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"What is HE doing here?" Ron hissed out.

The Order was crowded around the kitchen table at the burrow. It was the summer before their sixth year s set to begin and everyone save for Harry who was still with his aunt and uncle.

Hermione sat in between Ginny and Fred and was listening to what Mrs. Weasley was saying. She had arrived last week after sitting in her parents hospital room while waiting for them to gain conscience and once it was confirmed that they knew nothing about her that she decided to stay at the Weasleys, especially since it was only a few days before she was due to return to school.

"You may not like him Ronald but he is just a boy. He came here seeking help and this family will not turn him away. He has obviously changed otherwise he would not be sitting in Charlie's room!" She scolded her youngest son.

"But mum! Honestly can you see that he hasn't changed in the least? When Ginny told Jim to wait in Charlie's room he took one look and scoffed. I bet he's up there communicating with his Death Eater buddies!"

Hermione slammed her hands on the table and stood abruptly. "Ronald Weasley! You apologize this instant!"

She was fuming! Hermione knew her biggest problem was seeing the best in people. She knew Draco Malfoy had a rough past, especially towards here but she couldn't help but remember how he had been when he sat at their dinner table and talked to and even smiled at her very muggle father.

"Hermioneee." Ron whinned. "Why are you, YOU, of all people defending him?"

"Draco Malfoy may be a Death Eaters son but that does not mean that he is one." She hissed at him.

"You just said it, his father is a death eater, he obviously is one as well then!" Ron's hands were balled up at his sides and his face was turning as red as the family hair.

"Ronald, you're stereotyping. My parents are muggles, does that make me a muggle. No, I am ever bit a witch as you are a wizard. He is not anymore like his parents then we are."

"Just because your a know it all you're probably right." He said sarcastically, waving his hands in the air.

"I know Draco Malfoy is changed or at the very least changing because not even two weeks ago he sat at my kitchen table in a muggle neighborhood with my very muggle parents eating very muggle food. You only know the boy he was, not the man he is becoming!" Hermione yelled back. Not only did Ron's comment about her being kno it all but his assumption about Malfoy irritated her.

Mr. Weasley was the first to speak after her outburst. "Hermione, when did Draco Malfot go to your parents home?"

Hermione glanced around the table, all eyes on her. "Malfoy visited my home the night of my parents accident." A lone tear trickled down her cheek before she brushed it away.

"Hermione, how do you know Malfoy isn't the one who gave the Death Eaters your parents location?" Ginny questioned, settling a gentle hand on Hermione's arm, trying to gain her attention.

"I-I dont know how, but I know that Draco Malfoy did not do that to my parents because if he did he wouldn't be here." Hermione stated, before she shook off Ginny's arm and made her way upstairs, ignoring the looks of the Order members as she passed.

"So your telling me that Marcus Flint must have wanted to make Hermione's mum pay?" Draco asked his father.

"Maybe not Hermione's mother, maybe Hermione?" Lucius asked his son.

The pair were tossing ideas around, trying to figure out why the Flint boy would attack the Grangers.

Draco shook his head, "Hermione said she only met Flint once and it was our second year when I called her that name." He muttered.

"Hm." Lucius rubbed the stubble along his jaw. "What did you overhear at the hospital?"

"Father, it doesn't apply, I was just curious if you ever met a Hermione's aunt. According to what Hermione's mother said, Melanie Willow was her little sister who apparently also a muggleborn like Hermione, I can only infer that she was killed. My guess is by-"

"The Dark Lord." Lucius cut him off.

"Exactly." Draco whispered, dropping his head in his hands.

Lucius stared put the window to the little juggle park across the street. Often when Narcissa visited they would go sit on the bench by e swing set and watch the childer play. Their giggles and rosey red cheeks made Narcissa smile.

Lucius Malfoy knew he was a disappointment to his wife. Her Veela craved a big family. To share love with. Unfortunately they were living on dark times and decide to only had Draco until they were once again free. By the time they were able to try once again they had agreed that Draco would be starting his own family.

Whenever they watched the muggle children at the park, Narcissa squeezed his hand just a bit tighter and he could tell she was keeping her emotions in. Once he caught a lone tear make its way down her face but before he could comment on it she wiped it away and smiled as a little boy ran to get the football that landed near them.


Draco's voice snapped Lucius out of his thoughts, he silently trained his grey eyes into his sons similar ones.

