Hello lovely readers! This story came to me in a dream and I simply couldn't help but write it! In this story Draco and Hermione are Heads and as the summary says, Draco is a veela! After given his mission by Voldemort, Draco went to Dumbledore and him and his family were taken in by the order. Dumbledore ended up defeating Voldemort with the help of Harry and all the hurocruxes are gone! YAY! and so without further ado, enjoy! (:

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"A Veela will come into their inheritance when both of the veela's parents die or on their 17 birthday along with full magical powers. Females are the most common but on rare occasions male veela's may carry the trait.

A veela is a magical creature that often expresses their sexuality freely. A female veela will be very shy and withdrawn until they come into their inheritance after which they become rather ruthless in their sexual endeavors in search of a mate. Male veela's are the opposite, they tend to be very open and often have multiple partners until they reach 17 years old. After, they tend to shy back and wait for their mate.

A female veela can go their whole life without finding their mate, which is rare but can happen. A male veela though, must find their mate and mark them by the veela's 18th birthday, if not; the veela will sink into a depression and often die of starvation.

A veela will know their mate by their smell, similar to the amortentia; the mate will smell most divine. Every veela has a mate, which are equal to each other in all aspects, including intelligence, beauty, and personality.

Once a mate is found, the veela will want to mark them as soon as possible, in the chance that another veela wants to claim the mate. The mating process (chapter 3) is very complex and must be done right, if the precise steps aren't taken, both veela and mate will suffer horrible pain for weeks. After mating, the couple typically marries—"

"Malfoy, I honestly don't see the point in reading this book. I've read it over 5 times, I could probably just tell you about it instead." Hermione said looking up at Draco who was sitting across the room.

Both students were named Heads at the beginning of the school year. It was now early October and since the start of the year, the two decided that getting along wouldn't be so bad and so they often found themselves in the late hours of the evening doing their homework together in their shared common room.

"You don't understand Granger! My birthday was in June, which means I only have 8 months to find this bloody witch! I have to court her and-and convince her that were meant to be together and then, I have to start that bloody mating process! Do you know how much work it is to court a damn witch? Knowing my luck she's going to be a prude so I'll have to convince her to sleep with me!" Draco rambled on.

Hermione just watched him as he paced the floor in front of the fireplace. She found it rather amusing that he was concerned about his mate, even if he didn't know who it was

"-and if she doesn't sleep with me by my birthday, I'll start to die, I don't want to fucking DIE Granger. Help me find this girl. It can't be that hard can it? I mean, she probably goes to school here, oh Merlin, what if she doesn't. What if she's a Muggle? Father would have a field day! How am I supposed to be with a muggle, I don't even know how to talk about the damn tethervision-"Draco continued with his rant.

"MALFOY! It's television, and honestly, muggle's aren't bad! I know you've changed, so act like it! I honestly doubt a muggle would be your mate, because in chapter 2 it talks all about mates and how they are magical creatures as well. So the least it could be would be a muggle-born like myself" Hermione replied, setting the book about veela's on the coffee table.

"Muggle-born? I guess I never thought she'd be a muggle-born." Draco responded as he plopped down on the couch next to Hermione.

"It's very plausible. How about tomorrow, we will start looking at the 6th years and see if maybe one of them could be your mate. I mean, the only female that is equal to you in intelligence in our year is me, and there is absolutely no way that I could be your mate. One, we hate each other. Two, we are NOTHING alike and three, your well-" Hermione raised her hand up and down his body like she was showing him off and then did it to herself. "-Look at you then look at me. No way." Hermione said as she turned on the couch to stare at him.

Draco just watched her in fascination. He wouldn't admit it to her yet, but she was very much in his prospects for a mate. She was intelligent, and she had beauty. Not only on the outside, but inside as well. She was the most caring and genuinely nice person he had ever met. Personality wise, they were very much alike, both had feisty attitudes and could hold a solid argument. In his mind, Hermione could very much be his mate.

The only problem was her scent.

Hermione constantly when not in her room or doing head duties were with Potter and Weasley. Thus, she always smelt like them and it was infuriating. He could occasionally smell her scent leak out into their common area when she opened her bedroom door, but it was gone before he could get a good smell.

"I don't know," Draco replied honestly. He glanced up at her to see her eyes wide and mouth open. Hermione opened and closed her mouth a few times before he decided to continue. "I mean, we are really similar, we both enjoy a decent book and both are very defensive in arguments. I guess, you could be my mate."

Hermione thought this over for a bit before replying, "I don't smell pleasant to you, otherwise I would be. See we can't be."

"Granger, I can't smell you ever! You're around Potty and Weasel to much that all I smell is them on you!" Draco said, his eyes steeling.

"well then," She jumped off the couch. Draco watched her with weary eyes as she started taking off her jumper. "-smell me Malfoy. I took off my jumper so you shouldn't smell Harry or Ron on me. But don't you dare try to mark me if it's true."

Draco stood up and watched her. She was standing in a pair of dark jean and had a white tank top on. Her hair had become more manageable over the years and was going down her back in long loose curls.

Hermione stood with her hands on her hips as she watched him take a step near her. His arms wrapped around her waist as she placed her hand on his shoulders. He was leaning in and she felt herself take a deep breath and hold it. 'This could change everything! If I am his mate what do I tell Harry and Ron? His family although they may have changed sides before the end of the war, they aren't as changed as Malfoy is. They still hold their pure-blood views; they would absolutely hate it we were to be mates.

Draco felt her inhale of breath and knew she was holding it. Taking one small step closer he pushed his chest against hers. He bent his neck so it fell into the crook of her neck and inhaled deeply.

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