Author's Note: This will be a collection of unrelated Shannon/Sayid ficlets inspired by prompts from 1drabble and 20paperplanes. Not sure how many will be in here, but there will be some...and some is always better than none, right?

Falling Together; 252 words; Rated: PG

All of her nightmares anymore revolved around falling.

Which shouldn't have been a surprise for her, given what she - as well as everyone else on this island - had recently experienced. She would fall for miles in her nightmares; the complete silence around her as she fell was more claustrophobic than it was comforting. The only sounds around for miles were her screams as she hurtled through space to an indefinite point below. And just before she hit the ground -

"Shannon? Is something the matter?" She heard his voice pipe up from behind her. "I heard you screaming."

Her screams were real. And had apparently awoken Sayid. She couldn't help but feel her heart drop at that realization.

She shook her head. "Everything's okay. Just - just a nightmare."

"Do you want to speak about it?" His arms wrapped around her waist, grasping her, protecting her - although she wasn't sure if he could really protect her from the thoughts in her mind, no matter how hard he tried. "I have been told that I am a good listener."

"I keep falling, and right as I'm about to land-"

"You awaken." He nodded in recognition. "I have been having similar dreams as of late myself."

"You have?"

"You do not have to worry," he said, brushing his lips at the back of her neck and caressing her side with an absent-minded touch. "If you fall, I will be there to catch you."


"Or else we will be falling together."