"Maybe there wasnt a real reason. Maybe Flint just wanted to hurt Hermione for being a muggleborn and was caught before he could finish them off." Draco shrugged as he finished talking. It was the only logical thing he could come up with.

"You need to think like him. Is there a connection between Flint and Willow?" Lucius asked, rising from his seat to stand by the window.

"Not that I know off. Hermione seemed shocked when her mum mentioned Hogwarts, like she didn't even know that her aunt was a witch as well. Her heart beat sped up, like when she's learning something new."

The elder Malfoy began pacing, it wasn't adding up. There was too much to price it together. If only, if only-" Lucius paused, turning towards his son quickly."How did you know her heartrate raised?"

Draco rubbed his palm, "Veela senses I guess."

"Veela senses.." Lucius mumbled, the thoughts tossed and spun in his mind rapidly. "Son, I need you to get me a book from the manor."

Hermione woke up abruptly, she felt like she was being watched so ever so carefully she reached under her pillow, trying to grasp her wand. Nothing, the was nothing under her pillow, only silky sheets.

Silky sheets? Suddenly the memories of last night flooded through her mind. Draco and her laying on the ground. Her reaching for his rouser clad cock.

Groaning she buried her head in the pillow.

Narcissa had forgot to mention before she left that they were to join her for tea in the morning and that she would be heading to bed. So unfortunately, or well fortunately for Hermione, Narcissa walked in on them near seconds after her hands settled on Draco's uh-manhood.

The embarrassed teens agreed quickly to morning tea and after Draco's mother left he apologized profusely for being irresponsible and pushing her too much.

Hermione only blushed and whispered a quiet thank your. She hasn't expected things to get so out of hand so quickly so she was very grateful for her future in-laws interruption. After lounging on the couch in front of the fireplace for some time, and a quick night snack, the pair departed for bed.

Draco insisted that she sleep in his room, he quickly added that he was fine sleeping on the couch so she could have the bed alone.

Hermione blushed and quietly whispered that her could join her, as long as there was no funny business.

A laugh escaped Draco's lips at this and he nodded happily, glad his witch was comfortable sleeping in the same bed as him.

After a soft kiss goodnight the pair drifted into sleep.

"Hermione dear?" A husky voice whispered by her ear. Draco.

''Mhm.'' She mumbled, head still buried in the pillows.

"Come on love, mother wants to have her morning tea with us. Best not to keep her waiting" he softly whispered as he kissed her ear lobe.

Slowly she looked over and looked at the handsome man before her. His blind locks tossed carelessly over his eyes, his grey slate eyes pulling her in. His lips formed a slight smile as she glanced towards them and slowly they were closer to her face.

"Good morning love." He whispered sinfully before lightly kissing her lips in the softest of kisses.

As they pulled apart, Hermione blushed and mumbled a quick morning before sitting up. She turned her head over her should and took his form in.

His hands were resting behind his head, propping it up. His chest was well defined, the contours of muscles sticking out against his pale skin her gaze traveled downwards, across the little patch of blond curls leading directly to his-.

Her eyes snapped up to his face immediately, it would not do her any good to be looking there.

"Do you like what you see love? Because its all yours" Draco said, watching the blush rise up her face.

He sat up and gave her a quick kiss before hopping out of bed. There was no need to embarrass her anymore.

"I'm going to get ready, mother expects us down in an hour." He said before closing the end suite bathroom door.

Morning tea was uneventful. They talked about school and about Draco as a toddler.

The group found themselves still talking long after the tea had gone cold .

"What have you children have planned for today, Narcissa asked casually.

"Mother" Draco groaned.

Hermione grinned behind her hand, Draco could be very frightening when you crossed his path but his mother held to be his one true weakness.

Narcissa smiled at the pair before setting her napkin on the table and rising. "Well you darlings have fun today, I am to visit your father Draco dear. I'll be back inn a few hours."

After a set of quick goodbyes and a kiss on each of their cheeks she took her leave. Just as she was about to leave the garden, Draco remembered something a jumped up to catch his mother.

Hermione watched the two Malfoys exchange some words before Draco came and sat back down beside her, grasping her hand and pulling it to his lips, kissing her knuckles softly.

"Is everything okay Draco?" she asked quietly.

"Everything's perfect love." He smiled towards her.

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