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"STANLEY STANLEY, WAKE UP, said a female voice. Stanley blinked a few times till his vision came into focus. He was outside of the apartment building and was in Peggy's arms. "What happened Stanley, and where is our daughter. "said Peggy with a very worried face. Stanley eyes grew wide as dinner plates with fear. He immediately got up and rushed up the stairs into their apartment. The whole place looked like a tornado stormed through there. Furniture looked like they were tossed and broken and the door to Elizabeth's nursery was ripped off the hinges, and unconscious Mech soldiers littered the place. The sight of the door there by the doorway and the unconscious Mech soldiers laying around filled his face with fear. He went into the nursery and saw that the crib was trashed and the ceiling collapsed. "WHO WOULD DO SUCH A THING" cried Stanley.

He heard a groan from a nearby Mech Soldier and ran up to him. He grabbed him by the collar and shook him violently. "WHERE IS MY DAUGHTER? TALK DAMMIT" said Stanley with rage in his voice. "Screw you" said the soldier. Stanley gave the soldier a death glare and punched him square in the kisser. "LOOK MHERE BUSTER MY DAUGHTER IS KIDNAPPED BY JACK DONKEYS LIKE YOU SO UNLESS YOU WANT ME TO SEND YOU ON THE EXPRESS TRAIN TO PAIN VILLE YOU BETTER START SINGING" said Stanley. Peggy just stared at the whole situation shocked. Not only was their apartment trashed and their daughter kidnapped but she never saw Stanley with so much anger. Usually Stanley was like a walking doormat not this raging man.

"Okay okay I will tell you just don't hurt me" said the Mech Soldier. " I am listening" said Stanley in a very annoyed tone. "Walter took her to Dr Pretorius's laboratory by the abandoned power plant." Said the Mech Soldier. "What does Pretorius want with my daughter" said Stanley. " He said he needs her for an experiment, something about draining her powers," said the Mech Soldier. "LIAR! My Daughter doesn't have any powers," said Stanley more angrily. "NO no it's the truth that is how my entire unit got their buts kicked she was unstoppable" said the soldier in a very paniked voice. Stanley stared own the man. Looking for any possible signs of him lying, but coukd fine none. He released his grip on the Soldier's collar and stood up. He turned and looks at Peggy who had her hand over her mouth in worry. "Stanley our daughter she is-"said Peggy she stopped and broke into tears. Stanley went over to her and embraced the crying women. " I know Peggy I know" he said teary eyed.

"we have to drive to Dr. Pretorius's laboratory and save her Stanley" said Peggy. "we can't just rush into things Peggy, The Mask can't really help us right now" said Stanley. "But we have to do something. With or without the mask Stanley we need to save our daughter." Said Peggy. Stanley thought for a bit. He knew he can't rush into things. Suddenly he had a thought he knew there was one guy who could help him though it required never being the mask. "Peggy I have an idea we are going to the police station there is a friend that will help us" said Stanley Peggy and Stanley then rushed to the car and drove off to the police station.

At the laboratory.

"Master I have obtained the girl" said Walter as he walked into the room with Elizabeth in tow in her tractor beam prison. "Very good Walter now go and place her in a holding cell while I prepare the extraction vessel." said Dr. Pretorius as he opened the drawer and took out the necronomicon. Walter obeyed and led the trapped infant into a room where there was a chair that had energy restraints. Walter carefully put Elizabeth still in her tractor beam in the chair. Then with quick timing he turned off the tractor beam prison and turned on the energy restraints. He then took a needle and jammed it on the side of Elizabeth's neck vain. Elizabeth felt dizzy and incredibly exhausted. She soon fell into a deep sleep as the sedative did its work.

Walter left the room and went back to Dr Pretorius's office. He saw the vacuum in a arcane circle and Dr Pretorius was flipping through the pages of the necronomicon until he stopped on his desired page. "Othinus omne potentissimus rex asgard, hic meam humilem placito. Potestatem mittere te rogo vafer malo purget potestati." Chanted Dr Pretorius. The circle glowed a bright green and then a mist started to form. "Potestatem Othinus tolle quaeso af̱tó to stoicheío sicut vos humilis vas" chanted Dr Pretorius. The mist disappeared into the vacuum. Dr Pretorius cracked an evil smile. "Now what master?" said Walter. "Now we wait for the spell to settle in the vacuum for four hours. It needs to accept its home" said Dr Pretorius. "If we extract it now the spell might reject the vacuum and the spell will not work," Said Dr Pretorius. He placed the necronomicon on the desk.

"Now we just need to get a DNA sample, according to the book blood from the victim is the best thing," said Dr Pretorius. He walked out of the office and into the holding cell that Elizabeth was unconscious. "Walter, why is the infant asleep" said Dr Pretorius. "Trust me master when I say it is a necessary precaution. If she was conscious she would-"Walter was interrupted by Dr Pretorius. "I SAID to put her into a holding cell not put her to sleep" said Dr Pretorius in a frustrated voice. He glared at Walter and cocked a finger in his face menacingly. "SHE needs to be awake for the thing to work. If we take her blood unconscious the blood tainted with the sedative can ruin the ritual" said Dr Pretorius. He calmed down and then looked at the infant. "How much dosage did you give her" said Dr Pretorius. "Only enough to knock her out for six hours master" said Walter. "Hmm I guess we can wait two more hours" said Dr Pretorius. He walked to the door way and stopped and stood there. "guard the infant from any unauthorized personnel we must not let anybody take her" said Dr Pretorius and he walked out of the room with the door shutting behind him.


At the police station.

Stanley and Peggy got out of the car and went into the police station. "are you sure he will help us Stanley? He is still ticked from The Mask's power wedgies" said Peggy. "Don't worry Peggy I know we had our history but I think that if I give him a trade he might help us out" said Stanley. "Wait you don't mean you are going to give up the mask" said Peggy in a very surprised voice. "Peggy I really don't want to give up being The Mask but our daughter is in danger and we need to save her even if it means not being the mask" said Stanley. They held each others hands and walked into the station hoping that this mystery person will help them.

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