, "One of us?"

His whisper was so quiet there was no way that Charlie or Sue would have heard it. However the rest of us did. That concern turned to dread when, ever so slightly, Edward nodded. Again the rage that I'd felt before started washing over me. I was able to stifle it this time before it got too far out of control.

"Very good, Bella," Jasper whispered from where he stood. I nodded at him.

"Who could it have been?" Alice asked.

"We need to have this discussion at a later time," Edward stated plainly.

All of this was said in whispers that were too low and too fast for human ears. I returned to my seat on the couch where Edward wrapped his arms around me. Renesmee too got down from Jacob's arms and came to cuddle in my lap. We all sat there, together, in the living room for a long time that afternoon.

Charlie left after a while, taking Sue with him. That was when the rest of us jumped into action.

"I want to go to Florida," I announced.

This was no surprise to any of the others. Edward and Carlisle nodded at each other. They had been expecting this.

"Take Jasper and Emmett with you. You can leave tonight and get there before the sun comes up in the morning," Carlisle stated quietly.

"What about Renesmee?" Jacob asked quickly.

"She can stay here with the rest of us. I don't think now would be a good time for her to go to Jacksonville," Esme replied.

"I'm going to go see about the travel arrangements," Alice said, standing up.

Edward continued to hold me on the couch while I held on to my daughter. There was so much to do and so many questions to ask. But right now I could hardly think of them. At the moment I just wanted one thing. I wanted my mom.