Callaway was following Stanley up the drain. It was a damp, dark and cramped tunnel. "How much further Ipkiss," asked Callaway as he struggled to walk through the tunnel because he was taller and wider than Stanley. "A little further down this way then we can enter through the waste hatch. They crawled a little more till the reached an opening above them. The ladder that leads to the manhole above them was broken and was 2ft above them. Stanley. Callaway rolled his eyes "HEY IPKISS, WHATS THE HOLD UP?" yelled Callaway. "uh I am little bit stuck here" said Stanley " Could you please help me up?". Callaway grumbled and grabbed the ankles of the smaller man and pushed him up through the hole. Once Stanley was through he looked around. The place seemed to be a waste disposal room with a crane to lift and dump dumpsters into a huge dumpster to his left. The place had five huge dumpsters filled with garbage. There was a stair case tha lead to a terminal. 'maybe we can get a map or something from that terminal' Thoguh Stanley. "HEY IPKISSS QUIT SIGHTSEEING AND HELP ME UP" yelled Callaway. "oh sorry" Stanley apologized. He crouched down and reached into the hole and helped Callaway up.

"okay Ipkiss where can we go from here" said Callaway. "I suggest we go upstairs to that terminal it might have a map or something that can help us" suggested Stanley. "fine but I take point" said Callaway. He walked up the stairs careful not to make so much noise and opened the door by a sliver to see if there were any guards. There was one by the terminal asleep and another reading a comic about The Mask. There was an alarm across the room and a fire extinguisher three feet away from the door. Callaway plotted a plan in his head and then opened the door a little more, and sneaked to the fire extinguisher. He carefully and quietly took the fire extinguisher off the wall and walked up to the one reading and smacked him on the back of the head hard and the guard's head slammed on the Keyboard that it made a thump sound. "wha… who are you?" said the one that was asleep drowsily. Before the guard could do anything his head dropped on the keyboard out cold. Behind him was Stanley holding the barrel of his Desert Eagle. "That was close" said Stanley. Callaway nodded and put the fire extinguisher down and opened up the terminal. The screen was locked with a password. "Darn it he locked it. How are we suppose to access it if we don't have the frigging password" said Callaway in a frustrated tone. "Maybe I can help I know Pretorius longer than you and I have some skill with computers" said Stanley. "Fine" said Callaway and he stepped out of the way. "How about you guard me while I work the terminal" said Stanley Callaway nodded and positioned himself by the doorway with his Beretta. Stanley stared at the screen thinking. What could be the password? Knowing Pretorius it has to do something with the mask or something scientific.

Only one phrase popped into his head that could be the password. Stanley got his hands on the keyboard and typed in M45k42. It worked and the terminal opened. "Yes I got it opened" said Stanley. "that's great now how about we look at whats on there" said Callaway. They searched around when they noticed a map file showing a 3 dimensional map of the place and an announcement that mentioned about a prisoner in the 3rd floor laboratory.

" There I think they are holding her in the 3rd floor laboratory. The stairwell is just a few corridors over" said Stanley. "then what are we waiting for Ipkiss? We have to go now" said Callaway. They peeked through a door on their left and walked into the corridor. Stanlel tightly gripped his desert eagle. He was worried about his daughter and wanted to be prepared to shoot the first guard that will cause trouble. It was thing if Pretorius wanted to kidnap him but his daughter he went to far. Callaway signaled him to follow. Stanley nodded and readied the weapon and walked behind Callaway. He noticed something on the ceiling and stopped to observe it. "Hey Ipkiss why are you standing there? Your daughter might be dead already if we don't keep moving," said Callaway with an annoyed face. Stanley just ignored him, he know something is up. The thing looked like a robot arm with three fingers holding what looked like an eye. He then realized what it was and pushed Callaway out of the way as a laser blast striked where they were. "Hey what the holy mother of fudge was that?" said Callaway surprised. "Look out!" Cried Stanley. The Eye Cannon fired again; luckily they were able to dodge it. Stanley aimed his Desert Eagle and shot it in the iris. The machine had first a electrical pulse then exploded. "We better hurry he knows we are here," said Stanley. They ran down the corridor and reached the entrance into the stair well.

When they opened the door there were ten goons armed with laser rifles. Stanley immediately Fired took out two goons with his Desert Eagle. Then took cover behind the doorway. The Goons rained laser fire on where Stanley and Callaway's cover. Callaway fired his Beretta and took out a goon with a shot to the chest. Then he quickly got behind the cover behind the doorway. "We need to get out of this Ipkiss so I am open to ideas" said Callaway. Stanley looked around and saw that there was a fuse box nearby. If he hit it he could turn off the power of this section and the lights. Stanley aimed his desert Eagle and shot the fuse box. With an electrical pulse it shut off the power and the lights for the area. Stanley rushed up to a dead goon and took his visor thus allowing him to see in the dark and took out the rest of the goons. "Good work Ipkiss but now how are we going to see where we are going?" Said Callaway sarcastically. "Here use this visor from this goon" said Stanley as he picked up a pair of visors and gave them to Callaway. Callaway took the visors and put them on and they continued up the stairs. When they got to the 3rd Floor they peeked through the door to make sure the close was clear and headed down to the laboratory room.