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In the hospital we see Stanley Ipkiss pacing rapidly by the operation room worrying about his wife and about his child. Then a Doctor clad in green came into the waiting room." Is she okay? Is my child okay?" Stanly asked. "She is fine and so is the child. They're waiting for you in the next room" Said the Doctor.

With that Stanly immediately rushed into the room to see his wife and newborn child. "It's a healthy, happy girl Mr. Ipkiss" A nurse congratulated. There was his wife Peggy "Brandt" Ipkiss with their new child wrapped in a pink blanket peacefully asleep. "She looks just like you Peggy" Stanly said as he studied the female infant that so closely resembles his wife. "I know" she said as she caressed the little infant, "and she is just so precious" she said as she ran her fingers through her daughter's small tuft of brown hair. "Can I hold her?" asked Stanley. "Of course you can Stanley" Peggy answered as she carefully handed the infant to Stanley. As the infant was placed in Stanley's arms he couldn't help but smile. Then the infant woke up and opened her eyes revealing them to be a dark chocolate brown. "So what are you going to name her Peggy?" Stanley asked. "I am thinking maybe Elizabeth, Elizabeth Diana Ipkiss" Peggy Replied as she smiled. "Elizabeth, what a beautiful name for her, how about you little one? Do you like it?" said Stanley. The infant responded with a smile and a giggle. "Elizabeth it is then" said Peggy.

"Mr. Ipkiss you have to leave now. Your wife will have to stay for the night to recover from labor. You can pick her up in the afternoon tomorrow" Said the Doctor. "Are sure you are going to be okay Peggy?" said Stanley with a concerned face. "Don't worry Stanley I will be okay besides I have company" she said as she gestured to the infant now named Elizabeth. "Alright then see you two tomorrow" Stanley said while he carefully placed Elizabeth in his wife's arms and then walked out the hospital. 'This is great 'thought Stanley as he got into the car. 'I am officially now a father to the most beautiful baby in the world'. He then drove away to their apartment excited that he finally has a daughter.

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