I do not own Catherine. This will be a collection of Drabbles & One-shots. The characters will be gender-bent (Rule 63 Of The Internet). Catherine becomes Catalin and he's an Incubus. Katherine becomes Katalin.

Drabbles And One-Shots

By WonderlandIsAnIllusion

Drabble #1: Waking Up

Vincent Brooks stared at the blond haired young man and wondered how the fuck he ended up in her bed. She was pretty sure about leaving Stray Sheep all by herself. However she couldn't completely remember last night and Catalin is smiling at her.

"You were amazing last night. I was impressed." Catalin said staring into Vincent's gray eyes. Vincent eyes went wide in shock and she couldn't remember anything at all. What did she do? She never planned to cheat on Katalin with this young guy. What did her drunk-self do last night?

'How could I do this to Katalin?' Vincent wondered to herself and clinging to her white pillow. 'Damnit, This has never happened before to me…How old this blond guy? Am I robbing the cradle? I'm thirty two years old and he looks about twenty something, but what if he's younger than he looks? I'm fucked if he's sixteen or seventeen. I'll get in trouble and oh fuck..'

"I'm twenty-two years old, Vincent." The blond haired man informed her.

'Oh thank god. That is so damn good.' Vincent thought and then started panicking again. ',But still I cheated on Katalin! Although my memory is pretty blurry from what happened last night.'

"Oh, Katalin."

"Heh, You remember my name is Catalin. I'm happy that you remembered Vincent." Catalin commented happily and hugged her. "I think your boxers are adorable."

'Thank god for my pillow otherwise my breasts would be up against his chest.' Vincent thought and wondered why she lacked the will to push him away. To tell him that she already has someone, but she had lost that ability as soon as she looked into his sky blue eyes. They were really pretty. 'He is my type, but….'

"Um, Uh…I..Well..You see..Um..I."

"Oh, Sorry. I got to go. I have a dentist appointment! Dentists don't like people being late or anything. Sorry again!"

The door slammed closed and Vincent blinked her eyes.

'That was easy..It's just a one-night stand and I'll never see him again.' Vincent thought and stood up to put on an outfit to wear. 'God..What am I going to tell Katalin…'

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